Jon Jones Wants to be Considered One of the Greats in UFC History

March 16, 2012
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UFC champion Jon Jones
“You cannot escape your destiny”
~ Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has a supreme confidence that he will not only be the best 205-pound fighter for many years to come, but that it is truly his destiny to stay on top.

As he approaches the biggest fight of his young career, it’s hard to believe that this time two years ago Jones was just getting ready for his bout against Brandon Vera.

Fast forward 24 months and Jones has not only won the UFC light heavyweight title, but he’s defended it two times since then, finishing off two former champions in Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Lyoto Machida.

Jones knows he is the top fighter in the light heavyweight division, but his long-term goals are to be considered one of the best to ever step foot in the Octagon.

With the current path he’s on, it’s not a far stretch to say he’ll reach that goal one day.

“It is one of my goals to be considered among the greats in UFC history,” Jones said recently. “I feel it is my time and my destiny to be the light heavyweight champion in the UFC. Winning this fight, and defeating a fourth former champion in a row, would keep me on pace to achieving that goal.”

The fourth champion Jones will have to go through is former teammate and training partner Rashad Evans.

The war of words between Jones and Evans has escalated ever since the latter got injured prior to his UFC light heavyweight title fight against Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 128 in March 2011.

Jones was offered the title shot instead and ended up dismantling the Brazilian, finishing him in the third round. Soon after, the promises of never fighting a teammate faded away, and the once close friends were now bitter enemies.

Evans has stated on multiple occasions that he knows Jones inside and out because he worked with him on a daily basis when they were training together at Greg Jackson’s facility in New Mexico. The UFC’s light heavyweight champion says he’s picked up more than a few tricks since Evans saw him last, and he’ll find out about them on April 21 in Atlanta.

“My opponent and I have a storied history that has been well-documented. He thinks he knows everything I bring to the table, but a lot has changed since he left the gym a year ago. I’m a much different fighter than the one he trained with. I hope he is ready to see and feel that difference,” said Jones.

While there don’t appear to be many doubters of Jones heading into this title defense, outside of Evans, he still aims to prove those who would question his championship pedigree wrong.

“I have been able to prove many of my doubters wrong over the course of the last 12 months. Some said I couldn’t submit a legend, and I did that. Some said I couldn’t take a punch, and I did that. Now some are saying that I will have trouble against someone who knows me so well,” Jones stated.

“They are wrong. Wait until they see what I do on April 21.”

Jones meets Evans in one of the most highly anticipated main events in UFC history at UFC 145 in Atlanta on April 21.

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  • p3ezy

    cannot see anyone in the division beating this boy in the near future. rashad may give him a challenge but still, cannot see sugar beating jones at all. rasahd may him know him inside and out but jones will know him just as well. add that with the game plan that greg will set him up with and the skill set/reach of jones, rashad is in over his head. no doubt rashad is one of the top in the division but, same as gsp, jones is on a whole other level. would like to see what happens with gustafsson though. it does have the potential to be an awesome match up. at the same time though i still dont think he has what it take to topple jon bones jones.

  • TKD

    I hope nobody is suggesting that beating Retard Evans is what will cement his legacy. It is laughable, at best, to believe that Retard Evans is the hurdle that will prove what Jones is made of. Unless Jones comes out a bit timid, he is going to beat Evans easier than he beat Rua.

    “Evans has stated on multiple occasions that he knows Jones inside and out because he worked with him on a daily basis when they were training together at Greg Jackson’s facility in New Mexico.” What a joke!

    • shakejunt

      Yeah, but it’s getting to the point where beating Rashad begs the question of “Is there really anyone left for Jones?”
      Love him or hate him, Rashad only has 1 loss and isn’t ranked #2 just because he can hype a fight.

  • Santz

    What often happens when a figh that involves top, high profile fighters is really, overly hyped…it sucks! They end up being afraid of each other and pecking at each other with jabs and weak lead leg kicks with no effect. I’m expecting this fight to suck with these 2 loud mouth idiots circling each other for the majority of the fight with Rashad being the aggressor more often the Jones. I can only hope Shogun can become a consistent wrecking machine and beat both of these clowns. He’ll look outstanding in one fight like his younger days, and then’ll he’ll look like crap another like the first Forrest fight or when he lost the title to Jones.

    • shakejunt

      Jones hasn’t went the distance in 3 years. Sounds like a boring fight to me.

  • fitefan

    Jones knows as much about Evans and Evans knows about Jones. Having Jackson as a coach against Evans is the real advantage here.

    I don’t see anyone dismantling Jones with ease. He may get caught with a heavy punch, or subed with a slick move, but not picked apart.

    I just wish he would stfu about the whole ‘destiny’ garbage. He isn’t a jedi knight born to liberate the universe from the evil oppression of the Empire. He’s the 205 UFC champion. That’s it. It serves no purpose worthy of being considered a destiny. At the end of the day, in every house in every country, who gives a @#*% ? Anderson Silva hasn’t changed the world with his reign at 185.
    The more he says it, the dumber he looks.
    Just fight.

  • 1mmafrk

    Chicken legs jones, will be remember as a phony overrated fake who fought mostly over the hill guys.

    • Anthony

      Totally agree with you 1mmafrk, and while were at it lets say Nick Diaz will go down as one of the great interviewers of our time(that would be sarcasm to those of you window lickers on the short bus)

      • That’ll be interviewee, you short bus window licker.

        • Anthony

          lol….you got me.. guilty as charged

    • bbtakayama

      He will never be considered great because he needs to beat the greats like Jeremy Horn, Vernon White, Patrick Cote bla bla bla. Early thirties isn’t usually considered over the hill. You are stupid. I hope you die.

  • TKD

    LOL, Anthony!! Sadly, 1mmafrk is obviously so stupid he will never get the joke!

  • switchkick

    I think no one can say Jones isn’t good… But to go on to say you’re going to be one of the greatest? Theres talking yourself, and theres just being a dick. I’m sure in the years to come we are going to see more and more fights like Jones, like rampage said (can’t quote) about his flashy tricks.
    When Lyoto gets his next chance at Jones, there goes his title!

  • bbtakayama

    Jon Jones is already the best 205er ever.

    Get over it.