Jose Aldo Set to Rematch Chad Mendes at UFC 176

May 4, 2014
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Jose-Aldo-vs-Chad-MendesHaving rolled through most of the UFC featherweight competition, champion Jose Aldo is starting to work his way back through the list of contenders.

Next up for Aldo is a rematch with Chad Mendes at UFC 176 on Aug. 2 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

UFC officials on Sunday confirmed the fight first reported by the L.A. Times.

Aldo (24-1) hasn’t lost a fight in the past nine years, running his unbeaten streak to 17 consecutive bouts with a victory over Ricardo Lamas at UFC 169 in February. He’s run roughshod over everyone that first the WEC and now the UFC has put before him.

A superfight with UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis nearly came to fruition, but an injury to Pettis and timing put a damper on those plans.

Aldo will instead put his belt on the line against Mendes, whom he already defeated, handily, at UFC 142 in early 2012.

The knockout loss to Aldo, however, has been the only blemish on Mendes’ record, which currently stands at 16-1.

After losing to Aldo, Mendes went on a rampage, putting together five consecutive victories, knockout out four of his five opponents. His victims included the likes of Clay Guida, Darren Elkins, and Nik Lentz, putting Mendes back at the top of the list of challengers.

Without a superfight or an Aldo move up to lightweight currently in the cards, Mendes heads the field of contenders who want a shot – or another shot – at Aldo.

No other bouts have yet to be revealed for the UFC 176 fight card.

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  • David

    I think Mendez will win and be the first guy from his camp to get UFC gold. Even though I believe Faber is a UFC champ as well.

    • brad king


    • shakejunt

      knockdowns are significant, but if the guy gets right back up and continues to out-point you then it’s hard to call it your round. cruz got dropped moving backwards so much of the perceived force on the punch was mitigated.

  • WhereIsHomefront2?

    Writer overlooked that cage grab in their first fight. May not have changed the outcome but it’s definitely worth a mention.

    • solo

      i agree. Chad would have taken Jose down if it werent that cage grab, and after that ko happened. But thats not important now, cause we got a rematch.

  • Seth

    FINALLY! Why so long? 😀 Money! I love Aldo’s style, but Chad is still my fav fighter! WAR CHAD! 😀 AlphaChampion 🙂

    • shakejunt

      only thing that gets one of them a ufc title is a camp change. beta male for life.

      • Seth

        Yeah…they seem to be cursed 🙁 Camp packed with great fighters, but neither can win the title…Hope Chad can finally change that 🙂

        • shakejunt

          you’re a good sport ha. here’s to a highly anticipated rematch!

  • Baller31

    Really? Again? Yawn
    Another stellar booking by the UFC

    • Lucas Freire

      Yeah, f–k this s–t.
      Who even puts a 16-1 guy whose only loss is to the champion to fight for the belt again? I mean? Really? Just because he’s wrecking every single enemy he faced?
      I expected more of the UFC…

      • Baller31

        Cool! And let’s have Edgar and penn fight again too! Point is he got destroyed, and they need to put someone in to challenge aldo. I liked the pettis/Aldo super fight, but somehow that was pushed to the side so pettis can fight Melendez, who barely beat Sanchez.

        • Lucas Freire

          It’s not the same thing. Penn vs Edgar makes no sense.
          Who on the LW division is on a better moment than Mendes?

          • Baller31

            Penn is fighting Edgar again, and I agree it makes no sense. Neither does it make sense to give Aldo another opponent who won’t challenge him.

          • Lucas Freire

            How is Mendes not a challenge? As much as I like Aldo, his win on Mendes was debatable due to his cage grab.

    • shakejunt

      yeah we should just get clay guida in there instead, right?

  • Mendes really earned this rematch being nothing but impressive in all of his fights. I know they are in different weight classes but I would really like to see a fight between Mendes and Edgar at some point.

    • Seth

      Isn’t Edgar FW too…? .-.

      • Guest

        I apologize I forgot to state that Mendes would of course go up to FW for that fight. I just feel it would be an interesting match.

      • lol yes. I apologize, I forgot they were in the same weight class.

        • Seth

          np, anybody can make mistake 😉 And yeah, would be pretty scrappy fight between Money and Answer 🙂

    • Truthcore

      yeah, Edgar is a FW now. Not to mention Edgar could probably make BW. Just as Aldo was even bigger than Edgar at FW, Mendes probably is too.

      • Indeed. I apologize, I forgot for a minute that they are in the same weight class. I feel it would make for an interesting match up.

  • Lt. Dangle

    I see Chad beating everyone else in the division, but as long as Aldo is at 145, Chad will be the 2nd best FW in the world.

  • rocco

    This fight makes no sense to me……….he destroyed Mendes and will do so again……….GUARANTEE. He needs to fight Pettis when the opportunity presents itself


    I am more interested in Lesnar vs Mir 3 than this fight !!!

    • Dragon Kid

      That ship sailed long ago my friend !