Jon Jones vs. Chael Sonnen Could Still Happen Next ‘If The Fans Really Wanted to See It’

September 5, 2012
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Chael Sonnen isn’t out of the running yet for the next shot at UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Sonnen was the one fighter according to UFC President Dana White who accepted a fight with Jones on 8-days notice to face him at UFC 151.

“He was the guy who stepped up to the plate and accepted the fight,” said White when speaking to UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Jones has been adamant when speaking about Sonnen, saying that the former middleweight contender would not ‘talk himself’ into a title shot with his verbal shots through the press and via social networking sites like Twitter.

Sonnen got the shot at Jones because he was the one fighter that said ‘yes’ when UFC President Dana White was searching for a replacement for Dan Henderson after he fell off the UFC 151 card due to injury.

Ultimately, when Jones opted not to take the fight with Sonnen at UFC 151, the promotion shifted the champion to UFC 152 a few weeks later and gave the shot to Vitor Belfort instead.

White does state however that should Jones defeat Belfort and Sonnen get past Forrest Griffin in his next scheduled bout at UFC 155 in December, then there is still a chance we could see Jones vs. Sonnen happen.

“If the fans really wanted to see Chael vs. Jon Jones, then I guess I’d have to make it,” White confirmed.

Obviously, a lot has to happen between now and a possible fight between Jones and Sonnen, but White appears open to the idea if it’s a fight that fans want to see.

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  • Yes let Chale Fight Jon “just don’t do it” Jones

  • bajafox

    Let it happen. Before the Chael haters come on here and say he doesn’t deserve the shot, name one 205er that has stepped up and said “I want to fight Jon Jones next”

    If you can’t, please refrain from commenting.

    • shakejunt

      waaahhhhhhhhh waaa waaaahhhhhh

    • atmosphere

      i’m not a chael hater, but what i am is rational.

      what if Forrest Griffin, Phil Davis, Lil Nog, Bader, Rich Franklin, Bisping, or any other fighter of their magnitudes offered to fight Jones? would you be satisfied with any of those challengers?

  • Chael has earned everything he has ever gotten. And yes if you want to make jokes if your a Chael hater, he earned his suspension and blah blah blah. But this guy comes to fight every time, he’s a world class competitor. From dedicating his life to wrestling to mma. Big deal he got beat by Silva, who hasn’t lol. And yes he has a lot of submission losses but it happens, he lost to all top level submission artist at the highest level of fighting. Win or lose, to see him fight anyone is an awesome fight. But only if he beats Forrest. Business wise the fight just makes sense and thats why Dana says if the fans want to see it, their going to have to do it.

    • MMAGod

      “Chael has earned everything he has ever gotten.” Are you delusional to believe that he has earned a title shot against Jones? Seriously?

      • bajafox

        MMAGod, correct me if I’m wrong but he hasn’t gotten a title shot yet. He was a last resort option 2 weeks ago to save the show, but that was it.

        Nobody will argue that he earned the shot.

  • shakejunt

    Hey, remember when Nick Diaz was campaigning for a fight against Silva after coming off a loss/suspension and people were confused as to how it even made sense?

    deja vu

    • MMAGod


  • gnodeb

    WWE fans do, but MMA fans actually want to see Sonnen fight his way to the title… if fight against JJ is the only one you want to see, then you don’t want to watch Sonnen but JJ… you are JJ fan not Sonnen fan…

  • liver000

    i want to see that fight, bad, i vote YES

  • liver000

    To bajafox Bonnar has said he wants to fight jbj many times

  • TKD

    F### YOU, DANA! You are the biggest piece of s##t on earth. You said Sonnen would not ‘talk himself’ into a title shot. I knew that was bulls##t. How well does Sonnen blow your ####, Dana???

  • MMAGod

    Dana is trash!!! He promised that Sonnen wouldn’t talk his way into a title fight, and then gives him a chance. Dana is a joke!

    • greaseygranny

      Dana listens to fans. End of. Unlike boxing. Labia “Boner” Jones cried to Dana about Sonnen calling him out before any of this stuff went down with UFC 151. He ran his mouth on Twitter and then turned the fight down. So obviously, after the show was canceled, people wanna see the fight. Who gives a poop if it’s for the title or not.

