Jose Aldo’s Insane UFC Rio Celebration (Video)

January 16, 2012
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The UFC fans in Brazil are quickly garnering a reputation as the most rabid MMA fans in the world. After Jose Aldo knocked Chad Mendes out at UFC 142 Rio on Saturday night, they continued to earn that honor when the champ ran out of the Octagon and into a sea of Brazilian madness, carrying the champion on its shoulders.

  • shereko

    He was happy, yes… and I am a fan of Aldo’s but thats a little too excessive. There should be fines for such over reaction. Act like you’ve been there before.

    • You want a fine for a young man who hadn’t fought in his own country since May of 2007 getting exciting after the biggest fight of his career and running into the arms of his countrymen while also happily hugging the people who helped him get where he is today which is a far cry from when he was so poor he couldn’t even afford to eat unless someone gave him a handout…


      Thank goodness the UFC brass has more sense and humanity.

    • bbtakayama

      Shut up. Racist.

  • suckmeupagain

    That was freaken awesome. It reminds me of when Salvador Sanchez KO’d Wilfredo Gomez back in 1981. Total pandemonium!

  • Obarmarama

    He’s happy that he got the ko because his last string of fights have gone to decision. I think he was worried that Mendez was going to do some lame game plan of just stifling him and pushing him against the cage (he was right). He must have been relieved to get the ko and to deliver an exciting finish in front of his home fans!

  • shereko

    First, what did I say about his race? Nothing so your point is moot… Second, he should be happy, he should be ecstatic but his boo who history doesn’t take away from him acting like a professional. Yeah and great little story you wrote, did gsp run into the stands he came from nothing, how bout dos santos, how bout cains family, and on and on… No because they were professional.

    • Aldo’s story is a great one, but I didn’t write it. Every fan of the sport should know that…

      Also, neither of the two you mentioned were ever as bad off as Aldo was and neither went as long without fighting in their home countries either nor did any of them fight the biggest fight of their careers in their home country. Again, fans should know this…

      Why didn’t they do it? Because they are human too and everyone reacts differently to different situations. Nothing to do with professionalism.

      Again, thank goodness the the UFC brass has more sense and understands these things.

  • In a world of seemingly pre-packaged post fight speeches and reactions, it was genuinely refreshing seeing Aldo excited, being human, and running into the crowd to meet his home country fans.

    It was just a real and touching moment, particularly when contrasted against the usual “he was a tough opponent, I’d like to thank my sponsors, I’d like to fight so and so next” post fight script we usually see.