Jorge Rivera’s Team Calls Bisping’s Claims “The Pot Calling the Kettle Black”

March 1, 2011
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It’s pretty obvious at this point that Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera won’t be exchanging holiday cards this year, but the back and forth between their camps isn’t slowing down either.

After a couple of days of silence from Bisping following the controversy that swirled at UFC 127, his team at Wolfslair MMA, specifically manager Anthony McGann, released a statement alleging unprofessional conduct by Rivera and his coach Matt Phinney.

It was that unprofessional attitude, according to the statement, that provoked Bisping during the week of the fight and not necessarily the videos Rivera and his sponsors at Ranger-Up produced mocking the former “Ultimate Fighter” winner.

The rebuttals don’t stop there however because with Phinney’s actions now being brought into questions, Rivera’s team at Alchemist Management has taken up his cause as well. They stand by the fact that Phinney did nothing wrong, while also stating Bisping should be happy that the result turned out the way it did because he now has every top middleweight gunning for him now.

“There are two sides to every story. Mr. Bisping has accused Jorge Rivera’s camp of being unprofessional, focusing his rage on Rivera’s striking coach, Matt Phinney. Coming from someone who has been recorded multiple times on video spitting on Phinney and making obscene gestures and using homophobic slurs toward him, this it the pot calling the kettle black.

Mr. Bisping’s accusations about Phinney’s conduct are simply untrue and we feel that this is his attempt at damage control in light of the impending punishment being levied against him by the UFC and the irrevocable shame that his name will forever be linked with. Mr. Bisping says the illegal knee he threw was unintentional, but a professional fighter knows better.

He secured a Muay Thai clinch on Rivera while both of his knees were on the ground, chambered his leg, and threw the strike. A professional fighter knows when to pull the trigger on a strike and when not to, so the statement that it was unintentional is baseless. Jon Jones was disqualified for an illegal strike against Matt Hammil yet Mr. Bisping delivers an illegal strike and walks away a winner because Jorge Rivera chose to fight on.

We would like to remind Mr. Bisping to look at the bigger picture. The videos Jorge Rivera and Ranger Up produced were meant to sell a product. The intent was to hype a fight, not to insult anyone. They did just that. More fans tuned in to watch that fight than were expected and now Mr. Bisping has exactly what he wanted in the first place – four middleweight contenders calling him out.

His profile has been pushed higher than it ever has been and he will get the fight he wanted with top tier contenders. He no longer has to chase them. They are knocking on his door, so he will profit from the marketing campaign launched for this fight. We all feel the incidents that unfolded in Sydney are unfortunate and ugly. It’s not good for MMA or the reputations of the fighter’s involved and we look forward to moving past this.”

At least for now, moving on isn’t happening fast, but this may mark the end of things, at least until UFC president Dana White weighs in on how he plans on punishing Michael Bisping for his actions at UFC 127.

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    • XIRandomHeroIX

      you are seriously the most ignorant stupid piece of trash.

      • opposition13

        I agree, Bisping could have been a better man if he would have just acted more mature than Jorge’s team. But nope, plus Bisping acted the same way towards Henderson, except Hendo got him back, and with class! I dont like Bisping, he is a hypocyt to my eyes….plus his fights are boring.

    • doctordiddy

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  • brandonvolk

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  • dikkimac

    Serously, put down your beer and get off the couch. If you have ever stepped on the mat or ever competed in any type of grappling you would not only have respect fir what these guys do but you might actually gain some self worth and not be such an ignorant piece of garbage. You’re just a sad person.

  • Frye557

    Are there mediators on this site at all? I find it astonishing that a fairly known website, with open discussion boards allows this kind of material to be posted. It really has nothing to do with fighting, so I can’t understand how the subject matter, not to mention the language is allowed?

  • Frye557

    And I of course don’t condemn swearing, we’re all adults. But it’s the racial, homophobic slurs (like the ones posted earlier) that I find intolerable, I would hope the mediators of this site (if there are any) or the people running the site would feel the same way.

  • Kuch

    I’m surprised the UFC hasn’t bothered to place a gag order on both camps as this point. There isn’t anywhere else to go with this story (there wasn’t anything else after Saturday night) yet both camps refuse to let this fade into irrelevance.

  • clarkw901

    I still don’t see why everyone is hating on Bisping. If Rivera’s camp didn’t post those videos, Bisping wouldn’t have reacted the way he did. He started it, not eveyone on Rivera’s side is crying about it. If anything, they should be punished. Seems like everyone is saying Rivera’s camp are angels and they did no wrong. I’m sure if i did crap like that about you guys, are you guys just going to sit there and say hey, I know he doesn’t mean that, let’s see if he wants to hang out. Selling a fight my ass. Prior to the match, there were websites said those videos were meant to try to draw him into Rivera’s strengths (i.e. striking, which he did) but it backfired. As for the “illegal” knee, i’ve been in “illegally” knee as well, but it wasn’t intentional. In the middle of a fight, if it was you and your opponent was getting up, wouldn’t you throw a knee strike if you could? I’m sorry but, Rivera was trying to get up and Bisping did throw it a little to early. To prevent this, I’d say every fighter should just fight on their knees, problem solved. I don’t like Bisping, hell, i lost money on that fight. I thought/hoping Rivera was going to knock him the F.O. and thought wrong, but it takes two to tango, maybe Rivera’s camp/management won’t make/allow those actions again. You all saw the response.

    • dikkimac

      Well said.

  • shakejunt

    bottom line, this fight didn’t really mean anything and neither should the aftermath