Junior Assuncao Released from the UFC

January 23, 2012
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One and done.

It was with some surprise that on Monday, featherweight Junior Assuncao was released from the UFC after suffering a single loss.

Sources close to the situation confirmed the news to MMAWeekly.com. Assuncao initially confirmed the news via his Twitter account.

“I just got cut from the UFC,” Assuncao wrote. “Apparently they did not like my last fight. I’m not in control of all this. My manager said it will be ok. Was in a good win streak before the last fight, sorry guys.

“The boss himself told me the fight was good, got a performance (bonus), was in a good win streak before that last fight. I don’t understand.”

While any fighter coming off a loss is subject to release from the UFC, it’s rare that a fighter like Assuncao who had won his last seven fights in a row including a victory over Eddie Yagin in the Octagon would be cut after a single loss.

Assuncao’s fight with former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner Ross Pearson at UFC 141 was close and obviously the Brazilian wasn’t finished, but still the UFC opted to hand him his walking papers.

This was Assuncao’s second stint with the UFC. The first ended in 2007 after Assuncao went 1-2 during a three fight stretch while competing in the lightweight division.

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  • Mario

    His last fight with Ross was terrible. He didn’t even look like he was there to fight.

    That’s why he got cut.

  • bajafox

    Total UFC he’s 1 – 3, unfortunately 7 straight outside of the UFC doesn’t count. He’s still only 1 and 3 in the UFC

    • CFerrendelli

      He’s actually 2-3 in the UFC.

      • phrankthetank

        And 1-1 in his current stint. Tough, almost as bad as when they originally released Eliot marshall

        • therealmo

          same with jon madsen he was released after one loss despite on a decent wining streak

  • He was always one of those fighters where it was like…Oh yea…him. No care ever

  • KingSlaughter

    oh well…he should have tried harder

  • maddawgmar

    Although I kinda agree with this release (losing to Pearson deserves release). But the UFC has been doing this alot lately. We all know about Eliot Marshal, ehh, okay. One that stands out in my mind is Jon Madsen. He was on a four fight streak post TUF appearance, then a lone loss (to a stablemate, who knows him) sent him packing. 4-1 UFC is a horrible record. I jus don’t get it. The brass cares more about money then findin the best fighters. Fighters loss but give them a chance to prove it was a fluke.

  • Mma fanatic

    I agree the UFC needs to stop this!! People work there whole lives to fight in the UFC ! 1 loss and youre cut? It’s not all about the money !!!’
    It seems if the UFC doesn’t like you, or can’t make money off you then they don’t want you fighting there! You can be a less skilled fighter but be entertaining and have a better chance of lasting in the UFC than a better skilled non exciting fighter!

  • I have to agree with a little bit of everyone on this post…He didnt look good in his fight with Pearson but I dont think you cut a guy for 1 loss. Dan Hardy comes to mine. I know he has a bad haircut and dresses like my 2 year old playing cowboys and all but he hasnt won a fight in a while he still has a job. I understand he has fought some tough guys but damn beat somebody…..