Junior dos Santos’ Biggest Challenge Lies Ahead… Cain Velasquez (UFC 131 Video)

Junior dos Santos faced one of the biggest challenges of his career at UFC 131 in Vancouver on Saturday night.

But despite Shane Carwin possessing the heaviest hands that dos Santos has ever been hit by, the UFC’s number one heavyweight contender doesn’t feel that Carwin was the biggest challenge of his career so far.

To this point, he feels that Fabricio Werdum was the biggest challenge so far, and of course Cain Velasquez will supplant him when dos Santos squares off with the UFC heavyweight champion, probably sometime in the next four to five months.


  1. I remember that Werdum fight. People thought the UFC was feeding this new kid to Werdum.

    I don’t think Werdum can beat JDS ever. JDS kinda took his chin away in that fight.

    SF should hurry the fuk up with that tourney. And whoever wins that tourney should fight the UFC champ ASAP.

    • I think most people want to see that happen — the SF tourney winner fight the UFC champ. If everyone makes enough noise, they’ll do it. It worked with Nick Diaz and GSP.