Jon Jones Wishes Daniel Cormier Would Just Drop Weight Classes and Stop Talking About It

January 16, 2013
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Over the last two years, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has all but obliterated every top fighter in the 205lb division.

While former Strikeforce and Pride champion Dan Henderson is still waiting in the wings, Jones will next focus on his Ultimate Fighter rival Chael Sonnen for his next fight in the Octagon.

But there appears to be a new threat that could be looming in 2013 as former Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier transitions to the promotion with a potential move down to light heavyweight after his debut.

Cormier will make his first appearance at UFC on Fox 7 when he faces Frank Mir in the co-main event on the card, but after that he’s already made his intentions known that he wants to face Jones in the fall.

Jones seems open to the idea of facing Cormier, but at this point he’s tired of the talk and would rather just find out that he’s actually dropping to 205lbs instead of hinting around at the idea.

“You know, the guy is a tremendous athlete and I wish he would just do it and just stop talking about it,” Jones said about Cormier dropping weight classes when speaking to UFC Tonight. “I am open to fighting the best guys in the world.”

If Cormier is successful in his fight against Frank Mir in April and then decides to make the move to light heavyweight, a bout against Jon Jones could be a big fight for the promotion in the fall.

A lot has to happen before then though so for now all the Jones vs. Cormier fight talk is just that – talk.

  • King_DG

    I love Daniel Cormier’s style, his wrestling is awesome. However I don’t believe he will defeat Jon Jones, no one has been able to take jones down, and he’s got quite a height and reach advantage over Cormier. It’ll be a good fight, hope it happens

    • bajafox

      If Cormier has the same take down ability (or better) than Cain then Jones has no chance in hell staying standing up.

      • Cptmats

        lol ” If Cormier has the same take down ability”

        Comier’s wrestling is far better than Cains.
        Cormier isn’t just a two time Olympian, He was team captain for eight years.

        JDS made Cains wrestling look amateurish until he started to gas !
        IMO Cormier is the best HW out there right now !

        • bajafox

          I wasn’t asking if his wrestling was better or there would be a ‘?’ at the end of my comment.

          The point is that if Jones or his fans don’t think Cormier can take him down then they are in for a surprise.

      • King_DG

        yeah that is true, but will he have the same gas tank and strength at 205 as he does in heavyweight?

        • bajafox

          That question probably won’t be answered until we see it…

        • Milosc

          He’s 5’11 and weighs the same as all the others 205’ers, anyway, with a gut

          The woman interviewer at Strikeforce towered over him last fight. He won’t even be cut

          • Ha hah!

            DC’ll lose 30 lbs and STILL be bloated!

            But the reality is, Jones doesn’t have “one-punch” knock out power, or flashy submissions. He wears fighters down with relentless pressure. Jones basically bullies people until they curl up and start crying. This “kid” had Rampage in the fetal position.

            Jones overpowers 205ers, but there’s no way he would be able to rag doll TRUE heavyweights, the way Cormier abuses them.

            If Cormier clinches with Jones, Jones’s ass will hit the canvas like everybody else. However *if* Jones can land consistently and DC gets that “deer in the headlights” look Rashad had, Jones has a good chance.

            DC will handle him if he cuts properly.

        • bigdaddy

          king yes he would, gotta do some research bud. the mo foe is a beast. if you ever wrestled and cut weight you would no how to do it and do it in a way that it wont affect you. its a lifestyle of a wrestler to cut weight and trust me he will be ok. and please change your profile picture this is a fighting website not a political website. keep that s^&% to yourself

      • Agreed, jones will be taken down at will

      • Crashman

        not sure if you watched the last S.F fight with Cormier, but he looked so fat and out of shape, there’s no way he’ll handle JBJ, not to mention, jones has incredible takedown defense, so all this ” he’ll walk thru him etc” needs to be toned down, because jones wrestled as well and we all know his elbows and knees are 2nd to none.

        • This is something a LOT of people neglect to consider. Daniel looked very unimpressive in the last fight, against a nobody.

          I can’t see him looking better at 205 if he has to make that cut for the first time, and if he fights Mir first. DC is going to need time to drop that weight, and had better work on his all around game, because what I saw last Saturday wouldn’t last 3 rounds with Jones, regardless of Cormier’s wrestling pedigree or HW power.

          • I dunno. DC juggled and tossed dude around like a yo-yo. I guess when you have his kinda hype, it’s not enough to dominate a fight and finish a guy. You gotta tear his limbs off to satisfy everyone.

        • yourmomishot

          you all need to do your research and look at cormeirs credentials. he is the best wrestler in the buisiness. trust me i wrestled with him on the international level. not the same weight class but the dude is a beast

      • Crashman

        Who has even given Jones fits yet? , you think D.C will come in and walk over JBJ, your fooling yourself, S.F is 2nd class fighters, they arent even on the same scale as the WEC fighters, and its been proven, hell almost all the S.F fighters were guys cut from the UFC, and for good reason, but meh, if they fight you’ll see, D.C is going to get out classed by a better fighter, its MMA not wrestling.

