Jon Jones Thinks Anderson Silva is the Top Pound-for-Pound Fighter in the World

April 29, 2013
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Anderson Silva at UFC 117Who is the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world?  Has UFC light heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones surpassed Anderson Silva?

While fans and media debate it, Jones says it is Silva, hands down.

Jones (18-1) is fresh off a dominating win over Chael Sonnen on Saturday at UFC 159 and was asked during the post-fight press conference if he thinks that he should be atop the pound-for-pound rankings.

“No,” replied the 25-year-old New Yorker.

“That would be extremely disrespectful of me to try to disregard what Anderson has done outside of the Octagon and inside of the Octagon,” he said.

Jones has made a strong case for himself through accomplishment, but it’s the longevity of Silva that stands out.

“I celebrated my two year anniversary of being champion this year, and Anderson has been doing it for about six.  That’s phenomenal.  That’s phenomenal pressure that he’s been able to uphold and continue moving forward with it, so I admire him so much,” said Jones.

“Yes, I’ve had some great fights, and I’ve had a great career, but Anderson is still an amazing guy.  He’s still my idol and I’m not going to disregard what he’s done.”

Silva (33-4) is scheduled to face Chris Weidman on July 6 in the main event of UFC 162 in Las Vegas.  Weidman could put an end to the debate with a win, or it could be settled in a superfight between Jones and Silva if Silva successfully defends his title for the eleventh time with a win over Weidman.

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  • Rob

    C’mon talkin about him being best p4p cause he destroyed sonnen like everyone knew he would.. A MW and before that another MW and before that a washed up rashad and a washed up rampage and shogun.. The only elite fighter he’s fought who’s even relevant still is machida..

    • Jason

      Or maybe he just makes the other fighters look that way. He’s that good. Appreciate it a bit… He might not be the best P4P, but he’s certainly VERY close.

      • urdooomb

        He is currently the best p4p. Anderson and GSP have just been around longer.

        After this Gustafson fight, Jones pretty much destroyed everyone in the LHW division.

        Mind you, Rampage, Machida, Shogun, and Evans were the four that people for years considered to be the top echelon of the LHW divsion. Remember Rampage KOing Chuck? Evans beating Forrest? Machida era?? Shogun is back?? Shogun and Machida were considered two of the best LHWs of ALL TIME.

        And jones destroyed all of them in a year.

        • DrewNusser

          Don’t forget Glover Teixeira though. No, he won’t have a chance against Jones, but he might well be the 2nd best at LHW right now.

          • urdooomb

            2nd best that couldn’t finish over the hill Rampage.

            I like Gustafson, Glover, Davis, and Mousasi, the new blood of the 205 division. But you gotta be honest with expectations from each of them.

            They haven’t really impressed me the way JBJ has.

          • Sean Michael

            He knocked him down and beat the s*** out of him on the ground too.

          • Sean Michael

            Uhh.. He sure is the #2 and he would have a chance against Jones.. More experience and power on the feat and the ground. Glover has the pedigree, the power, and the chin to give Jones one hell of a fight.. Guys like Shogun “would rather be cut” than even fight Glover.

          • urdooomb

            I have a feeling you didn’t know about Glover’s existence until a few months ago.

          • Sean Michael


        • Sean Michael

          Forresst Griffin KO’d chuck too and Forrest isn’t even good. He only won the title after a past-his-prime Shogun gassed so much after 1 round he couldn’t do anything by lie there.. These guys are all 5 years past their prime and just went around beating each other to get their names.

          • Truthshallsetyou

            I smell a troll. Forrest won the title after battering Rampage for 5 rounds and almost finishing him on leg kicks in the second round. He was awarded the title shot AFTER submitting Shogun. Don’t hate on Forrest, he had a surge in the post-Liddell LHW era and held the belt for a fight. We are in Jones’ era now.

          • urdooomb

            Yeah, you can’t judge Forrest’s accomplishments by looking at his current status. For about a year and a half this guy was considered one of the best at LHW.

          • urdooomb

            Keith Jardine DID NOT KO Chuck You retard.

            Forrest was considered #1 in the world AT THAT TIME you retard.

            Yeah…5 years past their prime huh???? yeah…just yeah..

          • Sean Michael

            Maybe by you who doesn’t know crap. Forrest was never elite. He was good at best.

    • Damian Black

      wow just wow,dude!!! I am not a Bones fan of him as a person but I am not delusional and to discount his accomplishments like you have is disgusting!!! dude beat Rampage,Machida,Shogun,Bader,Evans in a little over a years span,all except for Bader former champs,wow just wow!!!!

