Jordan Burroughs Wants Two Olympic Gold Medals and Then a Move to MMA

March 13, 2012

Not since Cael Sanderson has there been an American wrestler with as much hype around them as Nebraska phenom Jordan Burroughs.

The former NCAA champion will make his push for the 2012 Summer Olympics this year, where he hopes to capture gold for America.

He’ll then look to do the same thing in 2016 and then make his move into mixed martial arts.

Burroughs has a set plan for how he will conquer the wrestling world and then the MMA world.

Listen to what he has to say and how he intends to do it in this exclusive interview with Olympic hopeful Jordan Burroughs


  1. Has he had any MMA training yet? He’s already 24, in 4 more years the sport will have evolved that much further to where just having a good wrestling base won’t be good enough. We are seeing evidence of that now with strikers just having good take down defense and neutralizing their opponents strong wrestling and gnp strategy.
    Unless he is a natural MMA talent like Jones, the late start isn’t going to get him up to snuff as a fighter until his mid 30’s, and by then his performance is likely to be hampered by injuries.

    on a side note, I wonder when and if MMA will become a college and perhaps even a highschool sport. Instead of helping promote college wrestling, but choke it out altogether.