Jon Jones Wants to Pass Tito Ortiz, Then May Entertain Superfights and Heavyweight Bouts

April 22, 2013
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Jon Jones at UFC 136UFC president Dana White recently fanned the flames of UFC superfight talk, saying that if welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre had it in his mind to fight Anderson Silva next, top 170-pound contender Johny Hendricks would once again have to take a backseat.

The fires are sure to be raging even hotter after UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones – often mentioned in the Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre superfight mix – on Monday admitted that he is nearing a point in his career where he wants to entertain superfights or a move up to the heavyweight division.

In regards to his legacy, he seemed to put little importance on the meaning behind his UFC 159 bout against Chael Sonnen this weekend, other than where it places him in the record books.

“This fight with Chael, it ties me with Tito Ortiz (for most UFC light heavyweight title defenses).” But that puts him one fight away from launching into the fights outside the scope of the 205-pound championship.

“One thing I’ve been contemplating is first tying Tito Ortiz, and then establishing that record of the most (light heavyweight title defense) wins in my next fight, maybe in November, and after that fight in November, entertaining superfights and heavyweight fights,” explained Jones.

November is when the UFC will be celebrating its 20th anniversary. The hope had been to hold the an event in New York City’s Madison Square Garden for the anniversary show, which holds great appeal for Jones, a native New Yorker.

White recently put a damper on New York opening itself up to mixed martial arts this year, saying that even if the votes were there in the state assembly, oversight hasn’t been allotted for in the state budget.

Even so, Jon Jones is one of the UFC’s marquee names, and him fighting on the anniversary event would be a good fit in both timing and stature.

If he gets past Sonnen this weekend, a November bout could spark an entirely new chapter in Jones’ career.

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  • Cereal Killer

    I think the 20 year card has got to be bigger than UFC 100! That’s not easy to do, but if they had Jones vs Silva and Cain /JDS III* it would be well on it’s way. Add two number one contender fights and we all win!!

    • Glock Owner

      you mean Cain/JDS 3?

      • Lucas Freire

        I think he said Cain/JDS II because their second encounter was a massacre,not a fight. lol

        • falloniousWolf

          or the first fight didn’t count for one reason or another.

          You sounded doomb when you said “lol”.

          • Lucas Freire

            Because I was joking,and this is the internet,we have to make ourselves as clear as possible right?

    • falloniousWolf

      The 20 year card could be:
      Cain vs JDS III
      Jones vs Cormier at 220
      GSP vs Silva at 180
      Shaq vs HongMan Choi
      Ronda vs Cyborg

      • Sir_Roy

        GSP versus Silva would be an awesome end card to celebrate their 20th. The super fight we’ve been talking about for years. Folks are tired of hearing about it, and so pretend they’ve convinced themselves they don’t want to see it. I can’t fathom that there exists one single fight fan who would not tune in for that match-up.

        • falloniousWolf

          I would tune in for any GSP fight against a top WW.

  • BRAD

    his arrogance annoys me. There’s another part of the interview where they ask him about anderson silve and he said “I already gave you my answer” alluding to what he said earlier. Just comes of as a pompous jerk

    • falloniousWolf

      Being a champion gets to you.

      Look at Ronda. She’s been very vocal as of late.

      But Jones and Ronda are not arrogant to the point of being annoying. They are within the acceptable range.

      Jones pretty much destroyed everyone he has fought. And he knows that Silva is ducking him.

      The fact of the matter is, Jones appears to be more open to moving up weight classes to challenge himself than Silva or GSP, who is more interested in prolonging his title.

      • Lucas Freire

        I guess you don’t remember Silva saying he’d fight Jones,and Jones replying “No,because I respect Anderson a lot,and I don’t want to fight him”

        • falloniousWolf

          yeah…and 10 other times when JBJ said that he is willing to fight A. Silva and Silva saying that he doesn’t want to fight JBJ because of Lyoto and Lil Nog.

          We all know the truth. Any fighter is reluctant to fight another fighter of similar caliber at a higher weightclass, although they wouldn’t mind fighting a fighter from a lower weightclass.

          Offer Benson or Aldo to GSP. He would take it in a heart beat.

          Offer Chael Sonnen to GSP at 185, GSP will think twice.

          • rickk

            chael v gsp sounds very good actually. someone who could actually make gsp stand

          • BRAD

            yeahhh none of that holds true to fact though. There is numerous interviews on here alone where Anderson said he wants GSP then Jones next and offered both of them the weight of their choice to fight out but would rather a catchweight so no one’s belt is on the line. Anderson has blatently said he would fight Anderson Jones NEVER has the most he’s sid on the matter was I do what the UFC tells me to do but id rather have him as a mentor and he said some bulls*** like I dont wanna fight him because I dont wanna be the one that beats him. do research please no one ever does before they comment. IF you want proof ill look in the archives for the articles too