Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis UFC Superfight Doesn’t Have to Happen at Lightweight

Jose-Aldo-and-Anthony-Pettis-478x270Talk of a UFC superfight between featherweight champion Jose Aldo and lightweight titleholder Anthony Pettis has hit a fever pitch recently.

The two had intended to do the fight once before, with Pettis dropping down to challenge Aldo at 145 pounds.

Recent talk about once again trying to put the two together in the Octagon has centered on Aldo’s desire to move up in weight and fight at 155 pounds. Should that happen, UFC president Dana White has gone on record with a plan that would include Aldo vacating his belt at 145 pounds.

“He’ll vacate the title, move up to 155, and fight for the title,” White said of Aldo. “If he doesn’t win the title at 155, he can go back and challenge for the 145-pound title if he wanted to do that, or if he wins the 155-pound title and two other guys would fight for the 145-pound title.”

That is the likely scenario for the fight, but Pettis recently went on Inside MMA and when asked about the weight class for the fight said that, while he preferred the bout at 155 pounds, he’s open to fight at 145, 155 or anywhere in between.

“[The weight class] up to the UFC. Whatever they decide, catchweight, 155, 145; I’m always game,” said Pettis, believing that it doesn’t really matter what weight class they fight in because he will win.

“I have nothing personal against Jose Aldo. I think he’s a great champion. He has a great skillset. I just think I’m better than him.”

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  1. How come BJ Penn didn’t had to vacate his title when he fought GSP for the 2 time?
    Aldo should get to keep his title

    • 100% Agree. I love Penn and all but he had just lost two GSP and Matt Hughes then went to LW for 3 fights and got the chance to fight GSP and hold both titles. I’ve been waiting forever for somebody else to get this chance. I really thought Matt Hughes deserved it, then GSP and Silva.

      • The time of Bj penn and randy couture was a different era. The UFC was putting on a couple of events a year, now they’re doing more events in a month. They have a lot of shows and need a lot of headliners. I agree with the UFC, keep all the belts active.

        • It’s favoritism. Randy getting a title shot after being ko’d in a lower weight class followed by retirement was bullshit. Keith Jardine beats ko’s Forrest and then beats Liddell and gets nothing.

          • Randy fought Sylvia for 2 basic reasons:
            1. Everybody liked Randy;
            2. Everybody hated Sylvia.
            So everybody wanted to see that fight, and everybody really hoped that Couture will become a champion again.

            The only other real contender was Brandon Vera, but people didn’t really believe in his abilities to take Sylvia out – and rightfully so, as their fight shown,

          • Don’t get me wrong I loved the randy Sylvia fight it just sucks that you can have two people fighting and only one of them will be awarded a title shot.

          • Well, Jardine never expected the fight to be for the title anyway.
            It was just an opportunity for him to rehabilitate from the Alexander loss.
            Liddell also wasn’t supposed to fight for the title straight away in this fight – it was supposed to be a tune-up fight for him until the legendary matchup – vs Wanderlei – becomes available.

        • Shogun beats Liddell, next fight title shot. Rashad beats Liddell, next fight title shot. Jardine beats Liddell, no title shot and his win was before shogun and rashad

          • How is it related to topic?

            Anyway, Rashad was undefeated and this victory was huge for him.
            Shogun was the only guy available to fight Machida back then.
            Jardine came to Liddell fight after an embarrassing loss to Houston Alexander, and the winner of Shogun/Griffin fight looked much more interesting as a challenger.

          • Keith Jardine, is that you? btw he was coming of a KO by Houston Alexander

    • guessing because bj speaks english and is thus more marketable, but you’re right.

      he should at least get to hold the title until after the superfight and vacate if he wins.

  2. The fight should be at 155. Pettis hasn’t even defended his title yet. His next fight must be a title defence at 155, not at 145 or CW – he hasn’t earned that yet. Aldo has pretty much cleared his division.

  3. This is not a Superfight… Pettis has not cleared out his division. Considering just four fights ago he got a gift decision that he should have lost to Jeremy Stephens, and the fight before that he got smothered by Clay Guida. This would be his first Title defense, definitely not a Superfight.

    • You dont know what a super fight is then. A superfight doesn’t mean you cleaned out your division. It means two very high profile marquee fighters face each other regardless of difference in weight class and that is exactly what this fight is. Two champions fighting each other is a superfight. Some would argue the Aldo vs Edgar fight was a superfight.

      • No two champions fighting each other is a Champion v Champion fight. A “Super Fight” is a fight between two dominate fighters from different weight classes. Silva v GSP would have been a Super Fight. Silva v Jones would have been a Super Fight. Hell Aldo v Barao (even though they’ll never fight) would be a Super Fight. This is a plain Champion v Champion fight.

