Josh Koscheck Returns at UFC 139, Possibly Fighting at Middleweight

August 21, 2011
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Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck

The long road back to the Octagon for former welterweight title contender Josh Koscheck appears to have a destination.

The former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ competitor confirmed on Sunday that he will make his return to action at UFC 139 on Nov 19 in San Jose.

Koscheck made the announcement via his Twitter page.

“My next fight is in San Jose, Cali Nov. 19th,” Koscheck wrote. “Good chance fighting at 185lbs. Should know real soon who.”

Koscheck hasn’t competed at middleweight since his time on the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ reality show over six years ago, but has been flirting with the idea over the last few months.

The American Kickboxing Academy fighter has been out of action since a unanimous decision loss to current welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 124 last December.

In the fight, Koscheck suffered a broken orbital bone that required some serious time off for recovery, but now the one time Edinboro wrestler will get back in action fighting in his adopted town of San Jose.

If Koscheck does indeed fight at 185lbs, there’s a long list of potential opponents that could challenge him upon his return.

One name that pops to mind is a fight against former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ finalist Stephan Bonnar. Koscheck and Bonnar engaged in a war of words on Twitter and then through the legal system after Bonnar’s clothing line ‘Trash Talkin’ Kids’ made a shirt with Koscheck’s likeness on it.

Koscheck threatened legal action, and the two have been verbally sparring ever since. There is no word however at this time if Bonnar would consider or even could drop down to 185lbs for a possible fight with Koscheck.

Time will tell who will actually face Koscheck at UFC 139, but at least he now has a date and a time table for his return.

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  • b-soc

    Rumor is he’s going to fight Chris Leben. There’s money in that fight.

    • afk

      except for that leben is headlining against munoz 2 weeks before that lol. if kos wins his return to 185 and leben loses to munoz then the fight would probably make a lot of sense in every way.

      i’d watch it.

  • Unador

    Er, I’m not 100% sure what Kos is thinking, but I may be 90% accurate in thinking this move to 185 is the best way to save his career, and an excellent way to generate more match ups, and more importantly, collect checks.
    Because I really don’t see Kos, blinking the tears back from his one good eye GSP was nice enough to leave for him, saying to himself ” I think I can take Silva, I’m’a jump weight and wade through Leben, Stann, Bisping, Sonnen, Okami etc and become champion at 185.”
    I just don’t see KOS saying that to himself.
    Not a huge fan of KOS, but he can compete at 185 and do well enough. There are a lot of good match for him at 185.
    But I seriously doubt Bonner can get down to 185. If I was KOS I’d offer to jump to 205, for a decent garanteed bonus. I’m confident KOS would pull out a victory here. At 205 KOS would be immensly strong with an added 35 lbs of muscle. Bonner is weak physically, with KOS’s wrestling and superior strength he should be able to secure a submission, or a decision through ground and pound. It would be a good win for KOS, a Win Win situation jumping 2 weight classes to fight a guy 6’4″ that regadless of a lack of skill, has good reputation with UFC because of the Griffin fight. KOS could steal a bit of that fame with a W, without risking any of his own with a loss.
    It might be the best thing for KOS, this way it looks like he changed weight to rise to a challenge and settled in at 185 on his way back down. Atleast you could sell that perception/deception in the future. Right now, it just looks like he is fleeing the WW division.

    • Rasslin

      I follow KOS because of TUF. if you think the top tier at MW i.e. Stann, Belfort, Silva, Sonnen, etc. are out of Kos’ league why would he go to LHW and face off against the Rashad, Lyodo, Davis or Rampage. I think his best move is at WW vs Rory, Condit, Shields, Ellenberger, etc. No good matchups for him above that – Maybe Munoz at MW. Bonnar walks around as a HW, I don’t see Bonnar going down to fight Kos and I don’t see Kos going to 205 at all.

      • Unador

        er, I think you didn’t quite follow what I meant exactly. And I’ll take responsibility and say that I failed to articulate clearly.

        I think there are a lot of good match ups, and fights for KOS at 185. Even if I expect him to lose some, they should be good fights. I mean, the guy went 5 rounds with a broken orbital. Lesser men would have laid down and taken the loss, or let the doctor, or better yet, invite a doctor stopage.
        Regardless of the fact that I don’t like KOS. I got a Lot of respect for KOS for going 5 rounds with GSP with a busted eye. He could have gotten out of that fight early without losing face.
        I just don’t see KOS moving to 185 with an expectation to get the belt. I see him moving to 185 to contintue to get fights, and not end up like Hardy. A rocket from the top to the bottom of the WW division.

        I didnt intend for KOS to fight at 205 all the time. I just think it would be a smart move on his part to move up to 205 for one fight against Bonner. No way Bonner is getting down to 185.
        Bonner is weak, KOS at 205 would be a mini lesner, and should be able to secure a submission victory or grind it out with points with some ground and pound.
        This, I feel is a Win Win for KOS.
        No big deal if he loses to a guy 2 weight classes above him.
        Would be a bid deal for KOS to win.
        Should be a good opportunity to negotiate a fat paycheck for jumping 2 weight classes and drawing in a crowd for a bad blood bout.
        It’s also a way to continue to get pts from Dana White. He loves a guy that wants to fight, and would even more love a guy that wants to fight so bad will jump 2 weight classes.
        In addition, if he goes to 205 for one fight with Bonner, and then drops to 185. It will remove the impression that KOS is fleeing the WW division because he can’t compete.
        Doesn’t matter why he is leaving. The perception is going to be he is fleeing. The fight with Bonner would mask that.

  • omcclave

    The fight is Cung le vs kos. And BTW bonner would rape kos he is way to big for him.

    • Unador

      Alright, this should be a good fight.

      Bonner would not rape KOS, Bonner is not too big. Bonner is extrememly weak physically. His only chance at a victory against KOS would be a submission from his back.

  • judo johnson

    josh should fight the guy who gave him that stupid hair cut, just not a kos fan