Jose Aldo Suffers Minor Injuries in Motorcycle Accident But Still Plans to Fight at UFC 153

September 3, 2012
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Jose Aldo at WEC 51There have been more than a few occasions where motorcycle accidents have involved prominent professional athletes, and the sport of mixed martial arts joined that scary list over the weekend.

UFC 153 headliner and featherweight champion Jose Aldo was involved in an accident when his motorcycle was struck by a car in traffic in the city of Copacabana, Brazil.

According to a report from O Globo and, Aldo was heading home when he was hit by the car, but luckily only suffered minor injuries.

Aldo endured a few scratches and a swollen foot from the encounter, but according to his coach Andre Pedemeiras they are only minor injuries and will not prevent him from facing Frankie Edgar at UFC 153 in October.

His coach added that Aldo’s motorcycle riding days are over until after his next fight.

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  • daytradetom

    Must have been the Nogueira brothers that hit Aldo thinking that the motorcycle was a deer or something.

    “Fed the bus a carrot”, epic…

  • fsunoles09

    mma was on that list a while back when mir got into a accident

    • Richurd Cheese

      Yeah, who wrote this? Frank Mir vacated his title and didn’t fight for two years because of a serious motorcycle crash. Jose Aldo got scrapes and bruises…

  • I love Aldo but wouldn’t common sense tell you not to ride your bike when your scheduled to defend your belt. In general he shouldn’t be riding but to each his own, just glad hes okay. I hope we don’t have to hear people say “here we go with the excuses already”. War Aldo.

    • markrenton

      Agreed. With all of the injuries coming up lately in this sport, why are you riding a motorcycle a month away from your fight? I’m glad he’s ok, but I have to believe that he got an ear full from Dana.

  • diazfan209

    I don’t believe for one second that this was an accident.

    Aldo is training for Edgar by taking on moving vehicles.

    • erwin

      Yeah! In Copacabana the vehicles are so slow due to heavy traffic…But i respect Edgar…what a battle!

  • erwin

    First, Copacabana is not a city, it is a neighborhood and Andre Pedemeiras does not exist. His coach name is Andre Pederneiras!
    Seems a silly mistake, but it’s like me to refer to Manhattan as a state and call jon jones as “Jon dionis”.

  • MaritalArtist

    What an idiot. I’d say it to his face, and he’d probably agree! Come on, Jose, no more of this nonsense. Here’s to hoping for a great fight in oct. go Frankie!