Jose Aldo Refuses to Fight Anthony Pettis, Doesn’t Think He Deserves It

February 24, 2013
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Jose Aldo ufc 129As it looked certain that Anthony Pettis would finally get his shot at the UFC title, the word coming out of the camp of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is that he’s refusing to fight Pettis, according to UFC president Dana White

“Jose Aldo came out and said there’s no way in hell I’m fighting Pettis,” White revealed following UFC 157. “He’s absolutely refusing to fight Pettis; he doesn’t think he deserves the shot.

“André Pederneiras (Aldo’s coach) was in England and sat down with me and Lorenzo (Fertitto) and said we don’t think he deserves it,” White said. “Well, he might be the number one guy at 155 (pounds), but how does that make him the number one (at 145 pounds)?

“Are you out of your (expletive) mind? Are you serious? Did you seriously just ask me that question? It’s like if Aldo wanted to move up to 155, are we going to say he’s not the number one contender? What are you talking about?”

It was reported earlier this month that Pettis would drop down to 145 pounds with White granting him his wish to fight for the featherweight title on Aug. 3, but it’s now evident that the Brazilian wants no piece of him.

“I wouldn’t want to fight Pettis either,” White continued. “He’s absolutely refusing to fight Pettis. The fight is on. He’s going to fight Pettis or he’s not going to like how this turns out.”

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  • Dana said does not make it so.
    But Pettis vs Aldo is a great fight.

  • Jason

    I don’t get Aldo at all. He talks about moving up to fight at 155, yet here Is a guy moving down to fight him. He is the champ. He should fight whoever they put in front of him. If he is as good as he says he is, there should not be a problem. And I feel the same about anyone who says they won’t fight whoever is put in front of them. Guys like Matt Hughs, GSP, Chuck, Randy, Big Nog, Rick Franklin, Frankie Edgar, just to name a few, have never said no to a fight that was put in front of them. Some of them even fighting guys on short notice. It’s the way a Champ should be.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Aldo for the first is showin some doubt…he’s reign on the top is short like Leprachauns!

      • Ian Price

        Maybe he’s trying to get more money? I just don’t see Amy other reason for him to refuse a top, top guy to fight.

        • RoBeRtOe

          That cuz you’re a blinded ALDO fan.

      • And you ma’am are just proving you are retarded.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      the UFC shouldnt be putting Pettis in to fight him tho…thats the thing…Lamas is the deserving contender and is getting passed over for no other reason then the hope of PPV buys…Lamas has destroyed 3 top 10 FWs in a row and even took out Grice who had a FOTY last night…Hioki was #2 when Lamas derailed him…what more do you need to do? its insane that people arent bitching about the fact that deserving contenders are being passed on…this isnt even about Jose Aldo and his so called duties as a champion…this is about the UFC f****** over hard working fighters to pad their pockets…

      • kbroesq

        I’m sorry, I’m not going to say Llamas is undeserving of a title shot, because he is deserving, but don’t tell me that Llamas is better or more deserving than Pettis. Pettis just earned a title shot in the most stacked division in the UFC, and instead of even using that shot, he wants to fight Aldo. Just because he’s in another divisions shouldn’t make a difference. He’s been doing the same hard work and beating good competition. He’s giving up his title shot at Bendo for this.

        Do not compare this to Sonnen/Jones, Diaz/GSP or Edgard/Bendo. There’s a fundamental difference here; Pettis earned a shot at lightweight, and called for the Aldo fight before he lost a title shot. Besides, it wasn’t too long ago that Llamas was smashed by Alcantara and Castillo.

      • Guest


  • Timothy Malone

    It should be obvious that a champion moving to another weight class to fight a fellow champion would not be the same as what Pettis is doing here…

    • Ian Price

      Lets compare: Frankie was coming off of 2 close losses. Anthony is coming off of win after win after win. The last one vs a top-5 guy at LW and he ABSOLUTELY DESTROYED Cerrone.

