Josh Koscheck Reveals Nick Diaz’s Camp Is Interested in Fight Super Bowl Weekend

October 29, 2012
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Sometimes you ask and you shall receive… but not quite.

Just a few days ago, UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck posted his “wish list” of potential opponents for his return to action in 2013.

Among those names was former UFC title contender Nick Diaz, who will be eligible to return from his commission mandated one-year suspension early next year. Diaz was suspended for 12 months after testing positive for marijuana in the state of Nevada for the second time in his career.

It seems Nick Diaz’s camp is also interested in the fight, according to the latest post from Koscheck on Twitter.

“I’d like to fight before February, but Cesar (Gracie) is calling for me (to) fight (Nick) Diaz in February Super Bowl weekend,” wrote Koscheck late Sunday evening.

“What you guys think? I am down! Don’t be scared homie.”

The possibility of a Koscheck vs. Diaz fight might seem very enticing to all parties, but unless something dramatic happens, it wouldn’t take place on the proposed UFC 157 card for Super Bowl weekend.

The 2013 Super Bowl will be contested on Sunday, Feb. 3, next year, and while it may seem like a matter of semantics, Diaz’s suspension runs through Feb. 4, 2013.

If UFC 157 takes place Super Bowl weekend, that would slot fight night as Feb. 2, 2013.

Once his suspension is lifted, Diaz will still have to re-apply for a fight license in whatever state he intends to fight in, and while it’s not likely to be any kind of issue, he still can’t do that until Feb. 4, 2013, at the earliest.

The only other solution would be for the Nevada State Athletic Commission to make an exception in this case, or if the fight actually does come to fruition, move it to a later date once Diaz is off suspension.

It’s unknown at this time if UFC officials are actually exploring this option, or if Gracie, who acts at Diaz’s trainer and manager, is just doing a little matchmaking on his own.

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Who would you root for! The baby or the sped?

  • dathump

    the trash talking would be epic!

  • rdd08

    Nick Diaz easily has this one.

  • I worry about Kos taking down Diaz and holding him down…BUT I would LOVE to see these two guys strike it out!

    • shakejunt

      good fight on paper, but i think diaz is gonna target that eye of kos and force the takedown. will be interesting to see where nick’s wrestling is at though.

  • stevemcz11

    This is an easy fight for Nick IMO. Kos could barely land a strike on Hughes. His only chance will be to take him down and lay in his guard and dont try to pass because Nicks Jiu jitsu is as dangerous to Kos as his striking.Nick wins this one. Diaz vs Macdonald would be far more interesting.

  • shawn

    now this is a good match!
    if diaz beats kos, then diaz vs condit 2… by that time GSP probably would be beat by Silva (I am a GSP fan) and then they could later set up gsp vs diaz

    • bajafox

      I don’t think Diaz would need to go through Condit to get to GSP, I doubt anyone would want to watch Condits run and run strategy again…I know I don’t.

    • stevemcz11

      I think Diaz vs Condit 2 would be boring. Condit wont fight Diaz he will run from him. Nick Diaz vs Anderson Silva

      • bajafox

        Funny how unpopular your post is but put it on PPV and the same haters will be paying up, lol

  • julian moran

    Not interested in this fight. Kos going for powershots to directly transfer to a takedown and lay heavy on Diaz for a decision.. I would rather see Diaz beat Fitch, Ellenberger or Kampmann for a title shot.

  • Triggerman99

    I think Koscheck just completely made this up. Why would Ceasar Gracie contact Koscheck and try to get him to commit to a fight that Gracie himself almost certainly knows for a fact can’t happen?
    This sounds like Koscheck is just pushing for a spot on the Super Bowl weekend show, and he’s willing to invent information to get it.

  • Not a fan of Kos or Diaz…but if i had to pick one or the other it would be Kos and i think he will hurt Diaz…Kos wins Via decision. However Id rather wait for Diaz to fight GSP.

  • The Prognosticator

    Doubt this fight will happen, however, if it does Koscheck will win via unanimous decision. If Diego Sanchez could take Diaz down on a regular basis, Koscheck certainly will be able to as well.

    • passerby23

      I disagree. This is the kind of matchup where Koscheck would get subbed in.

  • The Prognosticator

    Doubt this fight will happen, however, if it does Koscheck will win via unanimous decision. If Diego Sanchez could take Diaz down regularly, so can Koscheck.

    • passerby23

      You mean when they fought 7 YEARS AGO!?? Diaz’ ground game is lethal – not the kind of guy you can just pin down and stall with. Standing up, Koscheck doesn’t have the boxing to hang with Diaz. I would love to see this as a five round fight. Tough to repeatedly take Diaz down and stall a decision for five rounds.

      • The Prognosticator

        I admit he has a great ground game, however, Diaz will be on his back the entire fight and Koscheck has only been subbed once in his entire career, which was by Drew Fickett after he was hurt by a punch. I just don’t see a submission in the cards here based on Koscheck’s track record, so I still choose Koscheck by unanimous decision.

        • The Prognosticator

          Also, Diaz is not known as a particularly hard puncher, so I don’t see him hurting Koscheck with one shot either and getting a sub/TKO/KO. It is a bad matchup for Diaz IMO.

  • uncle

    if Kos takes Nick down on the ground he might get put
    in submission choke hold so wrestling is really not safe
    I want them to stand so Diaz can really beat him worse
    then GSP did and put him in retirement

    • Doobie

      Kos has never been subbed from anyone’s guard and he’s faced many black belts. Furthermore Diaz does not have that many wins by submission from his back either.Diaz will be on his back the entire fight and Kos will be able to fight off his sub attempts.

  • Mark Cervantes

    I thought Alves versus Diaz would be good, but a fight with

    Josh Koscheck would be great plus the trash talk and the prefight hype would generate a good amount of money.

  • pogodog

    Sorry, but The Koz is pretty much washed up. Diaz will murder him in short fashion.

  • dmill

    I want to see this fight. I think they’d stand and trade not turn it into a grappling match.

  • Ed

    Why the hell is Diaz so dillusional that he thinks he’s gonna fight Anderson and thought a few times that he’s fighting before his suspension is up? This guy is dumb as a stump! You broke the rules now take your medicine homie!

  • uncle

    How many submissions wins does he need off his back the
    answer is he choose to strike with volume and he is more
    then capable to have Mr koscheck pissing blood out his
    nose from a triangle if he doesn’t tap