Jon Jones Video: Daniel Cormier More Deserving of Title Shot, but Fans Want Alexander Gustafsson

June 17, 2014
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(Video courtesy of Fox Sports)

After weeks of questions swirling around Jon Jones and whether or not he would next rematch Alexander Gustafsson or instead face Daniel Cormier, most of those questions have been answered.

Jones vs. Gustafsson II wil take place at UFC 178 on Sept. 27. The only question now is where the fight will take place. It was originally expected to be in Toronto, but the UFC has yet to announce an official location for UFC 178.

It was a long time getting to this point, however, and Jones on Monday joined America’s Pregame on Fox Sports 1 to talk about the trials and tribulations that finally lead to the rematch, and to the mending of his relationship with the UFC.

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Jones should just give up fighting and become a matchmaker, it seems to be more of his passion.

  • We.Are.Legion

    Someone get this dude a Kleenex. He is just going to cry about fighting Gus all the way to the scale, aint he? Look bro, we all know you only want to fight wrestlers with no hands, but youre fighting Gus. Get over it…

  • lowlb

    Jones sure ain’t Chuck Liddell

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

      Nope, but for some reason Jones wants that fight with Chuck………hmmmm wonder why

      • put me in the sauna coach

        he’ll probably want Ken Shamrock next

        • We.Are.Legion

          LOL great call

        • Darin

          Rematch with Matt Hamil.

    • We.Are.Legion

      Yeah Chuck didnt cry about having to fight dudes that stood a chance against him.

  • Corey Hutton

    More deserving means shorter with a smaller reach, so he can stand 5 feet back with his monkey arms and legs at all times.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Racist comment or bad choice of words?

      • Gary Fredericks

        @Cereal Killer:

        Race baiting at it’s best. Because he mentioned Jon Jones long reach and refered to them as “monkey arms”, his comment is racist? That’s reaching pretty hard bro.

      • Darin

        Neither. He has very monkey-ish limbs. It’s just a fact. Forrest Griffin looks like a monkey too.

      • Denny Swain

        Self righteous or weak?

  • riverdawg

    Jon Jones is a strange guy. I doubt he’s actually “scared” to fight Gus again. But this desire to fight a guy who’s only body of work at 205 consists of beating up a Starbucks coffee can and choking out the 43 year old Ghost of Dan Henderson is just weird. I mean I’d like to see DC & Jones fight but that can seriously wait till 2015. Especially since DC is having knee issues. I’m not even a big fan of rematches as it can clog up a division BUT when its following a “Fight of the Year”, its gotta happen.

  • Michael Smith

    I really don’t get how anyone thinks DC deserves a title shot. He hasn’t beaten anyone in the UFC better than Roy Nelson, and let’s face it, beating Nelson doesn’t qualify you for a title shot in a different weight class. DC has done a fantastic job of trying to talk his way into a title shot, since a lot of fans are on board with it, but he just doesn’t deserve it. I don’t care what he did in the minor leagues, aka Strikeforce, and until he beats some top 5 talent here he’s just another wanabe. He should be asking for a fight that will legitimately earn him a title shot instead of trying to skirt the system. I mean, what, is he the only LHW left that Dana has that isn’t on TRT besides Gus? I doubt that, so DC should fight one of them first.

    • macarrech

      If not DC then tell me who. Who is in line before him and Gustafsson ?

    • Darin

      Dan Henderson was scheduled to fight Jones a short while ago. You saw what Cormier did to him, no?

      • Michael Smith

        Henderson is not top of the heap though. Not even top 5. And he’s old. Hendo 7 years ago, now that’s different. But DC beating Hendo now just isn’t the same. How did DC jump over Evans or Teixeira with a win over Hendo? What about Rua? Anybody who’s been relevant lately for that matter. DC hasn’t done that yet IMO. The list of UFC opponents DC has beaten just isn’t that impressive.

  • mmalive

    Jones will have a great plan to dismantle Gus.

    He will stuff DC’s take downs and put on some serious ground n pound on Cormier.

    Jones’s razor sharp elbows will crack or break Cormier’s face.

    BTW, Cormier has NOT DONE enough to warrant title shot. He needs to beat a top 3 LHW fighter.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    This fight will determine Jones’ legacy. Win and he’s right we all dont know what were talking about . But if he loses, forever tagged as a ducker and a baby

    • We.Are.Legion

      I even DO think he will win. I have no issue acknowledging his amazing talent. I DO have a problem with him crying because he isnt fighting a short fat wrestler.

    • Dragon Kid

      He already determined his legacy by destroying a bunch of former world champions and making if look easy. And how’s he a ducker if he loses when he fought him twice and having a win over him?

