Junior dos Santos Asks UFC to Face Alistair Overeem Next Instead of Cain Velasquez

August 5, 2012
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UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos is throwing a wrinkle into the current title contender picture because he doesn’t want to face Cain Velasquez next.

That’s not to say that dos Santos is turning down a fight with Velasquez, or avoiding the fight in any way, shape or form.

No, according to UFC president Dana White, it’s because the UFC’s top heavyweight has his eyes set on a slightly bigger target. Bigger as in six-foot-five former Dream, Strikeforce and K-1 Grand Prix champion Alistair Overeem.

White revealed on Saturday night after the UFC on Fox 4 press conference ended that dos Santos has asked to face Overeem next instead of Velasquez because the Dutch striker is “a punk” and he wants to shut him up.

Overeem hasn’t been quiet about his desire to face dos Santos when he’s eligible to get licensed later this year after his ‘suspension’ from the Nevada State Athletic Commission expires in December. (Technically, Overeem was not suspended but his license was denied and he had to agree not to apply for another license for 9 months).

“He can talk all he wants, I know he’s very happy that fight didn’t happen,” Overeem told MMAWeekly.com back in July. “I know he’s afraid to fight me.”

The two heavyweights were originally scheduled to meet as the headline fight at UFC 146 before Overeem tested positive for elevated levels of testosterone that led to his eventual removal from the card, and de facto suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Obviously Overeem’s words struck a nerve with the Brazilian and now dos Santos is gunning for a fight with the Dutchman in the UFC.

The UFC has yet to make a decision regarding the fight, but Dana White had to admit “I like that” when talking about the possibility of dos Santos vs. Overeem happening.

White did also say it would be a tough decision to take the title fight already promised to Cain Velasquez away from him, but dos Santos has made it clear who he’d prefer to fight.

Will dos Santos wait for Overeem to return or will he opt to go ahead with the fight against Velasquez?

That decision will be left up to Dana White and the other UFC brass.

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  • grettz

    Hope they end up doing this! Even though overeem is a juicer i want to see these two beasts battle!

  • There is nothing about juicing, every athlete do it, training in MMA is very hard. They need the edge, they just don’t know what juice to take and not get cough. That will be a great fight.

    • Triggerman99



  • RubeKegal

    6’5 my ass. Brock at 6’3 was taller

    • Lesnardo

      Yeah, Reem is 6’3″ or at best 6’4″. Definitely not 6’5″.

  • TSPakaTony

    Let’s get this one on juice head or not he was probably on growth which means sh@t compared to performance enhancing drugs it just bulks you up see Lionel messi’s doctors records. FACT we should do this fight now regardless of reasons it’s now or never because dos santos will ko Cain again no disrespect . Can’t wait till Cormier is in UFC been his friend on Facebook since the start x

    • rsnowbass

      Well, since you’re friends with him on Facebook…..of course we should get this going now.

  • TSPakaTony

    Dana white you are the BUSINESS always have been always will be do this fight he’s clean now get it done because he will ko everyone else please I beg you. Dos santos vs overeem at Xmas=$$$$$

  • smill0313

    I would much rather see jds knock overoid the eff out then run through cain again. Overeem is a douche lord who is hella smug and needs his ass handed to him like he used to before magically gaining 50 lbs of muscle and having his head double in size.

  • dongreene

    Hey I had forgot about Cormier and Barnett
    why not make Juicereem face one or both of them
    before he pockets a big check fighting for the belt?
    Or – ta-da-doom! how about Werdum one more time?
    I would bet that Werdum has grown more skillwise that Overeem
    and won’t pass up the chance to add his pointy head to is wall this time

  • KingSlaughter

    hey this is a great idea…let junior fight overeem next…i think cain needs to fight one more time anyway…how about fabricio werdum for the next title shot