Junior dos Santos Injured, Out of TUF Brazil 3 Finale Main Event

May 5, 2014
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Junior-Dos-Santos-UFC-103_3755The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale has lost its second main event match-up.

Junior dos Santos broke his hand during training and will be unable to fight Stipe Miocic in the TUF Brazil 3 Finale headliner on May 31 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

The Brazilian’s broken hand and withdrawal was first reported by Combate.com, and later confirmed by UFC officials.

Dos Santos (16-3) had been hoping to rebound from his second loss to UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez against Miocic, while simultaneously making his first start for the UFC on Brazilian soil. A broken left thumb, however, will reportedly take four to six weeks of rehabilitation, so he had to withdraw from the bout.

Dos Santos vs. Miocic is the second main event bout to fall through the cracks for the May 31 event.

TUF Brazil 3 head coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen were initially slated to headline the card. Silva suffered a back injury during a highly publicized on-set scuffle between the two, however, so their date was pushed back.

Silva and Sonnen are now slated to meet as part of the July 5 UFC 175 fight card that is headlined by a middleweight title fight between Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida and also features women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey defending her belt against Alexis Davis.

The headlining status for the TUF Brazil 3 Finale is now up in the air. It was unclear at the time of publication if the promotion would attempt to keep Miocic in the headlining bout with a new opponent or if company officials would opt for an entirely different bout to top the bill.

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  • It’s fine, UFC 175 is going to be amazing.

  • TheCerealKiller

    “while simultaneously making his first START for the UFC on Brazilian soil.”

    What is this, football?

    Hopefully they can get someone good to fill in on short notice. I really wanted to see Stipe face a top guy. Maybe Rumble wants to move up again?

  • Seth

    Not like its big loss…I mean, he is a top HW, but its not like he is near another title shot…so he’s fights aren’t really important, unless he fights someone who can beat him and move on to fight for the belt. JDS/Miocic wasn’t even interesting…

    • shakejunt

      yeah who cares about #2 guys?

      • Seth

        Can you read? I wrote that he is top guy, but not like he can get another title shot any time soon – so its not important fight in that half-dead division. That’s why its not important.

        • deepgrim

          what? he needs the fights to get back on the title hunt- if he doesnt have the fights how can that happen. and it was a big opportunity for miocic to get on the short list for a title shot. Sounds like you think the heavy weight division should just wait for cain to retire

          • Seth

            You are exactly right. It was big chance for Stipe. Nothing more. JDS WILL NOT get another title shot as long as Cain is the champ. Why would he? He was DEMOLISHED twice in a row by Cain. You have to be high, if you think JDS/Cain IV is even possible…

          • deepgrim

            oh i must be, the fact remains that he has knocked out cain before and could do it again- yes dominated the last 2 fights with a great gameplan, but jds can still put anyones lights out. If he can get a couple of convincing wins and show one or two more things in his arsenal then he will be the man who will get a shot again. other than that he is huge loss to a card as he is a huge draw

          • Seth

            He didn’t knock him out. He hit him behind the ear, taking his balance away from Cain and used that to get a TKO win. KO means you knock some unconscious and that didin’t happen. Just to straight up the facts – but yes, JDS did win by TKO. But if you have 3 fights and only in one he had chance to do something like and was ragdolled in next 2 fights – for me its clear message who was better and who was lucky.

            I also agree with him being huge draw in brazil. For sure its gonna hurt profit side of this card.

          • deepgrim

            oh sorry technical knock out, cain was still in lala land after. If junior can improve his wrestling he gives cain problems and is the person most likely to beat him. I think it is very likely they will fight again, say cain beats verdum convincingly, who are they going to put against cain then?

          • Seth

            Eeemm…Prolly someone who won’t make sense.

            Like I said – HW is halfdead now. You have JDS and Cain, those two won’t fight again – and even if somehow JDS sneaks into title fight again, it won’t be any time soon. Then you have Werdum and Browne…and not much left besides them now. So most likely Browne wins a fight, gets a title shot. Then Werdum beats someone, gets a title shot. Then someone else does it…really, its not like LW when you need 4-5 wins to get to the top and not always THAT streak would put you into title fight. HWs needs mostly 1 fight to get back to title shots, reason for it is simple – that division isn’t deep and most of them suck.

          • deepgrim

            i dont think browne will get a title shot if he wins hes next fight. he was minced by verdum in the stand up, it would be very hard to sell that fight given that cain stand up IMO is stronger than verdums. if it is a close fight with verdum maybe a rematch, but if cain destroys him then junior is still the man.

          • Seth

            Like I said, HW division is easiest division to earn a title shot. Its VERY possible that Cain will fight Browne next, if Travis get another W. Its only because that division sucks and have no depth to pick another challenger from.

        • shakejunt

          you said it wasn’t interesting. i wholeheartedly disagree.

          • Seth

            And you have holy right to disagree 🙂 For me its not interesting as it’s heavyweight division – more so, it’s one guy with absolutely nothing to gain and other who could shock the world – if he would have any chance to beat JDS.

            That would be nothing more than a R1 KO/TKO for JDS, which would shot down another heavyweight down the ranks, without pushing the winner up the ladder…

          • shakejunt

            so fightpass fights > jds fights?

  • Gary Fredericks

    Cancel and reschedule that whole show. It is very uninteresting when the coaches fight on another card anyways….let alone, the replacement fight that has ZERO to do with the soap opera….er…TUF Brazil 3.

    BTW…is it not Miocic’s first “start on Brazilian soil” as well??? LOL (Just razzing you Ken Pishna, as I do enjoy your articles.)

  • drkdisciple

    I am still hoping to see JDS fight The Reem next.

    • shakejunt

      that might make sense timing wise.

  • shakejunt

    sign kharitonov. that’s the move to make.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      I’ve been saying that for years.

      • shakejunt

        he should’ve just been brought over from sf in the first place. any idea if the release was over the whole golden glory thing or what?

        • Bucket of Chicken

          I think Kharitonov simply got caught up in that fiasco when it happened. He fought on last weekend’s Glory card from Denver.

  • Fokkerdude

    Feed Miocic to Rumble Johnson.

    • asda

      Rumble fights at 205 in the UFC.

  • julian moran

    Overeem vs Miocic.

  • Scotty_O

    It’s true what he says though, while he might still be ranked #2, he won’t be getting another tittle shot anytime soon as long as Cain is holding the belt. So unless JDS is fighting a contender (who could get a title shot with a win), his fights aren’t really relevant in the devision. That being said, I can’t wait to watch him fight again!

    • shakejunt

      he said that the fight isn’t interesting, which is blasphemy.

      not relevant, on the other hand, is more understandable but still nonsense. it’s like saying benavidez isn’t relevant. the reality is that thin divisions have #2 guys and it’ll stay that way until more talent is added, whether it be new blood or signing outside talent.