Jon Jones vs. Dan Henderson Set for UFC 151

May 9, 2012
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Jon "Bones" JonesUFC 151 now has a date, location and a main event and it’s a big one.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones will next defend his title against top contender Dan Henderson on Sept. 1 in Las Vegas as the main event for UFC 151.

UFC president Dana White confirmed the news via Twitter on Wednesday.

The fight between Jones and Henderson was booked literally after the UFC’s top 205-pounder defeated Rashad Evans at UFC 145 in April.

Jones won a unanimous decision over Evans, and it was announced later that same night that Dan Henderson would be the next challenger to his belt.

Henderson comes into the fight on quite a tear over his last several fights. Outside of a drop to 185 pounds and a loss to Jake Shields in his Strikeforce debut, Henderson has looked quite unstoppable since then.

Henderson moved back up to 205 pounds, where he knocked out former champions Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante and Renato “Babalu” Sobral, before taking a super fight at heavyweight where he finished former Pride king Fedor Emelianenko.

After moving back over to the UFC, Henderson then put on a “Fight of the Year” performance against former champion Mauricio “Shogun” Rua to earn a shot at the light heavyweight title. Now he’ll get his chance at UFC 151 in September.

The Labor Day weekend show will land in Las Vegas on Sept. 1 with Jones vs. Henderson as the headliner. More fights and details about the card will be released in the coming days.

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  • Towers66

    Please land your big right hand.

  • Bad fight for Henderson.

    • Lesnardo

      Bad because he is gonna get beat up.

      Good because he is gonna get paid.

  • The_SaavedraFiles

    I hope Henderson pulls it the upset…but Jones has shut me down 4 times already. either way i’m waiting for the the first person who will comment saying Jones will KO hendo. when EVERYONE knows Jones has Pillow hands. talented but pillow hands

    • p3ezy

      yes but his elbows arent

    • dez

      He rocked Rashad repeatedly, wobbled Rampage, and TKO’d Shogun. I wouldn’t exactly say the guy is pillow handed. Is he a power puncher? No, but he lands frequently and accurately. The accumulation of shots can be even more dangerous than a single big blow, similar to the Diaz brothers style. I wouldn’t expect him to KO Hendo, but I wouldn’t deem it impossible either.

  • p3ezy

    i thought they were doing silva sonnen at vegas?

  • Iamrozylo

    Yes, they are doing Silva Sonnen in Vegas, but that is in July. This fight is in September. I think Hendo has as good of a chance as any in LH right now, which isnt very good. The Henchmen may prove us wrong though. He’s never been KO’d and only submitted 3 times in a long career.

  • adam1848

    Obviously Hendo has more of a punchers chance than most guys because of the bricks in his right, but he fades in the 2nd and is basically spent by the 3rd. Franklin, Shields, Shogun all took control of the fight by the end of the 3rd, and Hendo never even got a game plan off against Jackson. Hendo might knock Jones out in the 1st…that could definitely happen, but I doubt it will, and if the fight goes past the 2nd, I’d bet my house on Jones.

  • voltaire64

    Bones by tremendous reach advantage. Really, is anybody all that interested in this fight?

    • Booker T

      Hell no. Hendo has a snowballs chance in hell. Jones vs Silva. I’d like to see Silva get his ass waxed.

      • Lesnardo

        Silva is not gonna fight Jones. Silva wouldn’t mind fighting Shogun/Lyoto, I think that would be more of an even match. But Jon Jones is another matter.

        I think GSP vs Silva would be exciting because of the style. The only way GSP could win is by takedowns and laying on top of Silva. But Silva could destroy GSP, if the takedowns don’t work.

        • zacharydetal

          Silva and Machida already said they’d never fight each other.

  • dez

    Jones will maul Hendo against the cage until Dan is too tired to land any significant shots. Jones by submission in round 3 or 4.

    • Lesnardo

      yeah, I don’t really know how it’s gonna go down but I know what is going to go up. Jone’s arm “STILL~ the UFC LHW champion…Jonny Bones Jones!”

  • Hendo better take some extra TRT because Jones will get this fight into late rounds and Hendo’s gas tank will run out I could see Jones choking Hendo out late 4th early 5th…. His reach will be too much for Hendo to overcome. I respect Hendo but I am not that interested in this fight.

  • I know alot of people think Anderson is worried about Jon Jones but he is not that interested in that fight either…

    • rsnowbass

      Let’s not forget Jon Jones is sure to say all the right things in all situations…including the topic of fighting Anderson.

      Let’s be real here, once they both see the payday offered to make this fight happen, plans change..

  • zacharydetal

    Henderson is for sure going to step up his TRT for this fight.

  • @rsnowbass… I totally agree Im just saying I dont think he would destroy Silva like everyone else I am not saying he wouldnt win I just think so many people who dont like Silva says he would get destroyed and I dont believe that. I think Silva has a better chance than anyone to beat Jones. Again not saying Silva would win but he has a uniqure skill set like Jones…I think another fighter who is saying the right thing is Rory McDonald he wants too be a Champion and he may train in GSP’s gym but he may be the biggest threat in 170 pound division…..

  • AdamBianski

    Welp, not sure why this fight is happening. Dan should be at 185 where he is not a dwarf. This will be a bad fight and Jones will dominate. If Dan wins it will be like when Serra beat GSP. Jones will come back and just start taking guys to the ground with ease so he has no risk. Also it will be like Serra and GSP because it will have to be a lucky as shit punch that will only happen one time. Other then that how did Dan get this fight because he beat up an over the hill Fedor. I understand he beat Shogun but so what imagine what Suga or Phil Davis would do to Shogun. This is just a case of there being no one else.

    • dez

      Its 100% Dana’s favor for putting on such an amazing fight with Shogun. Dan could take a shot at the title in any division he wanted, but he took the first payday offered to him. Remember when he said he was willing to fight Dos Santos?

  • AdamBianski

    No I didn’t see that, so he is willing to get knocked out for money good for him.

  • Maine2Alaska

    I think Dan is more of a stand up guy than Bones. He’s over 40 years old. The name list of KO-TKO’s he has under his belt is insane. I say give Dan Henderson whatever fight he wants. He’s proved himself to me. Its gonna be tricky, because he seems to do well when it turns into a brawl. Bones isnt that type of fighter. I really dont see Dan pulling this off, but i’ll sure as hell be rooting for him.