Josh Koscheck Hinting at Retirement?

November 17, 2013

Josh KoscheckThe Ultimate Fighter Season 1 alum Josh Koscheck hinted at retirement after he lost his third straight fight, according to UFC president Dana White. Tyron Woodley socred a first-round knockout over Koscheck at UFC 167 on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

“Josh sent me a huge text and his text sounded a little bit like retirement,” White said at the UFC 167 post-fight scrum. “I never mess with guys when they talk about retirement, but I think it is a little premature for Josh.

“He is still one of the most talented guys out there. He fought a beast who was ready to go there tonight. Josh hurt him and I love Koscheck. I love his attitude; he’s a tough kid.”

Koscheck, 35, who made his UFC debut on TUF back in 2005 has since been part of the furniture in the promotion, fighting 23 times for 15 wins in the Octagon. While he hasn’t become champion, the NCAA Division 1 wrestler has fought the biggest names in the UFC welterweight division, including his title shot against Georges St-Pierre at UFC 124, which resulted in a decision loss.

“When you’re standing in the Octagon and looking across and Josh is standing there, you know you’re in for a fight,” White continued. “I gotta talk to him and see if it was a retirement text he was sending me. I have a soft spot for the Season 1 guys.”

White doesn’t usually step in the cage after a fight except for the main event, but made a point of doing so after Koscheck was knocked out by Woodley on Saturday night to check on whether his fighter was alright.

“I was worried about him because he got knocked out bad; I wanted to make sure he was alright.”

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  1. Never really liked the guy, but if this is it, thanks for your career Kos. Always entertaining, played the heel role really well.

  2. Don’t quit yet man.

    He’s had some great fights and great finishes in his career and just got caught by a few bombs. He’s still a good gatekeeper at worst.

  3. He hasn’t been the same fighter since he left AKA. Maybe it’s his age, maybe it’s the tough fights…

  4. Getting tired of these fights ending due to strikes to the back of the head. I honestly thought it was the disqualification of Evans that ended the fight. wtf

  5. Kos is a love to hate kind of fighter who understands that making big bold statements sells PPV. Solid fighter. Still love to hate him. Probably time to retire rather than bruise the brain any further.