Josh Koscheck Talks to Fans at UFC Fight Club Q&A (Video)

November 19, 2011
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Before the UFC 139 weigh-in, Josh Koscheck took some time to answer fan questions at a Q&A session. “Kos” talked about his teammate Cain Velasquez losing at UFC on FOX, fighting Jon Fitch, and shared a story about a funny UFC ticket giveaway.

Watch MMAWeekly’s video highlight of Koscheck at the Q&A.

  • bdono554

    kinnda funny how he’s changed his tune about fighting fitch from a few years ago now that he’s not as much of a presence in the title picture.

    • MrAdidas

      How has he changed his tune about figthing Fitch from a few yrs ago? They have ALWAYS said they would’nt fight each other, not even for a title. Actually Fitch stated that had Koscheck won the title Vs GSP @ UFC 124, Fitch would move up to MW!

      So I’m confused as to your comment about Koscheck seems to have changed his tune, while in fact he has’nt.