Josh Burkman Ready for World Series of Fighting Title Bout, Not So Sure About Jon Fitch

March 24, 2013
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Josh BurkmanBefore Josh Burkman and Aaron Simpson set foot in the cage at World Series of Fighting 2 in Atlantic City, N.J., on Saturday night, WSOF president Ray Sefo promised the winner a fight against Jon Fitch at the promotion’s third event.

Fitch is the most high profile signing yet for World Series of Fighting. The perennial title contender recently received his walking papers from the UFC, but immediately jumped on board with the fledgling promotion.

A fight with Fitch would almost assuredly headline the upcoming fight card or at least be one of the featured bouts.

Burkman took care of business in Atlantic City, knocking Simpson out with a knee to the face just past the three-minute mark of their fight. The victory set him up with a shot at Fitch… only Burkman didn’t necessarily see that fight in the same light as WSOF officials.

There’s been talk about WSOF instituting title belts in its upcoming shows, possibly as soon as WSOF 3, which is slated for June 14 at an as yet unannounced location in Las Vegas and will once again be broadcast on NBC Sports.

Burkman believes he’s done enough to earn a shot in the promotion’s inaugural welterweight title bout, but doesn’t necessarily believe the same can be said of Fitch yet, even if he was often knocking on the door of a title shot during his UFC tenure. Perhaps Fitch should have to take another fight first and earn his shot at Burkman and the WSOF belt.

“I’m going to talk to them about it. I think I deserve a title shot,” Burkman said of a possible fight with Fitch after defeating Simpson. “I’ve beat (Gerald) Harris; I’ve beat (Aaron) Simpson. Those are two of the best outside of the UFC.

“I think I’ve earned my title spot. I think Jon Fitch needs to earn his spot and then we can fight for the title.”

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  • Truth

    Is josh burkman smoking crack last time I checked Fitch wrecked him in his welterweight debut back at UFN4 then went on to a 12-3 run in the UFC with wins over Alves(2x), Thiago, Diego Sanchez,Erik silva amongst many others with his only losses coming to GSP, Hendricks and Maia with a draw to BJ.

    As for burkman who I still like going 3-4 in the UFC losing to Karo, swick, hazelett, Pete sell and Ariany. Since then he’s gone 7-1 losing to Jordan Mein.

    Thus Fitch deserves it sorry Josh they pay him way to much to fight Richard Patishnock then to sub you again.

    • Advance*

      I think you answered your own question. Fitch already beat him and he knows it’s a bad fight for him. Plus saying Fitch doesn’t deserve it is a way of putting himself above a guy that already beat him. I’m not gonna say Burkman is scared but I think when you’re worried about your fight it makes your brain believe stupid things haha

      • burkman just is hoping maybe some other guy will get lucky and beat fitch so he doesnt have to fight him. no up and coming guy wants to fight fitch.

  • asakjohnson

    Lol hes just scared! He knows fitch is a beast, thats how bad other fivhters and promotions are outside the ufc, that josh goes 3-4 against SCRUBS in the best promo ufc but goes 7-1 with a loss still to a SCRUB in a SCRUB promotion lol.

    • Robby Clark

      You might be right.. I’m not sure why he’d want to wait for an extended period of time. Who are they going to put Fitch against, and what if there’s injuries before or after the fight? Would Burkman like a fight in 2014?? Fitch’s credentials surpass Burkmans, not to mention the fact he choked him out in there last fight. I was a little surprised, but I highly doubt they’ll give Fitch another fight first. If the company starts letting the fighters decide things like this, that will be there downfall

    • I don’t think he’s scared. He’s a veteran and he’s well rounded. I think he just wants that title shot and to build an even bigger fight by taking on Jon Fitch in a title fight rather then Fitch get 1 win and get a title shot. Business wise it’s pretty smart of him, he’s looking out for himself and getting that title. Fan wise he’s not pleasing fans like yourself cause I’m sure you would have rather heard him say he’d take on Fitch. Do you see Fitch as champ in that promotion?

      • asakjohnson

        Yes! Lol.

        • I think WSOF is a great promotion and has some great fighters, Every card they have put on so far has been pretty good. Maybe some mismatches via Tyrone Spong but very good. I hope to see a lot of up and coming fighters make a name for themselves in this promotion. Fitch was released by the UFC but let’s face it, he’s been around a long time and had some rough fights. Hendricks was really the only fight that didn’t go his way. A lose to GSP is no big deal, he stayed in the whole fight. BJ went to a draw and BJ is just tough as nails. Maia, I was very disappointed in this fight. That was just a horrible fight. The only problem I see is that if ex UFC fighters go to another promotion and get some good wins will they stay or go back to the UFC if offered. There’s a lot of talent spread out their right now.

  • Chris

    I’m fine with what he’s saying. I hate when promotions give ex-UFC fighters immediate title shots, Fitch should have to win one fight in the WSOF first.

  • Guest

    I doubt it matters much if Burkman wants Fitch to take a fight or two… He’ll just rack up the wins against fighters like Aaron Simpson and other welterweights, and just end up fighting Burkman and beating him again.

    Fitch is a Top 10 welterweight, WSOF might have some quality and notable fighters, but none are at the level that Fitch is at in terms of quality and ranking.

  • Cereal Killer

    Burkman will get beyond owned byFitch. Fitch = world class. Burkman = UFC cast away.

  • poop

    Uh? Who would Burkman face for the title is my question? lol

  • Sir_Roy

    Fitch has more than earned it … by fighting nothing but top 10 competition in the UFC for years. Saying he has to “earn it” by joining a promotion with far inferior talent than Fitch has heretofore gone up against is preposterous.

    His fight with Damian was the only real “hang your head” loss he’s had IMHO. GSP said for years that Fitch gave him his toughest go and getting caught and KO’d by Hendricks, well, let’s just say it’s more than understandable and not an unsolvable blemish on his name by any stretch IMHO.

  • Jojo

    I remember years ago when Burkman called out Diego Sanchez after a fight. Wonder why Dana never let it happen?

  • Mamma

    Josh looked good in his last fight but come on….. Fitch is a machine and wrecks anyone wsof can throw at him. Unless Fitch has a Horrible night he destroys anyone outside the UFC. On a good night that Fitch fights with some fire to redeem himself, I feel sorry for whomever gets locked in the cage with him.