        • I agree with that…when I think super I think that no one has potential to beat either guy except each other…none the less…I believe it would be a good fight…Aldo dominates IMO but Pettis is the number one “proves me wrong every fight” fighter…he is a real fighter and he actually fights…ehem…ben henderson

        • Cry me a river. Pettis has 3 first round finishes in a row including his title shot. Pettis is no joke. He KOed Lauzon who goes through wars, TOO an outstanding kick boxer with Cowboy, and then subbed Bendo who people believed was unsubmitable. Wtf else do you want?

          • Okay four fights in a row or 17 fights in a row??? Pettis hasn’t proven to be invincible while Aldo has. A Super Fight is between two otherwise invincible fighters. Plus Pettis hasn’t even defended his title yet, and your not actually a champion until you defend your title. At least that what the fighters say.

          • Aldo has, but he hasn’t fought any real top fighters, except for Edgar & many thought Edgar beat aldo. Sure he beat top FW fighters, but none of them were fighters like Pettis owned. Lauzon is tough as nails & has won multiple bonus of the night awards, Cowboy is a great fighter & extremely hard to finish, let alone in the 1st round & Henderson who has sick underrated BJJ, which everyone thought couldn’t be submitted, let alone in the 1st round.
            I still think Pettis will give Aldo a “beating” in the later rounds b/c Aldo always loses rounds 4 and/or 5. Hominick was destroyed for 20 mins, while Aldo barely took any damage, then Hominick embarassed Aldo in the 5th. Edgar won rounds 4 & 5 vs. Aldo, Lamas won round 5 vs. Aldo. Can you imagine what Pettis will do to Aldo in the 5th & 5th rounds?!? Regardless of the weight class, I’d bet the farm on Pettis beating Aldo. But it would be a great & close fight in the first 3 rounds…. if Aldo can survive Pettis’s attack. Pettis will survive Aldo, b/c everyone has except Mendes.

          • You are underestimating the featherweights. Mendes and Faber are two of the best fighters in the world.

        • No, Silva v anyone wouldn’t have been a superfight, according to your logic.Or Jones, or GSP. Many people thought the Gus fight was too close, and most people thought Hendricks won. And Silva hadn’t cleared out his division yet, obviously since Weidman beat him. The problem with this is there are always new people to fight, and many times someone is climbing the ranks and on a streak. There isn’t really enough time for someone to “clear out” their division, especially with how dense some of them are. Maybe HW, but that’s it, and so they would have no one to fight.

          • Okay, before you start criticizing someone’s comment, make sure you read it and comprehend it. I said would have been, meaning before Silva lost and prior to the Hendricks and Gustaffson fights. When you dominate a division for so long, then cross the division line and fight another fighter that dominated their division for so long, that makes a Super Fight. Just like if Silva and GSP fought before Silva lost of Silva and Jones.

    • plz dont listen to this crackpot

  4. Just seems a raw deal, for Aldo to dump his 145 lbs title. To go into the unknown and fight a beast like A. Pettis. According to Dana, Aldo’s pay would also remain the same. Where is the incentive for Aldo to fight Pettis??? Ufc either pays Aldo more $$$ or let the man keep his 145 title. Otherwise this fight is not happening….

    • He can choose to go back down to 145 if he wants. Dana said this. The problem with having someone drift back and forth between classes is the amount of time between title fights. It isn’t fair to the fighters in those individual classes who want to move up and have to wait a year instead of 6 months, because the champ has to go defend the title in the other class first.

  5. Can both guys stay healthy? for this fight to happen
    Pettis and Aldo is always injured

  6. oh i dont know aldo , should kill,
    but did u see those body kicks

  7. Aldo’s weight cut is draining him. He needs to move up in weight and this is the perfect moment and time for this fight.

    • Damn..I really thought his cardio problems mean he should drop down to bantamweight! Good to read comments that makes you learn something new and which doesn’t just throw obvious things at people.

      • Your cynicism is understood (at least, I hope that your comment was a product of cynicism, and not ignorance), but I guess that Rishot was referring to the main topic of an article – that Aldo is offered to fight at any weight he wants.

        Ripshot just stated, that the fight should be above his current division.

        • Which of course wasn’t said milion times before…Do we really have to throw obvious things in comments here? We know he should move up to 155 for quite a while now. Nothing new in saying that it should happen at 155.

          • Well, fair point 🙂

      • Get laid or smoke something.

  8. Pettis is not a super champ yet. This is just a guy moving up in weight class, fighting the current champ and staying there. Not a superfight.

    “superfight – two very high profile marquee fighters face each other regardless of difference in weight class” – dumbest thing I have ever heard. So, Randy/Silvia was a superfight? Silva/Bonner was a superfight? Henderson/a bunch of guys was a superfight? As there isn’t an official definition of a superfight, it only makes sense as two guys on huge win streaks from different weight classes.

    • Yeah, huge win streaks and current champions. That’s obviously what it is, it doesn’t really need much explanation. All, the “superfights” that have been discussed were between champions. It’s not that difficult.

  9. “Super Fight” is just a buzz term used to get fans riled up over hypothetically potential match-ups that will never materialize. All hype.