Jorge Rivera’s Camp Claims Quick Stoppage, Questions Michael Bisping’s Professionalism

February 27, 2011
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Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera heat up at the UFC 127 weigh-in

Michael Bisping and Jorge Rivera heat up at the UFC 127 weigh-in

Michael Bisping didn’t do much to gain a larger fan base with his UFC 127 win over Jorge Rivera. The British fighter struck his opponent with an illegal knee to the head in the first round of their co-main event, but claims that it was in no way intentional.

Ultimately, the strike cost Bisping a point, but it didn’t matter. Rivera did not appear to be the same fighter after the knee to the head. He continued fighting anyway. Whether or not the strike was intentional makes no difference now, but that didn’t stop Rivera’s management company from releasing a statement regarding the situation.

“The knee was illegal and flush on the face,” read the statement from Alchemist Management. “But instead of taking a dive and possibly the win, Jorge fought on – unlike Jamie Varner and Rich Attonito. Bisping tagged Jorge while both of his knees were on the canvas. He wasn’t the same afterward, but fought on anyway. How many fighters would be able to fight on after that?”

Rivera’s management also claimed Bisping spat at his opponent’s corner. This came after what they consider to be a premature ending to the fight.

“The stoppage was quick, but we won’t fight it,” they stated. “He won. That’s all there is to it. But for all his talk of being a professional, Bisping spit on Rivera’s coaches when the fight was over. How can you claim to be a professional after that?”

At the post-fight press conference, Bisping was asked about the incident where he allegedly spat in the direction of Rivera’s cornermen. He was quick to dismiss it.

“Just one classless move after another, I suppose,” said Bisping. “The knee certainly wasn’t on purpose. You get excited in the heat of the fight. He was getting up off the ground, I had him in a Thai clinch, I was waiting to time it.

“I got a little overexcited and I pulled the trigger too early. It happens quite a lot. It’s a fast moving sport. I certainly didn’t mean to do it and I was very glad the fight was able to continue. No one wants to see a fight won or lost in that fashion.

“Regarding after the fight, there was a lot of emotions. He was very, very insulting to me, very insulting. He was mocking me on the Internet, saying all kinds of things, making stupid videos, talking about myself and my family. All kinds of stuff. I bit my tongue and I said nothing, but it’s kind of… built up inside me. I blew up a little bit and I apologize for that. I shouldn’t behave like that, but I think he just needs to accept he got beat and get over it.”

Clearly, the bad blood between these two fighters did not find a resolution in their match-up. Sometimes, fighting it out in the Octagon is just not enough. The Bisping-Rivera showdown is perfect evidence of that.

  • dandesmond

    I’m still trying to summarise what I think about this. Overall, I think Jorge started the trash talking and was very disrespectful to Bisping.

    I think the knee was unintentional. I’m sure it’s a lot easier to do than people think, especially when in the heat of the moment and looking for a big knockout.

    Spitting, I couldn’t really see it. Jorge’s corner could be saying it to stir it up, but really Bisping shouldn’t have done it at all (I’m a fan but not his best move)

    Nice win though, good result.

    • TJ

      -dan, if you watch the fight, right after the stoppage Bisping goes over to Jorge’s corner, and it’s pretty clear that he spits at them.

  • bell1423

    Count the Knees ,Bisping,should have lost that fight with rivera. Dirty knee while a mans down with both of his knees on the floor. He never really recovered,how could you .easy fight after that. desparate to win Bisping,cold cocked by aging dan henderson,will do anyhting to get a win. could have won probably anyway,but he made sure.doctors knew it ,but they wanted a fight.Bisping cocky big mouth brit,deserves a blanket party for this one.Dana should not be proud of this ,for his fans of the ufc . hall of shame for Count the Knees Bisping.

  • bell1423

    Bisping completly unsportman like after the fight,still wanting to taunt his dazed opponet,and full bull crap talk.says hes a sentive guy,prefight talk alway done to stir up fan base . poor sportmanship unprofessional baby rantings after being given this win ,should been loss for knee,gets my vote for hall of shame .

  • Biro

    I watched the fight in a Brazilian channel ….as soon bisping spat…..the Brazilian commentator from the channel said he saw bisping spitting on riveras corner man…….i think ufc should look at this…..and make bisping pay for it…. thats just not acceptable its really bad for the sport.

  • mma24069

    Seriously look up these stupid ass kid videos rivera made talkin shit to bisping. i dont like bispings or his attitude never have. but rivera isnt on bispings level nor should he of ran his mouth the way he did. These guys are fighters you wanna see grab ass hug and kiss bullshit watch basketball. Way to go bisping for once i agree with ur British ass. He would of dominated rivera without the illegal knee anyways. Any guy like rivera that starts gooing out of his way to make videos on the internet making fun of your opponent has no sportsman ship in the first place. your here to fight not talk shit. after getting crushed by bisping i would stick to talkin shit and not fighting

    • someguy

      Ahaha are you fucking high? Not on Bispings level? What level would that be? Petulant child with terrible skills and the ability to dish it out but not take it? Rivera’s videos were hilarious and Bisping is a pathetic cheater; and this isn’t even the first time he cheated to get his way. Rivera was knocking him down at will, what the fuck makes you think Bisping would have had any chance of winning after that blatant illegal knee? Also anyone that supports a faggot that acts like this after cheating and yelling at the man he cheated to ‘apologize’ needs stop watching mma; If anything Bisping should be the one apologizing for being a terrible cheater and overall bad fighter.

  • mma24069

    like i said i dont really like bisping either never had.. but pretty sure majority people would agree that ravera isnt on the same level as bisping the guy keeps winning.. and has fought decent people. rivera was knocking him down at will? i guess we didnt watch the same fight.

    • someguy

      Uh watch the first round where Rivera knocked him down multiple times? And he’s been fed cans for his entire UFC career; and when he actually fought a competent opponent? He gets Henderson’d

  • wokbeater101

    both these 2 guys are dickheads, rivera got what he had comin to him after posting all that shit on the net. if you look at when pride was around guys would take repeated knees to the head while on the ground and still fight on.
    koscheck, antonito, rivera = bitch crying pussies.
    as for bisping, clearly spitting at riveras corner was over the line. no class at all.
    bisping= no class fuck face

  • BlackDog2009

    Bisping should have been disqualified… Rivera should not have been allowed to continue…Bisping should have made peace at the end… many things should have happened.

    After this I think Bisping has potential to be great, too bad he has no class and will never reach that potential.

    Rivera had a chance of winning but Bisping took that chance by cheating. Dana should work for an immediate rematch imo.