Jose Aldo Opens as -175 Favorite Over Frankie Edgar at UFC 153

August 31, 2012
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Jose Aldo will enter UFC 153 as the favorite over challenger Frankie Edgar, but the odds are much, much closer than his previously scheduled fight.

According to Nick Kalikas from, Edgar will open as a -175 favorite over former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Find Sportsbook reviews and more sports information here.

Edgar is a slight underdog with the betting odds placing him at +145.

The difference for the oddsmakers in comparison to the previously scheduled main event for UFC 153 is quite large however.

Jose Aldo was a 6 to 1 favorite over previous opponent Erik Koch with the incumbent champion coming in at -600 odds, while Koch was the betting underdog at +400.

Frankie Edgar steps into the bout on short notice, but obviously has the credentials to demand much closer odds even against one of the top pound-for-pound champions in the sport in Jose Aldo.

Edgar faces Aldo in the main event of UFC 153 headed to Brazil on Oct 13

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  • diazfan209

    so stoked on this bout!

  • Ketsugo_John

    Damon, please proof read before you publish! Title; “Jose Aldo Opens as -175 Favorite Over Frankie Edgar at UFC 153”
    Then you state; “Edgar will open as a -175 favorite over former UFC lightweight champion Frankie Edgar.”

    • Lesnardo

      Damon actually published an error-free article yesterday. I believe this was something on Silva or Jones.

      And today he does something like this…again.

      I have a feeling he is high all the time.

      • Ketsugo_John

        He did, really? Miracles DO happen!

  • somecokehead

    I think this is a bigger ppv draw for sure. Aldo will take it. I am ‘stoked’ as well.

  • somecokehead

    lol I bet that will be edited shortly. So unprofessional. We must all be idiots.

    • Lesnardo

      Hey, I am not gonna lie to you. MMAWEEKLY caters to young kids and uneducated adults. So they get away with stuff like this because its readers don’t care.

      Just look at the comments readers leave for people that point out atrocious errors.

      “Stop being a grammar nazi you nerd!”

      “Don’t judge the article by how it is written. Judge it by its content!”

      “Damon is a professional writer! Who are you to judge him!”

      But the sad thing is, I really like site. I like its ranking system. I used to come here as the #1 source for ranking fighters. For some reason I find Sherdog’s ranking system hard to access.

      I just wish people at MMAWEEKLY take their job more seriously.

      • Ketsugo_John

        It’s a very sad commentary on today’s education system.

  • KBEsq

    I’m totally happy to watch this fight, but I wish, for Edgar’s sake, that they gave him a warm up fight before Aldo. I’m not saying Edgard doesn’t deserve an immediate title fight (because I actually think he does). I think a warm up fight is a good idea for a couple of reasons.

    First, it’s his first fight at that weight. I know Edgar will still not cut much to make FW, but when you’re at the smaller weights, even 10-12 pounds is a lot and he may feel differently. His first fight at a different weight shouldn’t be against arguably the best fighter in the world.

    Second, if Edgar loses to Aldo, and convincingly so, then he’s got problems in two weight divisions. For career longevity,I think he should have eased into the division.

    At the very least, I think Edgar can always make an argument that he still belongs at LW.

    • In a perfect world Edgar would be eased in but the opportunity for the UFC to make a bunch of money was there and that’s why this fight is happening. Also the UFC needed someone to take the fight and, who knows, maybe Edgar was the only one ready and willing.

  • mark-31

    Since when is a month and a half short notice? Give me a break.

  • I hope Aldo wins and moves up where there are so many interesting match ups for him. Ben Henderson/Mevlin Guillard/Donald Cerrone/Anthony Pettis. He put in his time at 145.

  • nadillon

    I dont think anyone should get an immediate title shot after a convincing loss. However, I have been seriously underwhelmed by Jose Aldo and I actually think Edgar stands a good chance of beating him. Aldo is too inactive during most of his fights, Edgar is always active. I think Edgar has to watch out for the submissions, but using his wrestling he should be able to beat Aldo.

    • rsnowbass

      You thought the 2nd fight between Frankie and Henderson was convincing?? WhatchuTalkin’ bout WILLIS???

      I agree about Edgar always being active. Aldo has never fought anyone in the same league as Edgar. Meaning in Aldo’s league…

      This is a awesome matchup. Can’t wait!

  • mma fanatic1982

    edgar will dominate aldo! aldo has never fought a fighter like edgar, his speed, footwork, boxing, and takedowns are great. No im not a fanboy lol i was actually rooting for ben, and was mad when he beat my boy b.j. But edgar is great though, aldo will have a problem with his boxing and especially his takedowns. Edgar can take down anybody as we saw against bj, manyard, and ben. Edgar will win in great fashion. just my opinion.