Junior Dos Santos – “I’m Going to Come Back Stronger Than Ever”

January 2, 2013
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Junior dos Santos UFC 146Until UFC 155 happened, Junior Dos Santos looked as invincible as any champion in the promotion this side of Anderson Silva.

In nine fights, Dos Santos had nine victories with seven by way of knockout or TKO, and his two decision wins were as lopsided as his finishes.

That was up until Saturday night when Cain Velasquez put on a masterful performance to beat and batter Dos Santos for the better part of 25 minutes to reclaim the UFC heavyweight title.

Dos Santos had no answer for Velasquez after a very rough first round that saw him get knocked down by a big right hand, and as the rounds wore on, his cardio started to fade and he could never quite muster the energy to forge ahead with a comeback.

Following the fight, Dos Santos was checked out at a local hospital and outside of some bumps and bruises, had no other major injuries after the five round title fight. Now as he heads back to Brazil, Dos Santos updated everybody on his condition via a video released on Wednesday.

“The other times (in fights) I got my hands hurt during the fight, all the time. This time I got my face hurt, my hands, I’m feeling 100-percent. My face has a little swelling, it’s for sure because I lost,” Dos Santos stated.

The always humble and gracious fighter had nothing but good things to say about now champion Cain Velasquez and his performance Saturday night.

“I think Cain Velasquez did an excellent job so congratulations to him. He followed a good strategy,” Dos Santos stated.

Dos Santos will return home without the UFC heavyweight title, but he certainly didn’t lose the hunger to get back to another shot at the belt.

The UFC has expressed interest in a third fight between Velasquez and Dos Santos at some point in the future after each fighter dominated at one point in the past two fights.

Dos Santos has vowed to learn from his mistakes and come back stronger so he can reclaim the championship he lost at UFC 155.

“I’m going to go back home, I’m going to fix everything, and put everything in the right place,” said Dos Santos. “I’m going to come back stronger than ever.”

  • bajafox

    I was hoping for Cain to win in dominating fashion, a rubber match should be awesome.


      explain how cain didnt win in dominating fashion lol bud

      • Scotty_O

        I think that he was just saying he was hoping Cain would dominate so that the rubber match would happen, not commenting on the actual fight itself

        • BIGWHOOP

          Ahh that makes since lol

        • bajafox

          what he said

  • b-soc

    I’d rather they make that rematch/rubber match now rather than give the shot to Roidoreem. That juicer won’t beat either of them.

    • But if neither of them fight The Reem then there will always be that fight in question. it would be great on Cain and JDS and Reems resume to have those fights on it. You may not like The Reem but we can’t deny his world class kickboxing and veteran status in mma. Guy has so many fights in combat sports.

      • R

        Stop talking…. Haven’t you heard, “Silence is golden.”

  • Derek Lemaster

    I’d like to see Junior and Cain’s rubber match. They both now know that they arent invincible, so I hope Junior comes back just as pissed off as Cain did! Cant wait! I know Overeem’s waiting, but I’d rather see this rubber match first since JDS isnt seriously hurt.

  • JDS got completely dominated, he lost every round of the 5 round fight. He does not deserve a direct rematch. He needs a few more wins before getting another title shot.

    • Anthony Lopez

      A few more wins is doubtful. One or two top 5 opponents and he’ll get another shot, and rightfully so.

      • Simon

        I want to see Cormier vs. JDS. Only to solidify the claim that wrestlers can dominate the HW division.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I agree for the most part but would have JDS vs The Reem for the next shot at the strap. Reem should have to fight after his unfortunate ‘roid issue to prove he can stay clean and show up clean. The Reem has enough talent and has no need that crap!

  • Sebastian Sassi

    I’d rather see the rubber match than Overoid getting a shot anytime soon, but can see why JDS would be expected to earn it given how convincingly Cain won. I think it’s pretty clear the first fight was a fluke, and that the blueprint for beating a muscular hoss like JDS has been shown–if he can’t land a Mike Tyson wild haymaker in the first 90 seconds, lactic acid has already done much of the work for you. Just don’t get knocked into the pavement and JDS’s stopping power seems a lot less the threat.