Jon Jones UFC 152 Pre-fight Video Interview

September 8, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 136UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones says his UFC 152 opponent Vitor Belfort lacks versatility, but is a proven winner. Jones says UFC 152 will be a “magnificent display of martial arts.”

  • greaseygranny

    Looks like he grew his pubes out on his labia of a face.

  • samflchr

    If he stands with Belfort might get a surprise might want to stick to lay and prey I wish he would get his clock cleaned so he would learn some respect Vitor was fighting when he was in the sandbox

  • grisscoat

    I like Vitor Belfort. Good guy. Sincere. Respectful. Passionate and determined. But he’s about to run face first into a propeller named Jon Jones. Jones already feels he’s “bearing the cross” of recent events. Look for him to release all of these accumulated pressures squarely on Vitor. Don’t get me wrong, Vitor is dangerous. But he’s basically a southpaw version of Rampage, only quicker. Yeah, I know about his jitsu but that hasnt been a factor for years. Jones’ advanced mma tools will prove too much. Jones by destructive forces.

  • adice89

    Look for Jones to stay on the outside and go for leg strikes alot. He wont break Vitor I know that for sure.I can honestly say JBJ has a tough challenge in front of him. I can actually see Vitor dropping Jones in the second and choking him out.

  • insane187288

    john jones is a joke now. he can kill every opponent but he still turned down a fight. this clip is a joke and now hit title is a joke. i love vitor but he doesnt deserve a shot all you fans that think you know anything then we all support sonnen and hate every move than jones makes…ohh i dont have time to prepare.. then give up our belt cause a true champ fights anyone