      • Timothy Malone

        I’m not saying Aldo is right or wrong for taking the Edgar fight but not the Pettis fight. I’m just addressing what Dana is saying. He says:

        “‘Well, he might be the number one guy at 155 (pounds), but how does that make him the number one (at 145 pounds)?’ Are you out of your (expletive) mind? Are you serious? Did you seriously just ask me that question? It’s like if Aldo wanted to move up to 155, are we going to say he’s not the number one contender?”

        This is silly because Aldo is the champion. Of course he should fight his fellow champion if he moves up. Pettis is not the champion, neither was Edgar, those are different cases. So regardless of Aldo and his decisions, Dana’s argument here is silly.

        • Pettis is arguably the best lw fighter in the world. He beat the current lw champion. He earned a title shot at lw, so why would he not deserve a shot at the fw title? Especially considering that he is a small lw. Because he was never given the opportunity to win the lw belt ?

          • Tommy Blingshyne

            quite simply, because hes has ZERO fights at FW and has accomplished absolutely NOTHING in the FW division, meanwhile there are guys w/ far more FW accomplishments then him that are next in line…please attempt to explain how winning a fight in an entirely diff. weight class entitles you to a title shot in another one? dont even bother because there is no arguement…this is simply about PPV buys…this is and never was about an earned title shot…the UFC doesnt care about blood, sweat and tears…they care about $$$ only…if pettis deserves a title shot for beating cerrone would you be ok w/ nate diaz dropping to FW and getting an automatic title fight? hell, guida beat pettis, and danny castillo knock him out…they should get FW title fights too…

          • El Gvapo

            You make a good point. By this logic, to get a WW title shot in arguably the deepest division, you should move up to the lesser quality MW division, win some fights then move back down for a title shot.

          • Mike mckinney

            Except it really doesn’t work like that. The top 10 in the MW division is a pretty easy favorite over the top 10 WW division. Even though people like to call the MW division “weak” the 5th best MW is going to be a bigger threat to Gsp than the 2nd best WW.
            You can probably even take someone lower in the MW division than 5th. God forbid you jump up another weight class.

  • Maddawgmar

    I like how Dana said Aldo refuses to fight Pettis, yet he says GSP decided to give Diaz the fight instead of saying he refuses to fight Hendricks.

    I kinda agree with Aldo in this sense. Pettis hasn’t earned any special consideration yet. However, to say he doesn’t deserve it is ridiculous. I do think Pettis is being kinda fishy, why if you have been vying for a shot at the 155 title and get to where your in line you say I want to fight someone smaller?

    • Your_Dad

      Maybe because he’s tired of waiting? Have you been following MMA at all?

      • Tommy Blingshyne

        tired of waiting? screw him and his sense of entitlement…he waited because he didnt deserve it nor earn it…he finally earned his LW title shot by beating cerrone…if the UFC wasnt hell bent on awarding so many undeserved title shots then maybe pettis would have somehow managed to get one sooner…why should lamas or KZ have to wait for their earned title shots in their own division for a guy that doesnt even plan on staying at FW? pettis needs to fight bendo/melendez winner and leave the FW division to its own line of challengers…

        • John Bunch

          I was thinking the exact same thing about Lamas and Zombie…I know Chan was hurt, but he fought almost 10 months ago, and looked great. I just think if someone gets pissed that their fave fighter gets skipped over for a title fight, they shouldn’t be happy that somebody else gets skipped to enable their boy to get a shot.

  • Sam

    Frankie Edgar lost 2 in a row he got a title shot I think Aldo is trying to pull a silva you don’t turn down a fight ?

    • Ian Price

      I think he is too. The guy is a beast, but he’s not a top-3 p4p fighter yet. Sure, he barely beat Frankie, so now they rank him as #4. But he’s got a ways to go before making requests. Maybe if he beats Pettis then moves up to LW and takes the belt. Maybe then. But not now.

      • GoNoles

        i had edgar winning the last 3 but pettis hits alot harder and im sure aldo know this.