      • urdooomb

        Guys like Chael Sonnen, Vitor Belfort, Travis Lutter, Thales Leites, and Chris Leben are NOT on the same level as Shogun, Machida, Rampage, and Evans.

        In terms of quality of opponents, Jones beats Anderson.

        • um what about dan henderson, nate marquardt, rich frainklin, forrest griffin?

          • urdooomb

            sorry. Dan and Rich are solid wins. But let’s take it one at a time.

            Dan was never the best at 205, even though he was the last PRIDE champ. His earlier losses against Wandy, Lil Nog, and Arona pretty much forced him to fight at MW. Dan hasn’t been great until 2 or 3 years ago.

            Rich was a solid fighter. But I am not sure about him being one of the best.

            Nate is a olid win but not the best.

            Win against Forrest was impressive at the time given that Forrest was still top 10 and Anderson was at MW. I don’t discredit that. But when one talks about Silva’s potential at LHW, I am not so sure that Forrest fight meant anything.

          • Stevo8800 .

            Rich Franklin is definitely one of the best MW of all time. The only guy who surpass him is pretty much Silva and maybe Vitor. If Silva didn’t come along I’m sure he would of been champ for a bit longer. He’s beaten some great names as well like Wanderlei Silva, Chuck Liddel(with a broken arm), Ken Shamrock, Even Tanner, Nate Quarry, David Loiseau…

          • urdooomb

            Umm…wtf? This is Ken Shamrock that got KOed by Saku. He was already washed up when Rich fought him.

            Chuck and Wandy?? Are you serious??? Those guys were way past their primes when they fought Rich.

            Not gonna even comment on Evan Tanner.

            Rich is a small LHW that decided to go down to 185 and be king there. Hendo beat him and I think Paulo Filho would have taken him also.

    • Kevin

      Your pretty much right. Silva cleared his division years ago. Cant blame him for a slew of non deserving title shot fights. For shits sake , he fought lhw fights because the rest of the division is completely 2nd class to him. While all of Jones fights are finishes/solid wins , they have come against a assload of opponents who are on downside’s of their careers. Rampage…. really a LHW contender? LOL not for 3-4 years now. Shogun…. not the same since Pride , Rashad….did you see his last fight? UGLY. Let jones hold the tilte for 4 years , let alone 6 , fight a few fights at HW and then he be a contender for #1 p4p. Now he’s a Finishing GSP , 2nd p4p overall.

    • Nick

      A “washed up Shogun”? Shogun was the frigging CHAMPION when Jon Jones destroyed him.

      • urdooomb

        Rob is using hindsight measure of a fighter’s ability. Looking back…oh….that guy was clearly overrated even in his prime.

        Let’s not discredit a fighter’s accomplishments only after he starts losing. Shogun wasn’t past his prime when he fought Jones. Remember Shogun destroyed Forrest Griffin after the Jones fight.

        Oh wait…Forrest was always overrated right? Genius!

        • BRAD

          kinda like what everyone does when they compare Silva’s past opponents right? Everyone argues about where they are now instead of where they were back then. Seems like theres a double standard when it comes to Jones fans

        • Truth

          Forrest was decent but he was quite a bit overrated due to his popularity.

          Victories over Shogun and Rampage (probably his 2 most notable ones) were overblown. Shogun gassed terribly and came into that fight injured. Rampage got robbed in that decision.

          After Forrest got embarrassed by Andy, he actually was a little underrated. But that’s what the best of the best do… they make great fighters look terrible.

          Forrest hung in there w/ the top of 205’ers but Andy made him look like a joke.

    • Idontlikeyourob

      You act like jones was hating on silva or something… Learn some respect.

      • Idontikeyourob

        And look what he did to machida by the way…

    • Phil Campeau

      Keep in mind, Jones beat Sonnen in the first round. Even the Spider never accomplished that.

      • Droc420

        Also keep in mind the Spider beat Vitor in the 1st round, Jones never accomplished that…

        • Lucas Freire

          He also didn’t go for the decision against Bonnar…lol

    • trolligans

      Jones is just a bum and the whole division besides him are also bums, they’re just bigger bums and they’re washed up. In fact, everyone in the UFC is washed up and Jones just got lucky…

      The guy destroyed the champ on short notice, became the first guy to sub Rampage since 2005, choked out Machida standing, became only the second guy to sub Belfort, destroyed Bader, put Rashad in his place and wiped the floor with Sonnen in one round… all this while becoming the youngest UFC champ and tying the record at LHW for most title defenses… Wake up dude because you sound extremely ignorant.

