Josh Koscheck Won’t Return Until 2013; Targets Diaz, Maia, Ellenberger or MacDonald

October 24, 2012
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Josh Koscheck was hoping to fight one more time in 2012, but it looks like he will be waiting until the New Year to return to action.

The former Ultimate Fighter season one competitor has been out of action since May when he lost a close, split decision to Johny Hendricks at UFC on Fox 3.

He was expected to return in September to face Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151, but an injury sidelined Koscheck and pushed him out of the fight.

Now that he’s healthy again, Koscheck was hoping to get scheduled for a fight as soon as possible, but according to the fighter’s latest message via Twitter, he’s going to have to wait until 2013.

“Doesn’t look like the UFC has a fight for me until 2013. So I’ll just train and get better,” Koscheck wrote on Tuesday.

When he does come back, there are a few names on his wish list for opponents, but Koscheck has never been too much in the business of hand picking who he will fight.

“I’d like to fight Nick (Diaz), Demian Maia, Jake Ellenberger, Rory MacDonald, any of those guys will do it,” said Koscheck.

The former NCAA champion wrestler has even offered to venture back up to middleweight, something he’s done multiple times in the past when talking about stepping up when the UFC needed him.

“They know I’ll fight anyone,” Koscheck wrote. “I even said I’d fight at 185 if needed.”

It remains to be seen who Koscheck will face, but many of the names on his list would be available for fights in 2013 with the exception of Rory MacDonald who fights at UFC on Fox 5 on Dec. 5 against B.J. Penn.

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  • Trey Ballard

    Koscheck vs Diaz makes too much sense

    • Diaz would murder Kos. Kos had some power but nowhere near the ground game of Diaz.

      • I’d say exactly the opposite, except Kos has more power but less range. Kos wins easily by GnP unless he stupidly tries to stand.

        • stevemcz11

          I don’t want to see Kos vs Diaz regardless.


      I think Kos v Diaz is a great match up.

  • Triggerman99

    I just hope that if he does fight Diaz, he opts to stand and trade with him. I’m afraid he wouldn’t, and we would be in for a long night of lay-n-pray.

  • stevemcz11

    I think Maia would would beat him easily

  • uncle

    of course he would like to fight Diaz because he is the
    hot topic right now but Kos is not the # 1 contender so
    why watch Kos try to dry hump a win when there is
    kampman or hendricks that Kos loss to Diaz and GSP
    makes more sense Koscheck should fight Maia or
    Ellenberger and get finished in no time

  • james

    diaz vs koscheck would be a big money spinner for all involved. the press conferences would be epic, the stare down would be awesome, and best of all it would stay standing. diaz is too dangerous on the ground for Kos to want to take it there unless he was getting mauled on the feet. diaz is a much better boxer but we all know kos can end it in one punch.

    i think the maia fight would be boring. he wouldn’t be able to take kos down and there is no way kos is going to do anything but stand with him.

    fitch would make a lot of sense. two heavy handed wrestlers = slugfest.

    • stevemcz11

      I disagree James. I dont think Kos can stand with Diaz. Who has he ever been successful against while standing other than Diego Sanchez? And if he takes him down I doubt he would be too much of a threat to Diaz so he will end up trying to leg hump a victory. Also Diaz has Anderson Silva calling him out right now so I doubt he would wanna take a 15 minute leg humpathon with Kos.

  • mu_shin

    Who was it that said everyone has a gameplan until they get punched in the face?

    Koz/Diaz could be an excellent fight but I think Diaz has a major advantage with his boxing, specifically with his jab. Anyone remember the GSP jab that took Koscheck apart?

    Personally I think Koscheck/Ellenberger is probably the best stylistic match-up among the fighters mentioned by Josh above. Both strong wrestlers, both powerful if less than elite strikers, and two guys in search of a path to contention at 170.

    Kos is one of those guys a lot of fans love to hate, but he usually brings it in the cage, and never lays down. Will look forward to seeing him in the octagon in the new year.

  • stevemcz11

    Kos vs winner of Penn vs MacDonald