Josh Thomson Doesn’t Know If He’s in UFC’s Title Plans, but Wouldn’t Turn It Down (UFC video)

April 21, 2013
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Josh Thomson StrikeforceJosh Thomson has been a Strikeforce lightweight champion. And he was fighting at a championship level the last time he set foot in the Octagon, albeit nine years ago. And he made a huge splash upon his return at UFC on Fox 7 on Saturday night, knocking out Nate Diaz, one of the UFC’s top lightweights.

But does that put him right into the title picture? Thomson says that isn’t for him to decide, but that if the UFC comes knocking, he’s not going to look the other way.

“I did what I could to be impressive and put me up there, but that’s not my decision though,” Thomson said after his fight. “If they want to throw me up there, I’m definitely not gonna turn that (expletive) down.”

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  • tyrone

    Great job. You did what henderson couldn’t do, and that was ko’ing diaz. Right now, thompson is biggest threat to bendo. Loved seeing bitter beer face diaz get ko’d. Great job!


    Seeing nate Diaz KO’d was great. Great win for the good guys with class and honor. Diaz is a scum bag.


    Josh Ko’ing the evil vile Nate Diaz was a win for all mankind and the good people on the earth.Thanks Josh.

  • Informed One

    JT should be considered for a title. He did better than Henderson and did it without boring lay-n-pray.

  • Informed One

    Josh should be considered in the title picture. He did what Henderson couldn’t do, and he did it without lay-n-pray to bore us. Perhaps Henderson would try that with JT, but Josh has very good tdd. I think we would have a new champ and I hope this fight happens soon. I can’t stand the false modesty of Henderson, the guy’s ego is as big as any.

  • earldogg

    I say givejosh thomson a crack at the gold. First of all it very easilycould’ve been him fighting mr. hendecision on saturday night considering how close JT’s last fight w gil was. Second of all, look how good gildid against bendo. When u add what thomson did to diaz as well as the timing, it all seems to make perfect sense….Idon’t wanna see maynard get ANOTHER title shot and I’m sorry but tj who? There is no clear cut number one contender at LW, josh is coming off an unprecedented performance, so let this guy get his well deserved shot while the rest of the division sorts out who’s next..