      • Aldo is the real deal

        guys seriously.. Aldo put a beatin on edgar and made him look like an amateur (on of the p4p best..) edgar might have scored some points in the later rounds put did no damage, he got owned 49-46

  • Zztoppppp

    Wow sounds to me like Aldo might be a little scared

  • uncle

    Aldo knows Pettis has a legit shot at beating him. in the
    FW divison there is nobody that is a even close to being
    a number 1 contender so this fight make sense

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      no one even close?…you really dont watch MMA or youre just an idiot…Lamas is as close as anyone could get to a title shot…hes beaten 3 top 10 FWs in a row, one of them being the #2 FW in the world and 2 of them in brutal fashion…WTF are you talking about?…side by side w/ him is Korean Zombie, coming off 3 solid wins, one of them over a guy coming off his own FW title shot and another top ranked FW…KZ has 2 FOTYs, KOTN, 2 SOTN, SOTY, fastest KO in UFC history in his past 5 fights…hell, even guida just beat a top ranked FW and already holds a win over Pettis…please, stop talking…youre clueless…pettis has ZERO accomplishments in the FW divsion…NOTHING…his title shot is in the LW division and well earned but he has done absolutely nothing in the FW division and deserves absolutely nothing in the FW division…

      • GoNoles

        no swanson? swanson is right up there with korean zombie and lamas.

      • uncle

        And Pettis can finish all of those fighters you
        just named in a heartbeat and so can Aldo
        thats why I don’t look at any of those guys
        as number 1 contenders the true threat is
        Pettis he is a nightmare for Aldo and accoplishments what did Edgar do in FW to
        get a title shot Aldo didn’t say Edar doesn’t
        derserve a shot and far as Guida goes its not
        like he just mastered Anthony he dry humped
        him so thats sad you even mention that win
        because this is a fighter that does his best not
        to engage in a fight for that same reason he is
        1 loss away from getting cut

      • RoBeRtOe

        Seems you’re following this thread too closely or swallowing Lamas’ nuttz. Are you that stupid not to realize that the UFC makes. TON more money with this fight. Yes, Lamas may be deserving, but the fans eant Pettis, you moron.

      • kbroesq

        He’s not clueless at all. First, Guida beat Pettis in a way that Aldo cannot and will not. Second, Llamas (who, by the way, I am not saying isn’t deserving of a title shot; I’m just saying Pettis is MORE deserving) got KO’d by two guys who are are not top ten competition, so mentioning Pettis’ losses opens up that door for Llamas too, but I think Llamas’s losses are much more telling about what would happen to Llamas against Aldo.

        I really don’t see how you can say he’s done nothing at the FWD. I mean, I agree with that statement, I just disagree with its relevance. That’s like saying if Aldo decided to go up to 155, he shouldn’t get an immediate title shot because he’s done nothing in the LWD. Everyone would say you were high if you tried to say that.

      • FOTYSOTY

        wouuu love how you brought out the big letters for KZ! almost convinced me but Pettis is so good i want to see him fight Aldo

  • it shouldnt matter who they ask the champ to fight as long as that person drops to their weight class to fight the champ

    • Ian Price

      I agree. Most problems like this have usually been trying to meet at a different weight. But this is a guy who won’t strain to make FW. Machida could end up being in the same boat if Anderson retires or loses…. He could get an immediate title shot at MW.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      wrong, fighters should to earn their shots by beating other top contenders within their division…thats the only way it should happen…

      • pettis is different. he was the wec champ was suppose to fight the winner of edgar maynard then that didnt happen cause of the rematch now he is the #1 contender again but has to wait for the winner of henderson/ melendez

  • All of the fans want this fight so I don’t know where Aldo is coming from. It’s not like he’s fighting someone who want be a big ppv draw. I wonder if he would have a problem with the winner of Ricardo Lamas vs Pettis if that much happened. I don’t know who else there really is at 45 anyway.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      i def dont want this fight…i want Aldo v. Lamas…if Pettis thinks he can take on Aldo, let him fight a top FW contender and earn it like everyone else

      • Good point my friend. It’s not right to just step down and get a shot when other guys have been fighting off their respectful division in their rankings for a title shot. Hey I don’t know if you follow me on twitter or facebook or youtube but please do if you don’t. Your a good fan. I like the way you think.

