Julianna Pena’s Beef with Ronda Rousey: “It’s the Way That She Acts”

December 1, 2013
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JuliannaPena_HeadshotThe first female Ultimate Fighter winner, Julianna Pena, spent a season on the show with her real-life teammate Miesha Tate on the reality show’s Team Tate opposite UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.  In that time she’s formed a strong opinion about the champion.

Hear what she had to say about Rousey just minutes after winning The Ultimate Fighter 18.

Courtesy of Fox Sports

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  • Big Tuna

    Rousey proved what a classless bum and loser in life she was by getting kicked off of the fox set during the post fight show. She is the face of her division and acts like a fool I hope that face gets slapped by her embarrassed mother

    • Hugo

      Where can I see this?

      • Big Tuna

        I saw live…maybe you can find it on bloody elbow or mmatko I’m sure it’ll be popping up by tomorrow

    • Booker T

      Right on Big Tuna.

    • Claire

      She didn’t get kicked off. She told them she would rather go talk to Jessica, Davey, and Peggy to make sure they were okay. She actually cares about her team. When Chris Holdsworth came on the post fight show Tate was already gone. Julianna was the only one Tate cared about. Really sad that people can’t see that.

      • Big Tuna

        After 10 min of acting like a brat the host said go ahead and leave. When do you ever see Greg Jackson or Ed Soares crying in an interview that they’d rather be backstage crying with thier fighters? Don’t tell me she cares so much about her losing teammates…it’s really sad you make excuses for others and yourself. Have some standards and expect others to have some too buddy

        • put me in the sauna coach

          exactly…its called being a professional. She doesn’t get it.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Even sadder that anyone even tuned into The Ultimate Fighter this season….or women’s MMA for that matter. It’s horrible to watch. Skill levels are so far below the men it’s atrocious! Sure they have loads of heart and put in the work, and I respect that. I just cannot stand the end product in the octagon. Those lady fights just SUCKED….as did TUF this season!

      • bajafox

        Really? If you believe that garbage I have cheap health insurance I can sell you and if you like your doctor you can keep him, comes with beach front property in Idaho too

  • Booker T

    I can’t stand Rousey. She’s an arrogant pompous beep.

    • jake snod

      Rousey is aslob who in 10 years will 200lbs living in a trailer. married to one of those swarthy armenain guys.

      • Fern

        As a very proud Armenian male, I have to say your use of the term “swarthy” in this case is very racist.
        But uhm- yah, its pretty funny and probably true what you said so you have a pass just this once, lol.

      • taylor2008

        Hairy back and all? LOL!

  • Jay

    She is the female version of Brock Lesnar!…….. All the talent, without the class………Or if you care to have the boxing comparison?, she is the female version on Mayweather!

  • jake snod

    Rousey is disgusting vile and crude and rude and just a tramp. Rousey is no more a role model and is unfit for TV or the UFC.

  • jake snod

    Pena should make the UFC but the rest of the TUF woman are terrible and make Sara Kaufman look like Miss America.

  • otto

    This is the first season of TUF i didnt watch, it was because of Rousey, watched the first couple episodes, and then i was done with it and her….what a complete mess she is, everytime she was on camera, MMA took a step backwards, she is nothing short of a spoiled classless brat, whom I hope someday someone will tool her on national TV, that is my Chritmas Wish…..If your reading this Rhonda, grow up you clown, piece of dung, any PPV fight you have, I will refuse to purchase !

  • taylor2008

    I agree with Pena. Rousey reminds me of a little spoiled brat girl. She needs to lose the attitude. JUst how she stood there during TUF 18 finale when she and Tate were being interviewed. She is why I didnt watch this last season and I watched every season before that. I hope Tate wins.

  • jake snod

    TUF was terrible this season a waste of TV time and collection of untalented losers going nowhere.

  • steeltown65

    Careful there Pena. You might just end up in that cage with her. Your advantage has been you G&P. But when you get hold of Ronda She’s gonna judo toss you one way and rip your arm the other. I’d like go see how Pena does against carmouche or Kauffman. Or either fighter from the kedzie fight tonite. The one that kedzie won and they gave to the Brazilian.