Josh Koscheck’s Quick Return Saves UFC Fight Night 62 Co-Main Event

March 9, 2015
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With Ben Saunders having to withdraw from the UFC Fight Night 62 card due to injury, co-main eventer Erick Silva has a new opponent with just two weeks to go until fight time.

UFC officials had yet to confirm the bout, but on Sunday reported that Josh Koscheck, one week removed from a loss to Jake Ellenberger, has stepped in to fight Silva on March 21 in Rio de Janeiro. Silva later added his own confirmation to the bout by posting about it on his Instagram account.

Former UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson, fresh off of a quick return to the cage to defeat Brandon Thatch in Broomfield, Colo. on Feb. 14, had offered to take the fight, but the UFC appears to be going with Koscheck instead. Had he gotten the fight, it would have been three fights in three months for Henderson.

Josh Koscheck UFC 157 Pre 17-478x270Koscheck (17-9) returned at UFC 184 on Feb. 28 after a self-imposed 15-month exile. Ellenberger submitted him late in the second round of that fight, increasing Koscheck’s losing streak to four consecutive bouts.

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It appears Koscheck wants to shuck that loss off his back as quickly as possible, returning to the Octagon three weeks after his disappointing return.

Considered one of the more promising welterweight prospects upon his UFC arrival in 2011, Silva (17-5, 1 NC) has alternated between wins and losses en route to a 5-4 record in the Octagon. His most recent bout was a first-round submission victory over Mike Rhodes in December.

Demian Maia vs. Ryan LaFlare headlines UFC Fight Night 62 after the card’s initial headlining bout between Rafael Assuncao and Urijah Faber was derailed due to Assuncao’s slow-to-heal ankle injury.

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  • clem wilson

    josh just likes to fight

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      Yeah that wasn’t the Koscheck of old against Ellenberger. Kos kept looking outside the cage at the clock like he couldn’t wait to get the hell out of there. Not to mention his bad eye was haunting him big time. Its amazing the most damage GSP ever did during his career was to Fitch and Koscheck

  • Sarge

    Koscheck’s got this one.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      If you say so

      • Sarge

        Yeah I say so.

  • cheflacsto

    Josh should win this one.

    • Darin

      Considering Koscheck showed zero stand up against Ellenberger, then gave up an easy sub…..yeah, I’m sure he’ll destroy Erik Silva.

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Any smart fighter knows the key to beating Eric Silva is letting him gas out (weather the storm) after round 1 and picking him apart in round 2. Eric Silva cuts a ton of weight to make 170 lbs but its obvious he doesn’t have that 20 years of wrestling background of cutting massive weight and getting back all his cardio for more than 5 minutes. Eric Silva is 5 minute ball of fury and then drops off like night and day.

      • cheflacsto

        That was a fight after being out for a year, and Silva faded so fast against Matt Brown. If Silva wins it will be early, but I think Kos wins in the 2 or 3rd.

    • uncle

      This fight can go bad real quick for Kos

      • cheflacsto

        I agree that if Silva wins it will be early in the fight, but he showed a zero gas tank against Brown. I think if Josh gets out of the first round he will win.

  • uncle

    Josh needs to retire Rogan talk to him

  • jimmy777

    WTF is up with Koscheck????? He hasn’t fought in so long and his 1st fight is against Ellenberger?? and now Silva?? REALLY stupid! He’s gonna need a bat to take silva out, look at the shots silva took in his fight with matt brown.. Kosh need a easier fight for his comeeback IMO.. What happens if he looses this one? 0-5?

    • TheCerealKiller

      What happens is he probably gets cut. This is a stupid fight for him to take. If I’m not mistaken, this will be that last fight on his contract, so actually they just wouldn’t resign him.

      • Sir_Roy

        Yeah … it’s no big mystery. He’s emptying his contract, tying things off, getting a few more dollars in so doing, and is more focused on his new “business” enterprises moving forward.

        He’s done, and just decided to complete his contract before shoving off for greener pastures. Win, lose or draw … never really mattered career wise for Koscheck.

        All these folks so “shocked” at this is funny. It’s been stated in media throughout the build up to his fight with Ellenberger. No secret what’s going down here.

        • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

          I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we see Kos go fight for Scot Coker at some point or try and get a fight with Palharis in WSOF. Kos and Fitch have always tried to fight the same guys and get revenge for each others losses. I think its a joke and Kos should distance himself from Fitch as much as possible with his steroid conviction and lawsuit against the UFC and all but i’m positive Kos’s loyalty will always be with LAY N PRAY Fitch first

      • GoalieSwagger

        He’s been a good soldier for Dana. He will be re-signed if he asks for another fight. Doesn’t mean he should be though…

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      I think Kos took that year + off after he was KO’d by Woodley. Kos is smart dude and probably knew he needed to let his brain heal up

  • keepitreal

    Guys its pretty obvious, Kos lost his fire, is on the verge of likely retiring after a hard fought career, why not squeeze in one more quick paycheck before hanging up the towel?

  • guest

    Looks like Koscheck will go out with a bang. Too bad it will be on his head.

  • otown689a

    Think the ufc treats him pretty well by keeping him for so long. Got to say his wrestling still looked pretty good against ellenberger. He still has that power double. The only way he can pull this one off is by going 100% jon fitch on erick silva.

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    Never really liked Kos (mostly because he is Lay N pray Fitch’s BUTT buddy) but I really feel bad for him. At 37 years old Kos needs to call it quits. Big time respect for Kos telling the world how worthless Javier Mendes is over at AKA when he cut ties with them. The part that made me laugh is when he said the only time you will ever see Javier actually pretending he trains fighters is when the camera’s are at the gym. Javier takes credit for all those AKA fighters career but the truth is he a just a fatt slob that sits in his office eating nachos all day

    • TheCerealKiller

      5 KO’s
      5 Submissions
      7 Decisions
      How is he a “Lay N pray”?

  • Timothy Malone

    Not surprised they didn’t go with Henderson. Would be a guaranteed loss for Silva in Brazil.