Julian Erosa Steps Up to 155 for a Shot at SFL America Championship

December 10, 2014
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While he hasn’t been as busy as he’d like to be, 145-pound prospect Julian Erosa has had a solid 2014.

Coming off a loss in his last bout of 2013, Erosa has won back-to-back fights this year, finishing both his opponents in the second round.

“The Mike Joy fight I feel like I performed pretty well,” Erosa told MMAWeekly.com. “He didn’t have much for me, so it was a pretty one-sided fight.

“The (Ryan) Mulvihill fight, I was too aggressive coming forward and let him get on my hips too much. I shouldn’t have even let him get his hands around me at all. I’m glad I got the finish because I finished him twice before and wanted to keep that streak going.”

While Erosa is pleased with his victories this year, the fight he’s really wanted has eluded him.

“I’d really like to fight Drew Brokenshire again, but he doesn’t want to fight me for some reason,” said Erosa.

“I’m fighting up a weight class at 155 pounds for a title against Harrison Bevens, which is fine. I’m cool with fighting him, but Brokenshire is the guy I really want to fight because I want to redeem myself.”

As Erosa (12-2) mentioned, he’ll be taking on Bevens (8-2) for the Super Fight League lightweight title on Dec. 13 in Tacoma, Wash.

“I’m undefeated at 155 pounds because I’m quicker, my cardio is better, I don’t have to do a weight cut, so it’s easier on me in that sense,” said Erosa. “They’re usually stronger than I am and bigger than I am, but that only lasts so long until it works against them with the cardio.

“I’m just physically a different kind of person being smaller and leaner with cardio better than (Bevens) has. I’ve never been finished, so the longer it goes, the more advantages I’m going to have.”

Erosa feels his SFL debut will not only yield dividends, but could also present opportunities in 2015.

“I’m glad to be a main event and fighting for a title,” said Erosa. “Hopefully after this fight, I’ll get a shot at Brokenshire, but before then I’m looking forward to finishing this fight and putting my stamp on it.

“I’ve heard rumors of The Ultimate Fighter featuring 145 pounds or 155 pounds, so I’m kind of hoping to hop on that. If I get on TUF, that’s the best way to do that and get my name out there and build a fan base beyond the Northwest.”

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