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Hello Jon Jones. You didnt “win” against Gus, look at your face post fight. You know that face is why you dont want to fight him again, and that you really lost the fight

        • Dragon Kid

          Gus’ job was to take the belt from Jones and he failed. Move on. Jones had a swollen eye, big deal. He was in no danger of being finished whereas Gus was running from Jones by the end of the fourth round eating knees & elbows from Jones.

          • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

            The judges job was to judge the fight accurately, they didnt. Move on. The fans job is to watch the fights for fun and realize when somethings haywire , not swallow some rhetoric.

          • Dragon Kid

            What do I have to move on from, jones beating Gus? Happened long ago my friend. Seems like you’re losing sleep over a fight that happened half a year ago.

  • Biz

    What he is saying is I already beat gus. Give me someone new.

    • We.Are.Legion

      Oh no he didnt beat Gus

      • TheCerealKiller

        Yes, he did. Go look at his record. It’s very clear.

        • We.Are.Legion

          That was BS, Gus kicked his ass

          • TheCerealKiller

            It was a close fight, I give that to the champ 100% of the time. People who think Gus won are putting too much credit on damage. Damage is not scored in MMA.

  • drkdisciple

    First fight was very close, Jones won it fighting with one eye. I see this 2nd fight much easier for Jones! Really look forwards to Bones vs DC.

    • Lucas Freire

      Given Jones’ habits to eye poke I’d say the Mauler was the one fighting with one eye. lol

  • Michael Smith

    And I haven’t heard Jones crying about anything. Is he supposed to be all excited about fighting someone he’s already beaten? And not too long ago? Gimme a break. Not much has changed since the last time he fought Gus, so what does he have to get excited about? Dana is the one talking smack and that’s because his PPV numbers are down a bunch so he’s trying to hype the fight. If Jones was all wound up about getting Gus again less people would be willing to pay for it, but if Dana makes it seem like Jones is tentative about it then it comes across like Gus has a better chance, and that will sell more.

  • mmalive

    These A$$ clowns Jones haters keep on cluttering the boards here AGAIN?

    Jones defeated Gus with 1 eye. The first fight was close BUT Gus DID NOT do enough the get judges votes.

    Dana White as the Rock would say “Jabroni”

    He can care less about Jones or anyone.

    White ONLY cares about lining his pocket with full hard CASH.

    The cash he made of fighters blood, sweat, injuries.

  • Denny Swain

    Gus defeated a ko artist in manuwa, making gus the mandatory. Cormier defeated a post trt henderson who was in withdrawal.

    • Lucas Freire

      Did you even watch Manuwa’s fights? lol KO artist…
      He was a gimme fight for Gus, to bounce back against someone “undefeated”.
      Hendo beats Manuwa any day of the week. With his right hand tied on his back.
      Gustafsson deserves the fight because of their first fight, it should have been an immediate rematch. What weighs against Cormier is that he is new to the division.

  • محمد الأوروبي

    I don’t care who landed more clean strikes–in a real fight, whoever suffers the most bodily harm or goes to sleep or concedes is the loser, and MMA’s original purpose was to see, among fighters of various styles and parts of the globe, who could make that happen. I’m sure JBJ will be better prepared this time and Gus will be angry and desperate to finish him so as not to suffer the same bullshit call. so I do in fact think JBJ will catch him this time, but he will, again, come out looking worse and will realize that the day he meets someone in the Oct who is younger than he with the same build as Gus will be the day he has to give up his belt.

  • Maven

    The commentator might as well have gotten down and worshiped him. Still, I would prefer that Jones is candid, and it’s perfectly fine if he would rather fight DC.
    I would like to see Joe Silva give DC a true top 5er or tough contender for a final test; anyone who presents a tough matchup such as Rashad or Rumble.

  • Joe Dirt

    wow….this Jones pussy is really scared. Still talking about wanting Cormier instead. This must make Guf very confident……that and having already beat him before.

  • Mac

    Another high jacked thread by the Jones haters. Just face it he beat Gus first time, he’s going to be Gus this time and then he’s going to smash DC. Cormier has done nothing to deserve a shot other than talk. Jones not only beats his challengers he beats them at their own game DC will be just the same

    • mmalive

      Mac, Great point man.

      The Jones haters clog up the boards REAL QUICK.

      These A$$ CLOWN posters are LOSERS.

      They sit behind computer making stupid comments to make themselves revelant to conversation.

      Most if not all are unemployed, need to get laid laid, and have not life.

      The losers most likely live and leech off parent’s.

    • Sebastian Sassi

      He beat him like Sanchez beat Pearson, like GSP beat Hendricks, etc.

      Just face it–sometimes judges make bad decisions, especially in favor of the sitting champ. You’ll recall the post fight pic of them together, Gus smiling and standing up with very few scratches, Jones on a stretcher with his face swollen and battered.

      Jones isn’t invincible, and saying so doesn’t mean you hate the guy.

  • jdjd

    He shouldn’t call out an injured Cormier.