    • John Bunch

      Korean Zombie has been out of action 10 months…I know he was hurt, but he looked great against Dustin Poirier. It just seems disrespectful to do this 2 fights in a row…maybe Lamas/Aldo and Pettis/Korean Zombie, then the big matchup.

      • Those sound like great match ups. Dana looks pissed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stripped Aldo for not defending. Love him or hate him the guy does not play games. He is usually a fair man as well. Korean/Lamas is what I was looking for though. I wish Faber would go back up. Fight Edgar. That division could be stacked. But right now this Aldo/Pettis situation needs to be figured out.

    • gnodeb

      not true, I want to see Sonnen vs Ronda… I’m sure I’m not alone… I know it’s stupid but I don’t care…

      If we are talking about real champ (like Aldo with 12-0 score in WEC+UFC and 6 title defenses) I really want real challenger. That would be someone with, at least, 3-0 at 145 against top competition in UFC. Anything less would be one more slap in the face for real champs accomplishments and sport fans…

  • stevemcz11

    If Jose wants to turn down fights then maybe he should think about taking up boxing

  • Might just be Aldo trying to get himself a better deal and some extra cash. It is a tough match up for him stylistically but he doesn’t seem like the type of guy to turn down a fight.

    • Ian Price

      My thoughts as well. No other explanation makes sense.

  • Darin

    Aldo was asked about this match up immediately after his fight with Edgar and said he thought it would make a great fight. So…….what happened?

  • justin_e

    I’m sure Dana is leaving out some important details.

  • edpo21

    This doesn’t sound like a money issue to me. more so that aldo and his managers don’t want him to fight pettis. I actually commend dana for not backing down and making aldo fight pettis. he has plenty of time to train for pettis, i just think he really doesnt want to fight him. I knew aldo was in trouble when this fight was first announced. Pettis has a bigger gas tank and aldo wont be able to dominate him on the feet. Pull your big girls panties up and get ready for an ass whoopin aldo!!!!

  • Aaron T

    I can understand Aldo not being happy with the fight choice, but I wouldn’t be making a huge stink about it. The 145 division is largely devoid of stars right now, although there is a ton of talent out there and the division is stacked, most of those fighters are still making a name for themselves and aren’t well known yet. The UFC is trying to put on fights that people will want to tune in and watch. Edgar was a big name fight, and Pettis is as well. Two fights in a row featuring 155 fighters dropping weight is a little bit steep, they should have worked another 145 fighter in between.

    As a fan, I do want to see him fight Pettis, and I hope they work around it and get this fight done.

  • he barely won against edgar…just imagine what pettis would do

    • Lucas Freire

      You are aware that Pettis and Edgar are stylistically different right? While Pettis is a very technical fighter,Edgar is a stamina monster,moves in and out as no one on the game and is a wrestler. Aldo had to worry about being taken down. I think Aldo vs Pettis fight will be amazing,and I highy doubt it’ll be onesided.

  • Joe

    It’s one thing to publicly say you don’t think someone deserves to fight you, it’s another to outright refuse to fight someone. Just all Tito how that worked out for him.

  • Crashman

    I think Diaz vs GSP wont happen, Diaz is scared, he’s talked SO much s***, so much garbage, and I think he’s doing whatever he can to get the fight thrown out so he can go ” its GSPs fault, i came to fight, i want to fight, but i gotta do press conferences ” .. what a joke, he’s going to get this fight throw out, you watch, cuz he’s CHICKENS***, what we’ve said ALL ALONG. I cant believe the balls of Jose Aldo, to “tell” the boss that ” im NOT fighting who you put in front of me” who the f*** are you to dictate who you fight, you fight who we tell you to fight, thats such a joke. Ceasar Gracie, this guy needs to get off of the Diaz nutwagon and tell his goddam fighter to do his JOB, his obligations, its CALLED WORK,, and to stop riding the coat tails and **** ******* for both the Diaz’s .

