Jorge Masvidal: Will Fight for Food

September 16, 2012
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Jorge Masvidal is looking for a fight, but as of right now, Strikeforce doesn’t have a place to allow him to ply his craft.

The former Strikeforce lightweight contender last competed in July when he won a split decision over Justin Wilcox. Since that time, Strikeforce has scheduled two more shows for 2012, but Masvidal is not likely to end up on either of them.

It’s a frustrating feeling according to Masvidal, who makes his living off of fighting. If he’s not fighting then he’s not making money. He points to the number of Strikeforce shows airing on Showtime as the key ingredient that’s kept him from competing more than once in 2012.

“I’m healthy and ready to go and they just don’t want to put me on the card. I don’t think it’s anything personal against me, I just think Showtime doesn’t have enough shows to provide for the fighters they have under contract. Sean Shelby’s been helping me out as much as he can to get me on the cards, but I just don’t think they have enough shows on Showtime,” Masvidal told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

Times are tough for Masvidal, who has been a professional fighter since 2003, but over the span of the last two years, he’s only fought a total of four times, and it’s starting to wear on his bank account.

“It’s pretty tough. There’s a busy intersection in Miami and I’ve just been hanging out and I’ve got a sign ‘Will Fight for Food.’ People come by, they pick me up and feed me a couple of cheeseburgers and I just beat up random people, that’s how I’m getting by right now,” Masvidal joked.

The hardest part about this whole situation is the fact that Masvidal is raising two daughters at home, and without a fight in the foreseeable future, the belt tightening will have to get a couple notches tighter.

“It’s the worst thing in the (expletive) world,” said Masvidal. “I’m dead serious; I ain’t joking. I’m about to go fight in the back and make some money. I’ve got two little beautiful girls I’ve got to look after. I’m a single parent, and (expletive) needs to get money; I need to get paid.”

The anger and frustration in Masvidal’s voice is echoed only by his desire to actually get the call he’s been waiting for, to go and fight again. The options right now are limited, and even with more regional promotions popping up everyday, Masvidal says the risk isn’t worth the reward.

The problem with fighting in the regional shows, according to Masvidal, is being paid a lesser amount of money, but still risking serious injury that could put him out for an even longer period of time.

All told, Masvidal is hurting right now and he’s hoping his employers at Strikeforce can swoop in and save the day and give him a fight.

“I would even be willing to do 170, if they needed a 170-pounder. I’d be willing to jump up to 170. For 155, I’d be able to make it depending on how short of notice,” said Masvidal.

“I’m going to start training now for November just in case something happens and they need a 155-pounder or 170-pounder, I might even make myself available for 185 if they need me, and they take care of me. I’ll go up to 185 and kick somebody’s ass.”

If a fight doesn’t happen by the end of the year, Masvidal is afraid he might have to go back to a past life he thought he left behind long ago.

The Strikeforce lightweight was once well known in the YouTube world as a street fighter who competed in the same type of competitions as former UFC competitor Kimbo Slice.

“Check me out on YouTube. Keep your eyes posted, I’m about to do a street fight,” said Masvidal. “A couple hundred dollars and I’ll be right back in the street with some Air Force 1’s still whooping some ass, I’m telling you. I’m like three days away from it.”

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  • demetriousgonzalz

    im convinced this is cris weidman and you need to talk to somebody its getting scary

  • demetriousgonzalz

    as for jorge i feel for u my dude

  • BlackDog2009

    masvidal id a game fighter, heavy hands, good contender, great jj, not sure why coker is overlooking him, but to b fair thr are other fighters in the ufc even who are very underused.

  • horaceharter

    Then go get a fricking job somewhere on the side. You have to work to support your family Masvidal. You ain’t that good in MMA to collect big dollars.

  • I wish this blog had an ignore function as denny seems to think that annoying fans will somehow get his girlfriend Weidman a fight. I like Weidman but this azz is making me not care for him him.
    Denny is officially ignored from me now.

  • Good fighter, has real mental toughness and heart for the game. I’d sponsor the guy. Best of luck to him.

  • KBEsq

    I’m convinced this guy wears a special, padded helmet.

  • markrenton

    Masvidal is a tough dude, but if he is looking for reasons why he isnt fighting he needs to look at the organization he is fighting for. SF just doesnt have the depth to put on that many shows a year. So Jorge, if you are going to stay with SF my advice is to go get a sex change and get really good at the arm bar. Unless your last name is Rousey, theres not telling when you will fight again.