Jose Aldo Injured, Out of UFC 176 Main Event Against Chad Mendes

Jose Aldo UFC 129The injury bug has hit the UFC 176 headliner.

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo is injured and out of the pay-per-view main event against Chad Mendes, according to a report from UFC Tonight on Wednesday.

UFC President Dana White informed the FOX Sports 1 program of the injury, but details of what’s plaguing Aldo were not revealed.

The fight between Aldo and Mendes was scheduled to headline the upcoming pay-per-view, which is tabbed to take place on Aug. 2 in Los Angeles. The bout was to be a rematch of their UFC 142 contest, which Aldo won by knockout in the first round.

A replacement to pit against Mendes for the August card was not revealed in the report.

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  1. I think the Korean Zombie is free, or maybe Dustin Poirier. Unless you pull Mendes to wait for Swanson in an eliminator. Wonder how long he is out.

    • I just don’t think any of those guys vs. Mendes would be strong enough to headline a PPV. Their only hope for a title fight is DJ vs. Dodson or Dillashaw vs. Barao rematches. I hope they don’t move Lawler vs Brown. I don’t want to wait any longer than I have to for that one. Although a featherweight and welterweight #1 contender doubleheader sounds cool. I’d buy that.

      • True, but what other option do they have? Those rematches aren’t gonna take place on short notice though. They have to find a top guy for Mendes,

        • Is there anyone good at 155 who could make it down to 145 in time?

          • I don’t know if anyone can make the drop in time, I think they would have more luck finding a solid 135 step up, the cut wouldn’t be as bad.

        • frankie after sunday?

          • Possible if he doesn’t get banged up. He won’t put on more than 10 lbs since he walks around at 155 lbs

          • yeah that’s what i’m thinking. i’m expecting 5 rounds out of him and bj sunday so he might need time off, but his ultimate goal is to get back to the title and this is the move to make.

      • thats the one i am hoping they are going to move to that card (lawler v Brown). it would prob be a way better fight than aldo mendes, just no belt

    • I think Korean Zombie is still recovering from shoulder surgery…

      • That would make a year next month, I figured he’d be ready by now. Who knows really?


  3. This sucks. I have floor seats to this event and I was looking forward to seeing Aldo. It happens though. I suppose I’ve been lucky in the past… Another one of
    the great things about Anderson Silva was that if he was billed on a card he was
    there that night to fight.
    Hopefully they come up with something good in its
    place though I doubt they can find a better talent in time.

    • me too =( have floor seats )= this absolutely sucks the rats @$$ !!! They better replace it with something pay per view worthy, this is LA dammit!

      • It’s also the staples center so they have to do something. The only one on that card that could have close to filling that place was Aldo. It’s a big place so it’s tough to fill, and it’s costly.

        I will say that it bothers be less here because I was really only going because I was able to find front row tickets at $450 a pop. This is relatively cheap. 7th row at silva vs. Sonnen II were $1800, and Silva vs. Weidman I cost $2400 for 3rd row. (Ticketmaster face value)
        That $450 for Aldo is $150 higher than face value. (Same price as rouseys first fight in UFC)
        It would have really stung had silva backed out of one of those fights as there no one in the UFC that commands that type of ticket sales at that time.

        Anyway, for both our sake I hope we get lucky and the UFC pulls something big out and we end up under paying. It’s not likely because of timing, but that’s a big venue that still has tickets to sell.

  4. that blows…I was looking forward to a matchup of the 2 best 45ers in the world.


  6. is cub hurt? if not, let him get the rematch with mendes to see who gets the rematch with aldo.

  7. There’s a rumor Aldo , fake his injury because he was scared.