Josh Koscheck Just Became a Nick Diaz Fan

November 25, 2011
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Josh Koscheck

There’s nothing most fighters want more than to avenge a loss, especially when that loss occurs in a title fight.

Of course, Josh Koscheck would like nothing more than to capture the UFC welterweight belt, and beating Georges St-Pierre to get it. But he knows that being one fight removed from that loss, it’ll probably be a while before he gets another shot at GSP.

In the meantime, St-Pierre is slated to square off with Nick Diaz at UFC 143 on Super Bowl weekend, and Koscheck is set to fight Carlos Condit on that same fight card.

Perhaps, surprisingly, until you hear why, Koscheck is pulling for Diaz in that fight.

“I like the Diaz kid. He brings something similar to what I bring to the table. He’s not afraid to say what’s on his mind,” Koscheck said at a recent question and answer session with fans.

We all know, however, that liking a fighter and him winning doesn’t always correlate.

“Realistically, I think GSP is a strategist and GSP is probably gonna come out with a great game plan. That’s where he can play it safe and get the victory,” Koscheck told fans, being realistic about Diaz’s chances against the No. 1 ranked welterweight fighter on the planet.

That doesn’t mean that Koscheck won’t be rooting for Diaz, though, because he wants back in the title picture.

“I’d love to see Diaz win because when I beat Carlos Condit Feb. 4. That means me and Diaz is for a title shot,” said Koscheck.

“And that means it’s a big fight because he talks really good, and I believe I can talk up the fight really good.”

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  • Keep on dreaming kos, because that is the only way you’ll ever beat GSP. Is by a pipe dream 🙂

  • Jmoney

    im hoping for the same outcome. i never really liked KOS too much… but the guy brings the fight everytime. so its hard to hate on someone thats always in shape and ready to fight whenever. can stand GSP and his playin it safe method of winning. hope Diaz subs him or we get to see a stoppage an GSP busted up.

    Diaz vs KOS mid 2012

  • chrislovely

    Yes i agree with Jmoney. I would love to see Diaz just beat his ass. Im tired of boring ass GSP fights. Sorry GSP i am a Fan because you are a stand up guy. But i have really been pissed the last few times you have fought. GSP didnt even finish Jake Shields that is terrible. Go Diaz!!!!

  • I wana see condit fight for the title I hope he smashes koscheck and I’m a kos fan

  • MikeMc1983

    James, did you not get the whole premise of the article? Kos is saying he’s a Diaz fan because he wants him to beat Gsp. Since kos has lost twice he can’t really get another shot at Gsp anytime soon. So as long as Gsp has the belt, kos can’t get a title shot. (in the near future anyhow.)
    However, if Diaz wins there’s isn’t the same issue. If Diaz is champ kos believes he’s back in the title hunt by default.

    Same thing happens whenever there’s a long reigning champ. It happen to rich Franklin. He waited a bit, but Anderson kept winning. He went up in weight and is probably still hopeing Anderson loses so he can go back down.
    If Anderson, and Gsp retired tomarrow think of how wide open those divisions would be at the top.

  • random

    It’s amusing to entertain the thought that Diaz might win. Kind of like buying a lottery ticket. Kos knows GSP is a strategist and that GSP will simply out muscle Diaz and grind him into the mat. Ragdoll his ass.

  • Kos vs Diaz would be a great fight…..

  • Jmoney

    gsp always comes with a great strategy… i really am curious to see how he plans to play it safe when he fights diaz who can finish the fight from anywhere!!
    people that say he doesnt have a chance at beating GSP or that its like playing the lottery… ur just retarded…

    11 fight win streak and he just beat BJ Penn…

    cant wait till diaz gets his hand raised and looks to the camera and says 209 bitch! lmao!

    • Cptmats

      Funny you should say that about Penn cause GSP dominated Penn start to finish. Diaz got school by Penn in the first round of their fight and would have for the next two if BJ didn’t gas like he always does ! GSP won’ gas

      • please no takedowns

        That’s the damm truth Cptmats. Someone had to say it to this idiot Jmoney

      • RonnieV

        Dude you are an idiot, “IF” BJ didn’t gas! Fights don’t end in the first round moron, they go three or five rounds. I’m sick of you clowns saying BJ won the first round. He landed 13 more punches than Diaz, and had one takedown. Diaz landed a 100 more punches than Penn in the second and third round. Quit playing the “IF” card Diaz whooped his ass, and always starts slow.

  • MikeMc1983

    I hate to try and sound like a know it all, but Gsp is probably going to do to Diaz what Gsp does when fighting any striker. Take him down. Then he’s going to proceed to half guard, and try and stay there throwing just enough to not get stood up. Gsp will just guard against a kimora, and that’s about all he has to worry about from there. So it will probably be just a fight where Diaz fights to get back to guard, and Gsp keeps working to get back to half guard.

    Worst yet is that Diaz has never shown to have much power in his punches. (even though he normally doesn’t try to throw power.) so even when they’re standing Gsp doesn’t have to be too worried. Also Gsp is probably better when they’re clinched up. Which is where I think his takedown may come from.

    I don’t think much of Diaz as a fighter, but a big part of me hopes I’m wrong. I hope Gsp runs into someone who can make him pay for they way he tries to point things out. The UFC would be a lot less entertaining if there were a lot more Gsp’s out there.

    • Cptmats

      Diaz has great power in his punches ! He just does throw it into every one !

  • johnnylopes

    Koscheck wants Diaz to win because hes never going to get to fight GSP again, GSP already said before he fought KOS the 2nd time “I have no pressure on fight KOS, cuz if i beat him again he can never get the title, because i have nothing to prove if i beat him twice” – GSP and Dana agreed and told KOS if he lost, hell never fight GSP as long as hes Champ

  • MikeMc1983

    Cptmats, if when you said that Diaz has great power in his punches, but he just doesn’t put it in everyone, but you really meant that he doesn’t put power into any of them. I believe your statement to be true. 😉

  • Condit and/or Diaz will beat Koscheck. Dream on!!

  • Cptmats

    Look at his KO’s Genius !

  • KBEsq

    The only thing Kos and Diaz have in common is douchebaggery. I agree with the people saying Diaz is Kos’s only chance at another title shot.

  • MikeMc1983

    There’s a difference between ko’s and tko’s though they’re listed as the same. Maybe Diaz has, though I can not recall him ever delivering a one punch ko. He throws a lot of quantity, which gives him tko’s. That’s not the same as having punching power. You have to understand the difference.

  • everlast180

    NO PUNCHING POWER…lol..ask Robbie Lawler what he thinks???

  • xgibsonx

    “And that means it’s a big fight because he talks really good, and I believe I can talk up the fight really good.”

    *well, *well