Julianna Pena’s Knee Surgery a Success, Expected to Make Full Recovery

February 7, 2014
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26-Julianna-Pena-TUF-18-Finale-w-478x270The Ultimate Fighter 18 winner Julianna Pena underwent successful knee surgery in Los Angeles on Friday and is expected to make a full recovery.

Pena was scheduled to face Jessica Andrade at UFC 171 on March 15, but was forced out of the fight when she tore her ACL, MCL, LCL and meniscus while preparing for the fight.

The 24-year-old released a statement via her facebook page on Friday thanking the doctors, the UFC, and her friends and family.

“Surgery was a success! I was freaking out the whole time thinking I wasn’t going to wake up for provoking death so much, but I’m alive,” she wrote. “I want to give a special thanks to the doctors that operated on me, particularly Dr. Kvitney, here in LA. Dana put me in the best hands for surgery; they’re confident i will make a full recovery in due time.

“I would to send out a huge Thank you to Dana White and the UFC for making this successful surgery a possibility. And THANK YOU to everyone who has sent me prayers and well wishes. Your guys support is so meaningful and beautiful to me. No kidding it’s the reason why I keep moving forward w my fighting career. I fight for me, but I also fight for you guys too,” she continued. “I want to be remembered as a skilled fighter and without my family and fans, (my friends), that wouldn’t be possible. So THANK YOU everyone who has been supporting me through this difficult time. It’s humbling and I truly appreciate it!”

There was some controversy surrounding the initial details of how the injury happened – with UFC president Dana White, and Pena’s coach, Rick Little, at odds over the details – but Pena, thus far, has been fairly quiet about the incident.

Although earlier this week, she posted on Facebook, “I wouldn’t have become The First Female Ultimate Fighter Winner without my team and my gym.”

Pena became the first female winner of The Ultimate Fighter on Nov. 30, 2013, by defeating Jessica Rakoczy by technical knockout in the closing seconds of the opening round. Her recovery could keep her sidelined through 2015.

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  • Mattock

    Does anyone else find it fishy she hasn’t said anything about the whole thing… Makes me lean toward her coaches side of this story… Think she freaked out n was afraid she loose her six figer contract with ufc when she told her side to Dana… What’s ur thoughts on this strangely silent story?

    • steeltown65

      I think karma is a bitch !

    • Shocked_n_Awed

      Fishy like a tuna market.

      If she really did try to throw her gym under the bus just to make sure she didn’t upset Dana by pulling from a fight simply because of an injury, then surely they’ll dump her. So I’m confident the full story will come out eventually.

    • horace

      sounds like an illegal sob story to extend a visa to stay in the USA. Deport Pena immediately.

  • PeñaIsADeceiver

    I find it fishy too. I was starting to like her but now I hope she never makes a return. Go do something else, go back to Venezuela and continue your hooker career!

    • butch

      Look everyone we have a tough guy behind a keyboard.

      • horace

        tell em Pancho

    • horace

      Good points as Pena is disgusting and probably in the USA illegally.

  • horace

    simply put- career over and a hotel maid career or fast food worker coming up for Pena. Get past the makeup and you have a guy.

    • bajafox

      Because you’re a doctor and physical therapist you can make that conclusion?

      • horace

        Pena is more male than female and hose off 10lbs of makeup and see. Also there is a pair hidden somewhere in Pena.

        • bajafox

          Why so much hate? Did she rape your dad?

    • Dion Piggott

      You are an idiot…

  • horace

    Immigration is looking into Pena’s dubious credentials also and looks a deport is coming.

    • james j

      Almost nobody gets deported.

      • horace