Julianna Pena on Ronda Rousey: “She Didn’t Really Rub Me the Right Way”

November 28, 2013
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JuliannaPena_HeadshotMuch has been said about UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey’s appearance as a coach on The Ultimate Fighter 18. Some believe her public persona has been affected negatively as a result.

Prior to the series airing, Rousey herself voiced concerns about how she may be perceived.

“I haven’t seen any of the footage yet, but I’m aware that I’m going to look nuts,” said Rousey in an interview with Bleacher Report before the show debuted on Fox Sports 1 on Sept. 4.

UFC president Dana White believed Rousey was being overcritical of herself, but TUF 18 finalist Julianna Pena thinks Rousey was portrayed exactly the way that she is.

“I think she came off as the way that she is, which I respect. Ronda played Ronda 110-percent of the time, and that’s what I respect about her,” said Pena during a recent media conference call.

Outside of The Ultimate Fighter house, Pena trains with Rousey’s rival Miesha Tate. She was Team Tate’s first female pick during the season’s team selections. Pena believes her relationship with Tate affected how Rousey interacted with her on the show.

“As far as me personally, she had got into some spats with me, and she had some choice words to say to me to my face. She didn’t really rub me the right way,” said Pena. “I felt like they were pinpointing me because I was guilty by association, so I didn’t necessarily like that.”

While Pena may not like Rousey personally, she still respects the champion as a fighter and an athlete.

“I respect her as a fighter, and I think she’s a great athlete. I think that she came across as exactly how she is.”

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  • Austin, TX

    Rousey is immature. Unlikeable. Acts like a 2 year old. She could be different. She could be something interesting but she acts like a child and an idiot and a bully too often. Needs to grow up. Miesha is more appealing. Classier. Sexier as well. But that’s just my take.

    • TrentSki

      Agreed, 100%
      Ronda is white trash

    • lomie

      Not just yours. Mine too.

    • Bouncer

      Why does this comment keep popping up about her being immature… She was professional the entire show despite the lame ass childish pranks by tate, that dana asked nicely of them to stop doing. When is she ever a bully? She may be a little crazy but that’s her personality, if you can’t handle a confident woman then stop paying attention to her.

      • Rodbert

        ” She was professional”

        Lol you’re delusional.

      • Yuck

        Rousy isn’t a confident woman. She is an insecure child. 2yr old is pretty accurate. Was she not always just crying moments before every interview?

        Tate on the other hand is everything Rousy wants to be, and Rousy hates her for it. Tate is attractive, classy, well liked and a competent professional athlete.
        Rousy needs to focus her hate on her mother. She’s the one that turned her into one trick pony armbar queen. At the cost of her growth as a girl/woman/lady.
        As an adult its too later for her now, she is stuck the way she is. No accomplishment will every justify or be worth her behavior(disorder).

        • Bouncer

          apparently I’m the only person that watched TUF with tate and her childish antics. love her or hate her atleast you’re talking about her. haters gonna keep hating because she’s going to keep winning.

  • Dmo

    Damn “Genie in the bottle”

    • Big Tuna

      You are a hoot! That’s genius

  • Grisscoat

    Ronda Rousey is a gifted athlete for sure and I have no doubt that she’ll make herself and the UFC a ton of money if she can hang onto the belt. She’s also an asshole.

    • Milosc


      (Search: “Borderline Personality Disorder”)

    • Maddawgmar

      I agree, she is an asshole. However, she makes no bones about not being an asshole. I feel that had it not been Meisha this season, she would have been okay. I feel Miesha brings that side of her out, because of the genuine distaste she has for her. We have seen her at her worst with Miesha, and feel we may never see her at her best, but she can be cordial to people she is gonna fight, see Liz Carmouche. She will never be miss Polly Princess, but I wonder how it would have been if Cat Zingano had coached, I doubt she would have been so much of an ass.

      • MuayThaiFood

        “I agree, she is an asshole. However, she makes no bones about not being an asshole.”

        The second sentence makes the first one better how?

        • Maddawgmar

          I wasn’t trying to make it better, just stating she has always said she is the way she is. And that I feel she is only that way to people she really hates.

        • George Burkhardt

          j guess rousey figures people will say (oh,its ok now cause rhonda knows shes an asshole,LOL

  • Big Tuna

    Trying to punk Pena and all others on Tate’s team shows how immature Rousey is. She does disrespect Martial Arts by using her power to intimidate and bully others. She is a classless bum I hope she takes a canvas nap on the New Years card…I liked Rousey before but now I really despise her and her way of life

    • George Burkhardt

      I agree,rhonda comes off as a spoiled brat, if a dude was banging her n she didnt enjoy it she would prolly kick his ass m spit on him, something really classy like rhonda usually does

  • BobLemons

    I was impartial before this season. But damn she came of like such a spoilt, miserable girl. It’ll be hard to like her after this.