      Any way you spin it MMAGod, Jones ran from the fight. Pissed Dana off. And now Dana’s gonna make him fight him. Even if Sonnen loses to Griffin, I guarantee you Dana still makes him fight Sonnen. So cry us all a river buddy.

      • MMAGod

        I see greaseygranny is back to hugging Sonnen’s nuts. Try this on, greaseygranny: Would Chael fight Jones if it was a NON title fight? Regardless of what that habitual liar says, I seriously doubt he would.

  • insane187288

    mmaGod are you serious??? he didnt talk his way in he stepped up to fight when everyone else was afraid. If you doubt sonnen now then you have no idea what competition is. Like I have posted before a champion should be able to fight anyone in that weight class at any time or he is not a true champ.

    • MMAGod

      Well, just because YOU feel he should have taken the fight doesn’t mean he should have. He had his reasons to turn it down, and he did. I don’t think it was the best thing to do, but he was given the choice, and he chose to not fight Sonnen. People like you believe everything that is spoon fed to them by the media. We can all sit by and bitch and moan about other people’s decisions, but they are not ours to make.

  • soboc1

    This clown would lick Danas scrotum to cut in line for a title fight. He should be trying to work his way up like a TRUE warrior. This dude couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper sack, unless he lays on top of it for 15 minutes.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Everyone seems to forget Chael dropped to 185 because he couldn’t hang with the big boys. Duh, he’s willing to step up and fight Jones on 5 min. notice because he knows he’s not fighting his way to a title shot in this division. He’s going to get his ass handed to him by Jones either way but he’s after the big paycheck a title fight would bring.

    • I agree…the only difference is Jones admits he is a business man…Sonnen just doesn’t say it outloud.

      I think that if there is NO clear cut contender then give Sonnen the fight…it’ll sell HUGE amounts of PPV’s and tickets.

    • fsunoles09

      i think the promise he made to his dad before he passed away has a little bit more to do with it than that but id be lying if i said i thought sonnen wasnt looking foward to the money it would bring.

    • MMAGod

      Well said, MuayThaiFood!!

  • MaritalArtist

    I think if Sonnen beats Griffin, he should have to fight once more. Maybe the winner of something like Jones-Machida. But like Dana says, if the fans really want to see a certain fight, money will talk.

  • dathump

    I don’t think old flailing arms Sonnen is gonna get past slo-mo Griffin, Sonnon has little to no punching power, leaves himself open to submissions, can’t seem to pass a guard, all he has is a takedown and hold. The only reason I want to see him fight Jones is to shut him up. Here is an ex politition/ real estate agent/ pizza boy/ cheat and so called “american gangster” from the suburbs in Oregon, thats about as much street cred. as Jamie Kenedy’s malibu’s most wanted. Why would anyone take anything coming out of his mouth seriously.

    • TKD

      This is the first time I will be rooting for Forest!

  • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

    two problems. dana white always shoots his mouth off that boxing promoter dont care about the fighters, only money. well dana atleast dont be a hypocritical douche, mma, boxing, or anyother pro sport is a business first. what sells the most ppv is what counts. second all you sonnen knob gobblers say he stepped up. of course he would cus there is no way in hell he’ll be able to fight his way to a title. dana said he wouldnt let him talk himself into a title fight, but now dana will say the fans want it. BS only fan that want it is sonnen knob gobblers. i hate fighters (mma or boxing) that get fights just cus your mouth. and all you tards that think a champion should take any fight couldnt manage a fighter less even a taco bell. fighting someone who has earned it is a no win for jones. jones wins then big deal he shouldve, he losses he losses money. iam no jbj fan, frankly i was hoping hendo would ktfo out of him and his silly invisible freind in the sky

  • soboc1

    Weidman called, he wants his nuts back. you can spit them out now.

  • Weidman has beaten 1, just 1 top 10 oppononent. He can stop whining and fight another contender on route to a title shot

  • TKD

    LMFAO, soboc1!!! Good one!