Junior dos Santos and Alistair Overeem Will Finally Get Their Grudge on at UFC 160

February 12, 2013
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dos-santos-vs-overeem-460x270Alistair Overeem had long been goading Junior dos Santos into a fight in the Octagon.

He pushed so many buttons that dos Santos, not the most outspoken of fighters, asked the UFC for a fight with him.

The fight is now going to happen, albeit under much different circumstances than either man expected when the blow-up began.

The two will square off in support of Cain Velasquez’s UFC heavyweight title defense against Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva at UFC 160 on May 25 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

When Overeem’s initial callouts found their way to dos Santos, the Brazilian was the heavyweight champ. He lost the belt when Velasquez battered and bruised him over the course of their five-round main event at UFC 155.

Overeem’s last bout didn’t go his way either. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva knocked him out 25 seconds into the third round of their bout at UFC 156 on Super Bowl weekend.

So now the two big men will get the fight they wanted, but without the UFC heavyweight strap that they both covet on the line.

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  • Bayik

    ooooohhh Heavyweight main cards. I love it! I see Cain retaining the belt and JDS knocking out Overeem. Fast forward to UFC 160 please!!!

    • Mark McDowall

      I agree with you completely. I think JDS/Overeem will be a much more exciting match though. A top level K1 kickboxer vs a highly skilled boxer!! This is what MMA is all about!

  • I love Overeem vs Dos Santos. I am not a fan of Velaskes/big foot 2.

    • Cuntlick

      Exactly how I feel, they should have Bigfoot fight Barnett or another top guy, but I guess they had to get Cain a fight ASAP…

      • Matte

        I heard Barnett turned down an UFC offer though.

    • bouya

      Give the Reem a needle and this is the real main event baby!

  • kennybro

    reem may have reinvented himself from his days at 205, but he still has the same chin. he’s fighting one of the better knockout artists in the division and one of the best boxers in mma. that said, he’s a former k1 champ for a reason.

    this will be a great fight. can this be 5 rounds and just let cain/bigfoot be the co-main event please?

    • Mike mckinney

      I hate to call people’s achievements into question, but I’m going to. Overreem may have won anyhow, but he had the easiest route to that title that you could ask for. On top of that his performances didn’t show a very strong skill set.
      He would throw a little flurry of punches, and then turtle up and let the other guy throw his flurry.
      He had the weak bracket, that only got weaker with injuries.
      He did his part to win, but the stars aligned and it was Taylor made for him to win as well.

  • PhranktheTank

    Overeem will be fast asleep inside of 3 minutes.

  • $26909079

    The 2:nd loss for Overeem is here

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    The Roid gets knocked out. Cain dominate Big Foot, hard to knock out the big foot but he wil. Be outclasses.

  • Everybody talks about The Reems chin but what do you expect, he’s been stopped by the best strikers in the world. All the trash talking about fighters won’t ever take away what they have accomplished. Guy has won so many titles and fights in mma and kickboxing. A world class pro fighter losses a fight and all of a sudden their garbage. Whoever wins this fight needs to win in good fashion b/c both guys have been getting their names smashed by fans since they lost. IMO these are still the two of the top 5 HWs in the world. And I was hoping for Bigfoot vs Barnett.

    • Advance*

      The only issue is that since losing to Sergei he’s had a relatively easy run at heavyweight. Goodridge, Fujita, Brett Rogers, James Thompson, etc. Werdum was a big win but that was by far his least impressive performance. He’s obviously not garbage but he hasn’t really proven that he can beat the top few fighters in the weight class. I’m not sure I’d pick him over Cain, Dos Santos, Cormier or Barnett. I think even Werdum would have a good chance against him if he doesn’t just flop to his back over and over.

      • This fight is not only an awesome grudge match but important to see where The Reem stands in the division after this. I actually hope this fight goes at least 2 rounds so both guys can showcase their skills against one another. I’d hate to see a quick KO from either guy.

        • bajafox

          Good point, we will see exactly where Overeem sits in the HW rankings after this fight. I see him falling out of the top 10 by the end of the year

      • onehitwonder

        flop to his back, LOL, so true.

    • Combatstupidity

      dude you’re officially the Reem’s **** ****** machine I was really hoping his exposure would shut u up but you’ve been flooding this site’s comments with s*** worst then ever.. get a life

      • It’s called being a true respectful fan. This happens to be my favorite mma site and I like a lot of fans on here. We don’t have to agree on anything but there’s no point in insulting somebody who sticks up for fighters.

    • Cptmats

      To be honest he hasn’t really done a lot in MMA besides lose to top ranked fighters. He was dream champ(not exactly a huge deal) he subbed a kickboxer for the Strikeforce tittle and then refused to defend it for almost three years. A honestly i think we all know the level of talent in K-1 isn’t what it was before MMA exploded. I doubt Overeem could have won a K-1 championship during the era of Hoost, Aerts, and Any Hug among so many other greats !

      “A world class pro fighter losses a fight and all of a sudden their garbage.”

      Not my reasoning at all.

      I think he’s a complete douche bag because of his arrogance. He acts like he is GOD’s gift to MMA when he is a mediocre fight at best.
      Like Big Foot told him, “You better show some Respect”……He should have listened !

      • Well JDS is next. So all the fans, lovers and haters will get their wish. Somebody is going to get hurt in that fight for sure.

  • Joshuarh20
  • rome

    By the end of Round 1…..Overeem will be laid out…..he better jump on TRT quick…..nice card

  • Seppo

    I hope Ali gets back on juice, because I would love to see him win this. He did not shine without juice.

  • Jason Caruso

    Overeem does not deserve this fight he’s gonna get his ass handed to him

  • A few months ago, I had a dream where Overeem koed Dos Santos in the first round. Just saying.