  • Matt Spano

    Tate was smug, trying to antagonize them and it worked and guess what. ROUSEY will shut her the f*** up when she beats her again, WHAT WILL TATE DO AFTER THAT. That will be 3 major losses in a row for her and that would be her just deserts. SHE HAS NO BUSINESS FIGHTING RR again. They could have went so many different ways and Dana chose this route. Tate has nothing for Rousey. NOTHING!!!! When WMMA Fighters such as Carmouche and others like ROusey I highly doubt she gives a f*** if a few Internet pussies don’t like her. I Also think its a riot you all think tate is hot. SHE IS COVERED WITH ACNE, HAS A HUGE NOSE and reminds me of a Tranny. There is no rule where you have to shake hands after a fight either. THIS ISN”T F****** LITTLE LEAGUE BASEBALL. It also shouldn’t come as a shock that a majorit of the WMMA veterans in one way or another had or have a problem with TATE.
    TATE IS A PHONY, And is so Jealous of Rousey it’s not funny. She should also be thankful that RR is the reason why WMMA is in the UFC.
    That would have never happened without RR so all you butthurt schoolgirls realize that NO ROUSE = No WMMA IN UFC.
    So say what you will SHE IS UNDEFEATED, Is about to be in movies, A Champion, an Olympian and Pretty soon about to be the one who beats Tate into obscurity.
    After Tate loses again she will be matched up with another Tough fight and If she loses that my guess is she gets cut.
    Tate is not a draw, Rousey is.
    When Tate was champion WMMA Was a side show act.
    RR is champion it’s mainstream and in the UFC.
    things that make you go hmmmmmmm

    • Ksmma

      Say whatever you want Rhonda will always play second fiddle to cyborg.

      • Jay Mcgarrity

        As true as that may be, only some of us even know who Cyborg is. The majority of Rhonda fans as well as casual UFC fans have no idea who Cyborg is. Besides, the fight would only be fair if we let Rhonda get roided out and pack on some muscle too.

        • Jay A Nokay

          Even if she roided out and packed on a whopping 10 lbs of pure muscle. Cyborg would tear her to shreds.

      • Big Tuna

        I’d think so Cyborg is a dude that’s been roiding for a decade

    • I think it’s funny you’re calling out internet tough guys (or Internet Pussies as you called then), but then act every bit the internet toughguy yourself. Quit typing in capitals, and quit coming off like the whiny immature person your girl RR comes off. Learn from her.

      That being said, I agree that RR will probably beat Tate, but I’m definitely rooting for Tate because I hate whiners.

    • afansiceufc2

      the only reason rousey is the poster child for wmma is because of dana’s schoolboy crush on her she has one move the armbar and once she fights someone that can stop that she is done and on her way back to the trailer court with the rest of the white trash. If she is truly as great as she thinks she is why not fight Cyborg at a catch weight and prove it she is a classless twit

  • Mr Kuro

    Love her hate her, seems like everyone is talking about her. . . I’m sure the UFC couldn’t be more stoked on how awesome this is working out for them.
    I just feel bad that Tate will be out on the streets after she gets destroyed 3 fights in a row.

  • REDeyeJEDI

    i was and still am a huge Ronda fan, f@ck all u hating b!tches!

    • jake snod

      trailer park dweller and fruit picker I presume.

  • Mike mckinney

    A lot of things took place to get women into the UFC. (Not sure that’s a good thing)
    Strikeforce pretty much had women because of Gina. That gave Rhonda a so/so big platform to compete. Dana may have chose women because of Rhonda, but many other women paved a way for Rhonda to have a platform to show Dana. So credit can go wherever.
    I’m pretty sure Rhonda cares about what people think of her. I’m guessing that’s why she was whineing about how she would look on the show. In the end she is whoever she is. Doesn’t really matter. I think she came off as an ass, but it matters as much as my opinion on politics. It’s not as if I have to date her. Same goes for Tate. She seemed nice, but it doesn’t matter. None of us have to deal with these people enough to matter.

  • knockout67

    Hey Matt Spano you idiot…are your feelings hurt because of that trashbag Rousey got exposed for being the low level piece of garbage she really is..

  • jake snod

    Julianna Pena will end up being a motel maid as she is talentless. Rousey is also 100% tramp and a low life. TUF was terrible this season and a waste of time.

  • jake snod

    One way to look at Rousey and Tate. Rhonda can always take lessons in behavior but tate is stuck with that anteater huge nose of hers.

    • afansiceufc2

      and rousey is stuck with the pink eyes, red nose, witches wart, crybaby whiny azz bully attitude, and will always be trailer trash. Cyborg would kick her azz if she had the guts to fight her