Jose Aldo on Conor McGregor Staredown: ‘I Got into His Mind; I Saw Fear in His Eyes’ (Video)

March 24, 2015
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Conor McGregor loves to play mind games with his opposition, but has he met his match in UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo? Aldo seems to think so.

“He didn’t get into my mind, but I think I got into his mind… I saw fear in his eyes,” Aldo said during Monday’s UFC 189 World Tour stop in Las Vegas.


The champ doesn’t seem to be bothered by McGregor’s antics.

Check out what else he had to say with in attendance at Monday’s media gathering…

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  • Vovchanchyn

    right…favela scumbag gonna get murked

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      “murked” ?

  • donovanletisha

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    Aldo does seem pretty confident, more so than usual imo

    • Sir_Roy

      He has no reason not to really. Being undefeated is a huge confidence booster (save a fluke submission back in 2005 when he was still growing into the sport).

      Fighters of his caliber and experience don’t get “intimidated” by the Conors of our world. That said, I think Conor’s style matches up quite nicely to Aldo’s. I think he’s dangerous and poses a genuine threat. I think his KO power and unique striking style are going to be fun to see, interesting to watch how it all mixes in with Aldo’s elite striking. Conor better come prepared for a 5 round war though. Because Aldo doesn’t just “turtle” up till the ref pops in to save him.

  • Ruben Ferreira Rubyo

    this and All Brazilian translators sucks , not word for word and sometimes saying something that was not said , they suck lol … GO ALDO 😉

  • Redpenmaster

    The way Aldo kicked Faber’s leg into a pulp just looked scary. Faber is a badass but looked useless in that fight. I lover McGregor’s entertainment value, but Aldo just seems really tough.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      “entertainment value” = acting like a childish simpleton

  • markhopkins435

    This just in… McGregor was quoted saying…” I’ve become a Legend in my own mind”

  • MPA2000

    I don’t know Jose. I hope you are right. We’ll see August 1st.

  • Chris Schelling

    Aldo may win, perhaps even probably should win, but I don’t think McGregor has sufficient humility to be afraid.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      you must mean intelligence?

  • Michael Ho

    that would be a wrong assumption, all I saw was you feared Mcgregor. Mcgregor fears nobody. Instead of talking trash, I highly recommend you train hard for this fight, it might be your last. Mcgregor is a better coming of Floyd and Ali. Watch out!

    • asdfggg

      McGregor is going to get smashed.

      • Michael Ho

        put $$$ where your mouth is stupid!

        • Piper

          so after i put money on it that proves what again? that McGregor is gonna get smashed by Aldo.

    • Joe

      Mcgregor is not even near Aldo’s fighting skills. It should be piece of cake.

  • Tavor Brown

    Lol, alpo keep telling yourself that. You know the moment he confronted you after he destroyed Siver you were beat. Just like I said pettis had no chance against Dos you have no chance against Conor.

    • mike

      Yea your right he has no chance until he knocks McGregor out cold….

      • Tavor Brown

        Lol, please stop. My ribs are hurting from laughing so hard.

        • mike

          Oh my bad you supposedly knew dos anjos was going to beat Pettis so you must know. Its funny you say destroyed siver as if that means he is above Aldo’s level lmao. That’s Connors best win in his career. Meanwhile Aldo has beaten some guys named Edgar, mendes, llamas, Faber, Florian, and Swanson to name a few…all of which are far better than siver. Troll on.

          • YouKnowWhat…..

            No rebuttaling that…

          • Tavor Brown

            Lol, Edgar and Mendes both beat alpo, but dana’s corrupt judges made sure the title did not change hands. Conor is going to KO the leg kicking champ in the third round after alpo get smashed repeatedly in the 1 and 2 round.

    • markhopkins435

      Please name 3 or 4 top fighters out of the 10 best ranked in the UFC…. that McGregor has fought and won… prove his worthiness to even get a title shot!!!

      I really hope this loud mouth punk gets his just deserts

  • Scott

    Aldo just got pulled into McGregor’s world. Not a good sign for Jose. Clearly all of the talk has rattled him.

    • Tony Pacello

      Aldo has been fighting the best fighters in the world for almost a decade and grew up on the streets of Brazil. I doubt this clown who talked his way to a title fight is going to rattle Aldo.

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      Wait, how is that clear?

  • Seabrook the Magnificent

    Should be an interesting matchup. In their little stare-down, Aldo looked like a predator watching intently for that slight opening for the “kill”. I wonder if the brash Irishman has ever been kicked by a professional soccer player before? Should be an interesting matchup.

  • markhopkins435

    McGregor must give some good head to Dana…… to get a title shot at this time in his life

    He hasn’t been in the UFC long enough to get a shot and he hasn’t really proven himself against top… I mean top competitors