  • Johnny Lopes

    Aldo is a coward! how you gonna say he dont deserve a shot.. ALDO GOT HANDED A TITLE!! aldo didnt earn the title to start with…. GO BE LIKE ANDERSON AND PICK YOUR FIGHTS COWARD..

    • I think what really happened is this, Aldo was fine with it up until he did his research on pettis and saw his last fight. Pettis fought in january and at the time aldo was training for edgar after some alone time he had time to see pettis’ last fight and he got scared.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      aldo didnt earn the title? GTFO…he beat everyone in the WEC and everyone in the UFC…who this mysterious fighter he was supposed to beat to become UFC champion? STFU…

    • John Bunch

      …Aldo has won 15 in a row…GSP 10, and AS 17…he is one lucky coward, that is for damn sure.

      • edpo21

        C’mon bro, get real. You cant even begin to compare the level of competition GSP or AS has fought to aldo. Not even close.

        • John Bunch

          Are you saying my statement of the facts offended your sensibilities more than someone calling a UFC champion a coward? GSP is probably my fave fighter these days, not that it matters. I just can’t believe how ignorant some people are, and was just stating facts. Aldo has had no control over who he fights, unlike GSP and AS, so to call him a coward just seems hyperbolic, if not downright stupid. That being said…I’d love to see Aldo/Pettis…I just think two fights in a row with peeps jumping down in weight is starting to look a little strange. It’s a complete disrespect to the guys in the division paying their dues…as a fan, I get it, more exciting matchup. But for people inside the sport…it shows Dana is the king, and what he says goes, no matter how deserving his chosen one is. People have been lamenting the arbitrary nature of the matchmaking for quite a while…but when it’s someone they like, suddenly it’s cool. And tbh, I’m admitting to being a hypocrite, because I was happy to see Diaz get the nod with GSP.

  • Collideoverme

    Aldo is thinking about Pettis’ fight with Guida I am sure. That’s the only thing I can think of as a reason he won’t fight Pettis.

    • Tommy Blingshyne

      or maybe the fact that he doesnt deserve it because hes never won a fight in the division

      • Collideoverme

        Very true.

  • Tommy Blingshyne

    pettis def. doesnt deserve it…he has ZERO wins in the FW division and theres a line of guys in front of him that have made solid cases for title shots or are on the verge (lamas, kz, swanson), one of which, already holds a win over pettis (guida)…why doesnt guida get to jump the line since he already beat pettis? its all politics and BS…i dont blame aldo…this is about the bigger picture…undeserving challengers skipping over deserving challengers in exchange for PPV buys…thats why i stopped buying PPVs a long time ago…its retarded and i dont want to support that…i want to see the top contenders beat other top contenders in their weight class and earn title shots…the way UFC is running things is really turning me onto Bellator more and more…at least the guy that fights for the belt is the top contender every time…pettis has absolutely no claim to a FW title shot…he absolutely deserves a LW title shot tho so let him wait for bendo/melendez…its bad enough sonnen, edgar, diaz are all getting title shots they didnt earn…now pettis gets one too? GTFO…UFC is becoming a joke…

  • George Sperry

    Aldo is scared, scared and scared, and he should be.

  • John Bunch

    I know there is lttle, to no integrity left in the UFC, as far as who gets a shot over whom, and when they get it. I’ve seen people go ape $hit that a certain fighter gets picked over so that a more high profile guy gets a shot. Frankie dropping and getting an immediate title shot bothered a few people here, if I remember correctly, just for the fairness issue, but most of us wanted to see the fight. I want to see this fight tbh…but if I’m Aldo, who has fought everyone in front of him, I might be wondering why Dana has dropped 2 fighters in a row down to 145 to fight him, instead of letting the next man in line get his shot at Aldo. I’m not an Aldo fan per se, but I do ackowledge his greatness in the fight game. And if I’m in the top 5, watching 2 guys waltz in and get a shot over me just because Dana blesses the two as the next contender, I’m definitely pissed off.