        • sense

          This is a pretty retarded post.

      • j-32

        cormeir was a bronze medalist in the world championships and 2 time olympian. i will tell you this my friend jones has no comparison to cormeir when it comes to wrestling none at all. cormier is probably the best wrestler in mma today

    • j-32

      please change your profile picture

  • Joelly

    Jones would put a hurting on that fat bastard

  • bmc92

    i started off as a big fan of jones im still a fan i just dont like him very much and i think it was a big mistake for jones to go with greg jackson. jackson is trying to contain jones’ skills with all this playing it safe and tactic fighting. i dont think we are getting to see his real potential tbh but saying that i still think he can beat any LH contender out there.

    • King_DG

      not seeing his full potential, what are you talking about? he finished 4/5 of the championship bout he’s been in and you think he hasn’t fought to his potential?

      • bmc92

        ya i think hes a great fighter did you not see what i said about him being able to beat any contender?? i just think he has so much more to give in fights if he just took risks and not rely on his gameplan so much. like i said im a jones fan and what hes been able to do to the best fighters in the world is incredible but i still think jackson is holding him back. just my opinion

  • Sir_Roy

    I think his take-downs against Jones are secondary to his worrisome conditioning. Judging how tired he was obviously getting in a fight against that B-lister in Strikeforce, Cormier is going to have to get in far, far better shape to push any kind of pace against Jones. Especially moving into championship 25 minute brawls.

  • really wish jones would stop mentioning heavyweight and instead of talking about it

    • lmao … this is true.

    • Jones has said he WILL move to HW, likely sometime late this year. He isn’t hinting that he MIGHT, or is thinking it might be an interesting idea, he said he is planning on it (said it on a TUF interview with Dana White sitting right beside him, and White hasn’t said anything against it, so that looks good for Jones to make that jump).

      Cormier is just hinting at this point, and we don’t even know if he can make 205 and not end up looking like James Irvin did at 185…ie, Skeletor.

      • sjd

        cormier is mostly fat how would he look like skeletor for dropping a 20lbs belly?

        • Exactly. Emelianegro is really just a greedy 205er, fighting fat, against bigger guys. He looks like he eats in his sleep. No way he ends up looking like “Skeletor”.

          If he cuts poorly (Rampage-style), then he’ll probably gas, and Jones will stop him towards the end. If he does it right (20 pounds of lard FIRST, and only 15 pounds of water), then he’ll roll up on Bones full strength.

          An in-shape Cormier will rag-doll anyone, with the possible exception of Cain or Overeem. I hope to god Danny isn’t lazy about his weight, because Jones is irritatingly cocky at this point.

          If Cormier’s trainers are on the ball, they’ll have him fight Mir halfway (229, sans cut) to his target weight (220). The reality is, Mir is just practice. He’s dangerous, but not really a stiff challenge. Use Mir as a practice dummy.

  • Maddawgmar

    Jones needs to be careful. I have always said it will take a one punch KO threat or a prolific wrestler to beat him. Damn level, Cormiers wrestling is on a whole different atmosphere than Jones’. JUCO wrestling v Olympic, no contest. Not to mention Cormiers stand up is not to be slept on.

    • adice89

      yeah how dare yiu guys say cormier wont take him down. Cormier is cain velasquez wrestling coach at Aka. Jbj is a junior college wrestler cormier is a olympic. Jones would get tossed big time.

      • no brakes

        The real question is can Cormier make 205 ? Remember he tried cutting in college and his kidneys shut down ! It may be he’s a guy that can’t do it ! Also Mir is no punk, especially on the ground, maybe the best jiu jitsu in HW division ( ok maybe 2nd to Werdum) but he subbed Big Nog and that says it all. Not sure if he should fight a huge HW like Mir then go to LHW, but that’s what’s ahead for him. I think he wrestled at 210, and he is probably the the best wrestler to enter MMA (Askren ?) and he definitely hits with power and it sure looks like he could drop to 215 with ease then cut to 205. I am excited to see both fights, he has become one fo the most talked about fighters in a while !

  • Mudd

    i love how all the jones lovers think he’s unbeatable…everyone is beatable, jones is no different. maybe he will beat cormier but a move to HW would be jones downfall..put him in the cage with a top 5 HW and he won’t last 2 rds.

  • Hopefully Cormier isn’t looking past Mir

  • Drewdown

    If jon jones was in the heavy weight picture who’s to say cain could even deal with the speed of jones and besides who really knows what’ll truly happen until we see the fight,i believe that once Dos Santos is again in the title picture you’ll have to find somethen new to talk about.

  • diazfan209

    “I am open to fighting the best guys in the world.” ……. after he’s finished fighting another non-contender, of course………….

  • B D

    Yea i rem Jones turned DC down because his name wasnt big enough. riiiiiight

  • Neville Massey


  • wwe IS LIKE mma these days ‘oh woops i’m on the wrong page”