Julianna Peña Explains Overwhelming Moment She Called UFC Boss Dana White About Her Injury

April 24, 2014
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Julianna-Pena-TUF18-Finale-478x270TUF 18 winner Julianna Peña explained that she may have overreacted when she told UFC President Dana White about her knee injury, admitting that she was overwhelmed with pain when she told the executive about how it happened.

In an interview with UFC Tonight, Peña said that explaining things in the “heat of the moment” contributed to the controversy surrounding the injury she sustained in late January.

“I think I’m a girl,” Peña said. “I was a block away from the hospital, [in] my gym. I shouldn’t have had the phone in my hand when I was screaming in an intense amount of pain.

“I think that just explaining things in the heat of the moment … was just super overwhelming for both me and Dana.”

Peña said she injured her knee while wrestling and during a training session with her team, Sik-Jitsu, in Spokane, Wash. Following her call with White, the UFC boss said Peña was attacked by her training partner.

Peña downplayed the attack, saying that it was only a freak accident and she learned from her mistake.

“We were grappling for about a minute before my knee tore out,” she said. “Mistakes were made and lessons were learned and I think it’s a thing that’s just going to make me stronger in the future.”

Peña added that her surgery went well, and the recovery time from the onset of injury is anywhere between six months to a year.

The fighter’s said she expects to learn more about her recovery at her next doctor appointment in May.

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  • yo

    Id like to toss penas salad

    • Ol’ Rooter

      You’d toss that nasty salad? I’m sure the lettuce on that has been in the fridge a few months…

      • blob

        This is an interesting subject and I wonder why there hasnt been an article about tossing MMA girls salads. Personally I’d go for Gina’s salad while slamming my c*ck between her b!!bs.

  • rfterminator

    How long did Pena let her team take blame before finally speaking up to clear the air? It took her way too long to finally state that when she spoke to Dana after her injury, she misspoke due to her emotions. By maintaining this silence, she shafted her training partner and team, who had been tarnished by Dana, who was only recounting what Pena had said to him. Pena, self-centered girl.

  • Alex

    You’re a girl?
    I thought you’re a fighter…and a fighter should act like a fighter, no matter what you have between your legs.
    You, Pena, acted like a hysterical little crybaby, accusing your own teammates by bullying you. And White got furious because of the BS you told him.

    If you’re not responsible for what you say when you have any breakdown, your gym should throw you out.
    Go “be a girl” someone else, maybe at some cheap bar in Venezuela LOL
    UFC is where REAL FIGHTERS work.

    • shakejunt

      LOL RIGHT?

    • Ol’ Rooter

      @ Alex – The UFC is where REAL FIGHTERS work? HA!! Only if you fit the “just bleed” mold.

  • Alex

    Yeah, a movie star – a drama queen LOL

  • Alex

    Yeah, she will be a movie star – a drama queen LOL

  • broseppi

    What an immature little s–t she is…letting her team take heat for months over her overreacting. Unreal.

  • himler adams

    Julianna is not very good and wipe that makeup off and you have a mess. No loss with her out.