  • dan

    I truly believe that Silva had every intention of eventually fighting Jones but I think GSP threw his plans out the window. I know I’m spit-balling but I think his plan was to fight GSP who is the UFC’s biggest draw and make huge money from it. During this time he’d let a MW build a name for himself so he can defend the belt against said contender. Then fight Jones which would be, by this time, the biggest drawing fight ever. But since GSP is ducking him, it made Silva turn to plan B and fight Weidman a little sooner than he probably wanted to. Silva knows Weidman isnt gonna bring any new viewers. Weidman’s fans are only Silva haters anyway and they tune in to every Silva fight in the hopes of him losing.

    • Sir_Roy

      Why the negative connotation that goes with saying GSP doesn’t want the fight with Silva? As an average sized welterweight champion, he shouldn’t have to “duck” Silva, a huge middleweight champ, to begin with.

      Why Georges wouldn’t want to fight the best p4p fighter in the world … who happens to walk around with close to 40lbs more weight than Georges is beyond me (read: sarcasm).

      Silva walks around at a crisp 225lbs (some say more). Georges walks around at 190lbs at best. He’s considered an average sized WW. Besides this obvious disadvantage, Georges doesn’t need the payroll Silva brings to the table. There are too many downsides to the match-up for GSP and not enough positives.

      • zuluwarrior8

        Silva doesn’t weigh 225 even if you let hold 25lbs, he’s 205 at best and GSP is a huge ww and I know he walks around at 200lbs. People are just hating on Silva because they know he would just knock GSP out and there wouldn’t be a caucasian champion in the ufc.

        • Sir_Roy

          First part of your comment is completely uninformed. Do some homework as you’ve no idea what you’re talking about.

          The second part is just plain stupid. It just is. Damn.

  • Aaron

    For the love of god – PLEASE make this fight happen!!!

    • Drock420

      I agree, Silva isn’t getting any younger.

  • Anderson Silva is the P4P best fighter in the world hands down Jon Jones is probably 2nd. Im pretty sure these two will meet sometime next year so Jones will have his opportunity to take that spot. Sooooo looking forward to this Superfight that makes the most sense

  • Machida still come back and will come with one of those highly technical strategies. If a fight as the first round of UFC 140 Machida can win.

    What we need parameter between Spider and JBJ? Belfort, Sonnen and Bonnar. Consider: Belfort: Maybe it was the last fight in which Spider took seriously. Conclusion, passed the car, ran over. Jones nearly lost his arm, but won.

    Bonnar: AS joked, took wave, did what he wanted and won as a genius. Jones suffered to take the decision victory. Sonnen: AS in the first fight was with a fractured rib, barely breathing and even had a medical restriction, spent nearly five rounds under and who was hurt Sonnen, and “like water” won. In the second joked, allowed himself to be knocked down in the first round and the second choice took only 1 minute and 55 seconds to put Chael back to your reality. Jones did what everyone expected.

    So I think in a fight Anderson “The Spider” Silva vs. Jon “Bones” Jones, Spider wins by KO / TKO in the second round with ease.

    Jones with this lesson will certainly mature and one day will remain the second p4p because Aldo will be the first stop so AS. Spider should not even be mentioned in p4p. He is not of this planet.
    For those who did quetiona AS: # comment-2008

    This in Portuguese, but at google to understand.
    Sorry my english.

    • projectchapter2

      You do realize that Jones’ decision over Bonnar was a destruction decision. Also, that was either his first or second fight in the UFC as a newcomer to MMA. When Silva was learning MMA, he was getting tapped by Ryo Chonan.

      Everyone wants to use revisionist history but the reality is that, CURRENTLY, these are the two best fighters in the world and would be an epic fight!

    • zuluwarrior8

      You are a clear & transparent idiot.

  • bhdfighter

    Don’t retire yet… Fight GSP and retire the champion…

    • Sir_Roy

      Even at 185lbs GSP would beat Sonnen. No if ands or buts about it. Far better stand-up, far better BJJ, and MMA wrestling is highly debatable favoring GSP.

      The only thing Sonnen has on Georges is size – strength levels are debatable. Athleticism goes to GSP. Conditioning I would give to GSP as well.

      There is no where Chael really truly takes this fight. Chael’s size advantage just won’t cut it.