Jorge Lopez Fought Majority of Amir Sadollah Fight with a Broken Hand

May 17, 2012
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Jorge Lopez UFC on Fuel TV 3 Broken HandWand Fight Team fighter Jorge Lopez took his second shot at getting a “W” in the Octagon at Tuesday’s UFC on Fuel TV 3 event in Fairfax, Va. And for the second time, he went to a decision, unable to get the judges to see it in his favor.

His UFC on Fuel TV 3 fight against TUF 7 winner Amir Sadollah, however, was a very close affair, leaving many fans crying foul when the split decision leaned to Sadollah’s favor.

Now, a couple days after the fight, it has come to light that he had a pretty good excuse for not being able to take a more dominant role later in the fight, although he’s not making any excuses.

Lopez’s camp confirmed first to on Thursday that the Wanderlei Silva pupil broke his hand in the first round. Again, he didn’t make any excuses, but did provide an x-ray photo, showing the break.

Lopez said he would be unable to punch with the injured hand for at least eight to 12 weeks.

When he does return, though, Lopez is expecting he’ll have one heck of a jab with the other hand.

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  • adam1848


  • Tough guy for sure.

  • God

    Serious talent. Bad rap on first 2 UFC fights with losses by Split D. Sucks he is out to get surgery done. Will come back as a force to be dealt with for sure, and his girlfriend is a super hot Venum model!

    • adam1848

      Don’t know why he would need surgery for a break like that, but maybe. I’m no DR, but I’d imagine once they set that, it would heal up pretty nicely without surgery, but maybe when you are a pro athlete, you don’t want to take any chances.

  • phrankthetank

    I guess I can forgive him for trying to lay on Amir for 15 minutes then. It was painfully obvious he was trying to do just enough to win, especially for the 2nd and 3rd, but with a broken hand I can’t blame him.

  • nickdiazlegalretard

    If i broke my toe i would not say i broke my foot.

    • he broke a metacarpal which is part of the hand. not the falangi (finger bone) which is still part of the hand anyway

      • MrAdidas

        Check & MATE!!!