Jon Jones Will Eventually Be a Heavyweight But Not in 2012

February 2, 2012
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones will one day be a heavyweight, but it won’t be in 2012.

Jones flirted with the idea and has commented in the past that as he gets older and his body continues to develop, he sees heavyweight as a viable home.

He even mentioned in a recent interview that he offered to go up to heavyweight, but the UFC threw water on that idea, and UFC President Dana White confirmed as much on Thursday.

“I’m not really interested in him fighting at heavyweight this year,” White said at the UFC 143 pre-fight press conference on Thursday. “He’s at 205, there’s still guys there to fight. He’s very young.”

Jones will next compete at UFC 145 on April 21 in Atlanta against long time rival Rashad Evans. If he gets past Evans, Jones could still potentially face former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson later this year as well.

If successful in both of those fights, Jones may not have a lot of contenders left to go through at 205lbs and then a move to heavyweight could happen.

It’s just not likely to happen before 2012 is over.

“It’s gonna happen eventually,” said White. “I don’t think it’s going to happen this year.”

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  • Triggerman99

    It’s good that he doesn’t go to HW right now, because then people would say he’s just doing it to duck Rashad.
    I could see him fighting 3 more times at LHW before moving up (assuming he remains the champ). Fight Evans, then Hendo, and by then another guy will have seprated himself from the pack to get a title shot.

    • Lesnardo

      No one would say he is ducking Rashad for going up to HW.

      Jones has cleared out three of the five top guys. He now has Rashad and Hendo.

      Also, I don’t see anyone in the LHW division posing threat on him anytime soon.

      I would love to see him go for the Baddest Man on the Planet title. I think he can totally hang with the best of the best in HW.

      He is right in there with JDS, Reem, and Cain. And honestly, Jones vs JDS/Reem/Cain or even Jones vs. Carwin/Mir excites me more than Jones vs Rashad but for the fact that I want to see Rashad get beat down.

    • matthewbrazile

      Stupid, I hope he gets destroyed by heavyweights, sure he can beat mid level guys but he needs to fight anderson silva..Dont be dumb jon jones

  • MrAdidas

    I think he should fight @ LHW for another 2 yrs MAX (depending on the competition), but there will always be new guys to fight. Everyone thought GSP cleared out the WW division last year & the year before that etc., but now there is Condit, Diaz, Ellenberger & Rory McDonald (though he trains with GSP @ TriStar). I think Jones Vs Lyoto could happen again with Lyoto lasting another round or two, but I do not see him beating Jones. I think Alexander Gustafsson could be a problem for Jones in the future, if he keeps improving like he has. I think Lil nog is going to get KTFO! Should be fun to watch!

    • Lesnardo

      The skill level difference between GSP and Condit/Diaz/Ellenberger/McDonald is much smaller than the difference between Jones and LHW elites.

      We are keep forgetting that just a year ago, the LHW division was considered the most stacked division with elite fighters like Shogun and Lyoto, and other top solid fighters like Rampage and Retard Evans.

      Jones just clowned Shogun and Lyoto in less than a year.

      • bbtakayama

        I don’t know anyone who thought the LHW division was the most stacked. 155 has been the most stacked division by far for at least 3 years. It may not have the bigger names, but definitely the most talent. Fart.

  • maddawgmar

    I dont think HW would be a good move. At least until he has his chin checked. He hasn’t eaten a tough hit yet and going to HW is asking to get knocked out. I’ve said it from the beginning, it will take a prolific wrestler or a power puncher to connect once to bet Jones. There are more power punchers at HW than LHW. And the only wrestlers that can compete with him at LHW are Hendo and Evans. Alot more at Heavywieght. Plus he hasn’t cleared out the Division. Do that then think about it.

  • Jones should stay at LHW and I personally would like to see Cheal sonnen move up in weight to fight him lol Sonnen last fight wasnt anything to brag about but i think it would be a interesting fight.

  • zacharydetal

    I think after he fights Evans he should move to heavyweight. If he has to fight Dan Henderson, that could be done at heavyweight.Henderson has fought there before.

  • bbtakayama

    Haha, these comments are some of the stupidest comments I have read yet. Does MMA Weekly only attract morons? Why would he fight Cheal Sonnen? Jones has the 205 title, why would he fight Hendo at HW? Ducking Rashad, to fight who, Cain Velasquez?

    He is 6’4″, he can bulk up and could fight around 230-240. He is only 24 years old, he has plenty of time to consider a move to HW. The only problem would be fighting the giants in the division. JDS fights at 240, Velasquez 247, there could be interesting style match ups there. If he only fought around 220 it’s gonna be hard to take a punch from Carwin, Overeem bla bla bla… It all depends on how his body adapts. Sorry for using logic and not just crapping out of my face.

  • collideoverme

    I agree with bbtakayama. Jones probably walks around at 230-240 easily. Not to mention the fact he’s not even hit his prime yet at only 24 years old. Let him fight Evans and Hendo first…then maybe. He doesn’t have to put the lhw belt on the line. Do like Silva did and test the waters in a non title fight. I have no doubt Jones will do just fine.