Josh Koscheck Doesn’t Think Much of His Opponent’s Stature

February 1, 2012
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LAS VEGAS – As UFC 143 quickly approaches, Josh Koscheck, meeting with the media at Mandalay Bay Events Center, lights up more when he finally gets to talk about his “other” passion, flying, as much or more so than when he talks about opponent Mike Pierce.

“(Flying) is one of those things I discovered just about a year ago and I’m in love with it,” said Koscheck, before going off on Pierce, classifying him as a “midget.”

He also talked about a couple Brazilians he’d like to fight at middleweight.

Check out what all Koscheck had to say at Wednesday’s open workouts in Sin City…

  • trevor

    Actually seems humble! Gamer??Lame. Koshchek will never be champ.

  • Mario

    Koscheck should be taking Mike a little more seriously.

    Jake Shields thought he would walk over Ellenbeger, and look what happened. Jon Fitch probably thought the Johny Hendricks fight would be a walk in the park, but again, look what happened.

    These top 5 welterweights have been falling at the hands of guys who weren’t even ranked in the top ten. Koscheck might end up being the 3rd victim in that unfortunate flow.

  • Mario