    W/e Aldo’s reasoning is…I have to lmao that any reasonable person would think it’s because he’s “skeered.” Maybe he’ll be the first fighter to try to stand up to Dana and demand some kind of pecking order in choosing contenders. I just wonder how many Pettis fans here that are calling Aldo out were chewing the bark off of trees, screaming their outrage that their boy got screwed by not getting a title shot. We gotta be consistent in life…Aldo indulged Dana by doing the first “Super” fight…I’m going to have a ton of respect for Aldo if doesn’t blink on this. But if he fights Pettis, I will be watching!

  • vator72

    I hope Dana white sticks to his guns with this fight. The last thing the UFC needs is for fighters to begin ducking fights because they dont like the matchup. Jose Aldo just dropped in the pound for pound ranking. Top fighters fight anyone thats out in front of them without hesitation.

  • El Gvapo

    Pettis should prove himself at FW by avenging his loss to guida and proving he deserves the shot. To be honest, he should have been given the LW shot instead of Gil in my opinion.

  • Matte

    The dumb train departs yet again. “Afraid”? Yeah sure, that’s the trait of a champion..

    Pettis is an amazing fighter but it is only right he should have to earn a shot by defeating fighters in The appropiate weight class.

    Not to mention korean zombie and Lamas.

    • edpo21

      Pettis would take both Lamas and Korean Zombie out…..and that my friend is why pettis is rightfully getting his shot.

      • Matte

        Them let him. Before he gets the title shot.

        Pettis is not the problem and I love to watch him fight. The problem is UFC let him jump The line.

  • Cesarhquintero

    I hope Mma doesn’t kill itself like boxing did and I’m a hardcore boxing fan . Jose is pulling a Roy jones jr only picking guys he can beat

  • ADAM

    Aldo knows he gonna get his ass whipped

  • geoff

    while it is corny that the next two title shots are goin to lw fighters with no fw fights in the ufc, theyre both blockbuster fights and thats the trend, personally couldnt care less as long as theres a great fight

  • Adam Bianski

    Im sick and tired of people going to different weight classes and getting title shots. UFC is turning into a beauty pageant . This year we have seen one guy who losses two in a row then a title shot. Now in the next two months we will see two guys coming off of losses fight for titles. Petis does not deserve this shot as well. He has ZERO wins in this division. HEY DANA I WANT CAIN I WOULD DESTROY HIM. Do I get a shot now.

  • Matt

    The way many of the top Brazilian fighters negotiate with the UFC it makes me wonder if there is a cultural difference at play. They to have an odd way of making seemingly unreasonable demands. The Brazilian managers are particularly careful to try to avoid bad match-ups for their fighters, which is probably wise. At the end of the day the UFC will make this fight happen, just like it’ll make Weidman v Silva happen.


    Pettis is a nightmare matchup for Aldo.

  • Asa

    Ok guys i know yall love aldo and hate dana, and say pettis hasnt earned the shot blah blah blah. But y does aldo care who deserves it or dont, he dont care. Hes just scared! He thought he could beat edgar (i think he lost the last 3rnds imo) thats y he didnt put up a debate, but he knows better with pettis. Hes the champ just fight who they tell u too, its not your job to worry about rankings of fighters. Heck its better for aldo to fight guys who dont deserve it lol if they that easy then it will just make his stats and w/L look better, plus puts another big name fighter on your list of acomplishments. Fact is aldo is scared and dont want to fight pettis!

  • Dana white is more Full of s*** than a babies diaper and is very hard to believe what he says now days this is Dana’s translations to what he really meant in some of his historic statements. .

    Anthony Pettis gets nxt tittle shot = F*** him am on F.Edgars jock right now.

    Women will never fight in the ufc = Me and RR are fooling around so am gonna make it happen just for her.

    Cyborg wants nothing to do with RR = This is my girl so am gonna do what it takes to keep her as champ.

