Josh Koscheck Returns at UFC 184 to Fight Jake Ellenberger

December 2, 2014
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It’s been more than a year since Josh Koscheck last set foot in the Octagon, but UFC officials on Tuesday announced he would return against Jake Ellenberger at UFC 184 in February.

Koscheck (17-8) had been rumored to fight Neil Magny at UFC 184, but that bout never came to fruition. Having been on a break from fighting after losing three consecutive bouts, he will instead return against Ellenberger, who has also lost his last three fights.

Josh Koscheck UFC 157 Pre 17-478x270Koscheck’s three losses in a row marked the first time in his career that he had lost consecutive bouts. The losses were to three of the UFC’s best welterweights in current champion Johny Hendricks, top contender Robbie Lawler, and Tyron Woodley, but they nonetheless left everyone wondering about Koscheck’s future in the fight game.

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As a cast member of the inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter, and having fought 23 of his 25 professional bouts in the Octagon, Koscheck determined that he wasn’t quite ready to call it a career.

Ellenberger (29-9) has spent much of his recent career in the Octagon, and finds himself in much the same position as Koscheck, having lost consecutive bouts for the first time in his 38-fight career. Like Koscheck, he also lost to three of the UFC’s best 170-pounders in Kelvin Gastelum, Robbie Lawler, and Rory MacDonald.

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Not many fighters survive a three-fight skid in the Octagon, and outlasting four losses in a row is nearly unheard of, so the magnitude of this fight is great for both fighters.

Koscheck vs. Ellenberger will be part of the supporting cast for a blockbuster UFC 184 pay-per-view that is headlined by two title fights on Feb. 28 in Los Angeles. Middleweight champ Chris Weidman puts his belt on the line against Vitor Belfort in the night’s headliner, while Ronda Rousey defends her women’s bantamweight belt against Cat Zingano in the co-main event at the Staples Center.

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  • Rob

    WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?! He’s done!

    • Rob

      I meant Kos is done, its time to retire and just pass the torch….imo

      • How many people on this planet could beat this guy at 170 pounds in a fight? 10? Maybe less. If he still wants to fight, why not? Because he is not top 3 material anymore or that you think he is “done”, whatever that means?

  • Mma fanatic

    Who’s done? Kos or Burger? I think Kos takes this !

  • Seth

    One, I was sure Kos retired.
    Two, this fight makes no sense.
    Three, Kos will win…and what good does that? He won’t get to the title picture, but he is legit threat to knock down some of the top guys.

    Where is any logic behind this fight?

    • Gary Fredericks

      It boosts Kos’ profile and is likely a favor from Dana White for being a good company man through the years. Also, a Kos’ win gives DW enough ammo to dump a less than consistent Ellenberger. Ellennerger. I don’t know why or how, but Jake’s lost a lot of spunk the last year or two.

      • Seth

        Hard to argue with that. Most guys go from being unknown to be better – this dude went from being possible title contender to prelim-level dude… :/ Sad to see that though…

  • sean

    Iiiittttttttsssssssss tiiiiiiiiiimmmmmeeeeee……. To see who’s still relevant!!

  • uncle

    Do or Die for Ellenberger

  • silly

    Am I the only one who is happy to see Koscheck back? The guy fought GSP two times, he arguably beat Hendricks.

  • Spike

    Ellenberger needs to win otherwise he’s fired but if koscheck loses he’s still got his analyst job right?

  • Look at who they both fought ffs… So tired of people trying to decide which of these warriors should retire. It’s a fun fight, I wanna see it regardless if they lost a few and that it has no contender implications, who gives a fk? Gonna be a tough pill for the loser for sure but you can’t have 15 title contenders now can you?

    • uncle

      Good point but if they can’t hang with the elite fighters then they need
      to go fight at Bellator I rather watch the contenders instead of the pretenders.
      This better be fight of the night if the loser wants a job

      • They lost to: Hendricks, Lawler, Rory, Woodley and Gastelum. Now I am not saying they are not in a bad spot but name me 3 fighters that would win versus them or have a good shot? Guess the whole division should go and fight at Bellator? Guess Condit should retire too?

        I don’t understand what is wrong with a good ol’ fight between two tough guys. It’s not a main or co-main but what the heck? And I dislike all the haters on here. Let me see them step into a fkn cage and fight one of these monsters, then open your mouth.

        I get it, I am critical too, especially about Ellenberger but let’s not act as if these guys are some kind of slouchy douches who don’t belong in a fight. That’s just silly.

        • uncle

          To tell the truth is not the loss it’s the way they’re losing
          Condit is a different story even when he lose he can hang
          with the best of them and that’s the point.You can lose
          and bounce back but for some reason I think any of the
          higher level fighters would be problems so where do that leave us prelims and if they have to fight a step down in competition
          to get wins again then it’s time for retirement or go to

          • Condit is the man haha my favorite welter. I am just saying it is a tough situation to judge pure on a losing streak if you are only fighting the elite of the elite. Then again there is a point to look in the mirror and hang em up as well for sure (hope you are reading this Frank Mir :p ). But if you had that stiff of competition I think it is not necessaliry (tough word to spell, hope I got it right haha) the case.

            I am not arguing against your case either since you are basically saying the same thing I am, but I just have a dislike for meatheads on here sometimes who act as if some fighters that just faced monsters and lost are complete morons all of a suddon. If there is competative fights in guys it is a spectator sport as well. And some people earned to get a chance to redeem themselves in my opinion if you took on the cream of the crop.

            Ellenberger worries me though, it is like he mentally broke or something after the Rory fight. He’s got a lot of tools but he can’t put it together at the right time or execute them when needed. So this probably is a do or die fight for him. Koscheck actually looked pretty ok to me, hung in there with Hendricks really well, got smashed by what was then a suprising Lawler and got clipped hard by Woodley but was competative in that fight.

  • mmalive

    Wow, Gotta love the HATERS and LOSER sthat frequent the boards here.

    I have been away so not too much time for commentary.

    The fight with Kos/Ellenberger makes most DEFINITE SENSE.

    Both dudes lost 3 times. Both were formally title contenders.

    Kos has enough power top KO Ellenberger and vice versa.

    The decision comes down to conditioning and good ground game.

    Both guys are good wrestlers so the remaining factors will be top notch cardio and crisp striking.

    Both fighters VERY WELL matched up.