Jon Jones: The Heart of a Champion (Video)

September 5, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 136UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones sat down with host Jon Anik on UFC Ultimate Insider to give the inside scoop on his life. Jones shows how the heart of a champion will lead him down the road to success.

Sit down with Jon Jones to take a look at his life through the lens, outside the Octagon…

  • WarriorScholar

    You mean the heartless champion

  • RubeKegal

    After the fallout of 151, I am a newfound Bones fan

    • B-rok

      ya i love passive-aggressive people too.

  • B-rok

    i think i’m going to throw up!

  • soboc1

    War Bones!!

  • markronin

    This isn’t journalism, this isn’t an interview, this is pure propaganda.

  • I have no comment to make on this. I’m just hear to see all the witty fan comments ha ha..

  • here* wow duh.

  • a camp takes fights and dosent screw everyone on the undercard

  • gnodeb

    this is WWE like news with WWE like comments…

  • adriana

    Heart of a Champion….
    Brain of a turtle?
    Guts of a fieldmouse?
    Courage of a cucumber?

    • bajafox

      “Bank account of a Champion”

  • adriana

    Nutsack of a termite?

  • pooby

    I think what really ticks people off about Jones (besides not taking the fight with Sonnen) is the condescending tone he seems to take with everyone he talks to.

  • mike

    MAN.. I have so much respect for this champ..
    He so smart and he make Sonnen look like a a real loser…

  • gogogadgetplata

    John has not changed and that is his main problem. He made a mistake with the dwi and has done nothing since to clean up his image. And people forget it wasn’t some average dwi where you are pulled over after having a few. The man makes enough to pay for a cab any day of the week and decided to drive recklessly under the influence and total a car. He is young and deserves more than one chance but I just wish he was the man we all wanted him to be after his whole crime fighting championship run came to light in jersey.