    He earned a title shot after tonight’s performance = that fight wont make me any money so we’ll give it to a buster who sells the fight better.

    I doubt a pound for pound champ like Aldo or a man like dede would say those exact words maybe they said something like they think someone else deserves the chance but never refused to fight him.

  • Mike mckinney

    Seems like people have forgotten that we have weight classes for handicapping purposes. We have lower weight classes because the higher weight class is more difficult.
    Every now and then you have guys that are exceptional and can break the general rule, but guys drop weight so they have a better chance to win.

  • kbroesq

    This is ridiculous. Pettis is clearly the best contender at that weight class if he drops down. This is totally out of character for Aldo and a very bad move on his part. The fans love this fight.

    Heck, we’ve had so many guys lose title fights at a certain weight class and then just go directly to another weight class and get a title shot immediately. Pettis earns a title shot in probably the most stacked division in the UFC, and instead of using that shot, decides he wants to fight Aldo, and Aldo is saying no!?

    I’ve always liked Aldo, but I cannot understand this decision. The fans wanted this fight. The fans loved this fight, and he’s going to dictate who he fights when there’s no real contender right now at 145 other than rematches and guys who have lost to guys that Aldo destroyed.

    HUGE mistake on Aldo’s part. I have no idea why he’s doing this, but a lot of people are going to say Aldo is afraid of Pettis. I won’t say that because I have no idea why Aldo is doing this, but I cannot blame people for accusing Aldo of being afraid. There’s literally no other LOGICAL explanation.

    • John Bunch

      I get what you’re saying, but how do we know he’s the best contender at that weight class, with no fights in it? Use the eyeball test, use MMA math? One fight against Lamas or Zombie and he gets the title shot. I don’t know why this seems so unfair to him. Or to his fans. All he has to do is prove it…hell, even curb stomp Swanson…then get a title shot. His waiting at LW has nothing to do with this weight class.

      • kbroesq

        I really think you’re putting too much weight (pardon the pun) into a 10 pound difference. It’s not like Pettis wants to fight at heavyweight, or drop down to flyweight or something. If that were the case, I might agree with you that he needs a test before we proclaim him as the no. 1 contender.

        You seem to be implying that we just have absolutely no idea how Pettis will perform at FW because he hasn’t fought there. We’re talking about 10 pounds here. I think we can be pretty confident that Pettis is going to be, at least, just as good and talented at that weight. Besides, the common wisdom is that guys are usually better and more dominant when they drop down, UNLESS making weight was some kind of issue before. Pettis does not fit that description. He’s not a huge guy.

  • gnodeb

    Petis has zero fights at 145. So either Petis doesn’t deserve title shot or title means nothing. I have no problem with either of them, but I can not stand people wanting both at once… it’s so ignorant… it hurts…

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Nice work Dana. Finally standing up to a champ. Aldo refuses because he sensed weakness in Dana. First Dana lets Silva dodge Weidman and fight Bonnar. Then GSP says, hell, I don’t want to fight Hendricks. That dude knocks people out. I want Diaz, the guy who lost to the guy I just beat.” Then Bones gets Sonnen. Of course Aldo says “I need to start dodging too.” This is what happens when leadership is weak and the ranks start getting out of line. Look at any organization, military or civilian.

    Dana needs to follow an objective fight selection protocol, a real easy one. The number one ranked fighter, ranked by multiple third party sources gets the fight unless he just got beat by the champ or is injured. Period.

    This says even more about the integrity of Cain Velasquez and Benson Henderson because although they could probably get a piece of this, “champs fighting cans BS”, they choose to fight the best in their division. That’s what champs do, they fight the best period. As far as I’m concerned their legacy has more staying power.

  • Karl

    Aldo is scared. I’d be too 😀

  • candelario

    if Anthony can make it to a lighter weight class fight him, it would be different if they asked Jose to go up a weight class to fight.

  • diazfan209

    anyone who thinks Pettis isn’t the most dangerous fighter at 145 is in complete denial