Jon Jones to Serve as Honorary Race Official for NASCAR’s Daytona 500

February 20, 2012
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Jon Jones
‘Gentleman, start your engines…’

The latest crossover between the UFC and NASCAR will happen during the racing league’s biggest event of the season.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon ‘Bones’ Jones will serve as an honorary race official for the running of the 54th annual Daytona 500 on Feb 26.

As an honorary race official, Jones will participate in pre-race meetings, ceremonies and ride in one of the honorary official race cars ahead of the race being run in Florida.

“Jon ‘Bones’ Jones is the biggest name in mixed martial arts,” Daytona International Speedway President Joie Chitwood III said. “We are excited to welcome him to the ‘World Center of Racing’ and have him be a part of the pre-race ceremonies for NASCAR’s biggest, richest and most prestigious race.”

Jones is currently in the early preparation stages for his upcoming UFC 145 showdown with former teammate and top contender Rashad Evans, but he’ll take a little time off to enjoy the festivities surrounding the Daytona 500 this weekend.

“I am thrilled to be able to serve as Honorary Race Official at this year’s Daytona 500, NASCAR’s premier event,” Jones said. “Like the UFC, NASCAR has a passionate and knowledgeable fan base, and I am honored that I will get to share this experience with them.”

The Daytona 500 kicks off on Sunday, Feb 26 at 1pm ET.

  • Santz

    Nascar or “Redneck Racing” sucks!!!

  • mmachoman

    Although I find the idea of watching cars going around in circles for hours to be the equivalent of inhumane torture, it’s a good promotion tool for the UFC.

    Jones is doing his job in expanding the UFC brand; not skipping press conferences like some other people.

    Hopefully this will entice enough rednecks to quit the fake WWE for real MMA.

    • MikeMc1983

      As opposed to what? Real wwe, and fake mma?
      I watch all 3. I don’t quite understand why anyone thinks you can only watch wwe, or mma. They’re entirely different forms of entertainment. What happens next? Do I have to pick between watching house, and American idol? Or maybe choose between the nfl and nba?

  • fsunoles09

    yall 2 are complete dumbasses.i aint a redneck by any stretch but lets see you jump in a car goin 200 bumper to bumper in the middle of 30 somethin cars and tell me that shit aint intense, id be willing to bet yall would be to scared to push it over 100.nascar is alot more then it seems i guess is what im sayin 1 little bump and your spinning out goin into the wall at 150 mph.but yea ima be in daytona gettin hammered matter of fact. i aint gonna lie it is hard to watch an entire race though.and idk any “rednecks” that watch wwe bro so you should prolly chill with the stereotypes, you make yourself look like a dumbass.

    • tsszaltax

      You lost all credibility at “yall”.

  • p3ezy

    idk about everyone else, but when the first word of your comment is “yall” and you then proceed to say “i aint a redneck” in your next sentence, i kiiiiiinda get the redneck impression from you. not being ratsh!t or anything, just saying. i am from new zealand though so maybe i am being slightly stereotypical. anyway i do agree with you though on the nascar being alot more intense than it looks. still it is a bit repetitive for my liking.

    • fsunoles09

      how would you have adressed multiple people at the same time then? im just sayin, now if i was addressing 1 person then i could understand why you would say that but yea i agree i said it was hard to watch an entire race so i just flip it on with about 50 or so laps to go.

  • MikeMc1983

    Reguardless of how angry people get about stereotypes, they’re not any less true. Different groups of people are known for liking certain things. It’s true that everyone of a group doesn’t fit a stereotype, there’s still a large amount that do. That’s why they’re stereotypes.
    People need to get over it.

  • fsunoles09

    i wouldnt go as far as sayin large amount either bro but im sure i could bust out a bunch of stereotypes about you that by your logic is almost certainly true.would you agree with that? if not your a hypocrit so either way your some kinda dumbass.

    • MikeMc1983

      I fit into certain stereotypes. I also don’t fit into some. I however do not get upset when people assume something of me based upon how I look. Everyone does it whether they like to admit it or not. People profile people based upon stereotypes and don’t even realize it.
      It’s part of nature. All animals do it.