Jon Jones Speaks Out Against TRT Usage – “It’s Absolutely Terrible”

October 18, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145There is no shortage of opinions in the mixed martial arts world when it comes to the controversial subject of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Over the last few years, the procedure has become a hot-button subject among promoters, journalists and fighters alike as the debate rages on whether the practice of TRT should be legal and allowed (as it is now, so long as it is approved by an athletic commission) or is essentially legal cheating.

Chael Sonnen is one of the fighters who was at the forefront of the TRT controversy after divulging he was prescribed the therapy by his doctor after they found he had dangerously low levels of testosterone being produced by his body naturally.

He’s remained on the treatment for the past several years, and with approval by the athletic commissions, so long as his testosterone levels are within legal limits, he can fight while using TRT.

If there’s one person who has no problem speaking out against the use of TRT in MMA it is Sonnen’s next opponent, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones.

During a TUF 17 media conference call on Wednesday, when Sonnen stated he would be the best athlete that Jones has ever faced, the champion fired back by saying, “Is that you being in good shape on TRT or off of TRT?”

When pushed on the subject further, Jones didn’t back down when speaking about the controversial therapy, pointing towards age catching up to fighters and how TRT is just cheating with a legal name attached to it.

“I think it’s terrible. I think it’s absolutely terrible if you’re going to consider yourself an athlete. TRT would be perfect for Chael Sonnen if he wasn’t competing in one of the toughest sports in the world,” Jones stated.

“I think Chael Sonnen made tons of money when he was a young guy, and now he’s an older guy. And now just to be able to take a drug and super-enhance yourself back to where you were in your 20’s is bull.”

As men get older, their testosterone levels drop naturally, but TRT has been viewed as a virtual “fountain of youth” for some aging competitors. Fighters like Dan Henderson, Frank Mir and Forrest Griffin have all been granted TRT exemptions by athletic commissions in the couple of years.

Jones isn’t a fan of the procedure at all, and says getting older is just part of athletics. You won’t be able to do the same things at 35 years of age that you could when you were 25, and that’s just a fact.

“Right now I’m 25, I’m sure I’m not as giddy and happy-go-lucky as I was when I was 20, so if I take a drug at my 25-year-old age and have the energy of a 20-year-old, it just wouldn’t be fair. Everyone would hate me if I did it, but Chael Sonnen gets to do it? I think it’s bull crap,” Jones stated.

Sonnen didn’t have much to say in response other than saying, “I don’t have any comment.”

Will Sonnen’s usage of TRT come up again during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter Season 17? If this is any indicator, Jones has no problem bringing it up and pointing the finger directly at Sonnen.

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  • mmabri67

    Lets just wait and see when Jones gets to his mid 30’s to early 40’s how he feels aboput TRT.

    • 8boll

      BJ and Anderson are that age and we know how they feel about TRT. True champs dont need that junk. Chael said this himself “Lance Armstrong gave himself cancer shooting up roids and now he’s supposed to be the victim?”, well he did the same thing and gave himself hypogonadism and now he’s claiming to be the victim. The irony of it all, after all, for him to call out Lance like means it takes a cheat to know one and he was probably in the same PED circle at the time….

      • mmabri67

        So Doctor you know this about Armstrong how? I have yet to see any reports linking TRT to cancer. BJ and Anderson say they don’t do TRT? I know BJ has said he doesn’t, but Anderson? He has stayed silent on the issue, and we did see those medical vials in his closet during that interview in Brazil. TRT has helped a lot of men both physically and mentally. Is there room for abuse? Sure just like anything else. If Jones or you actually knew anything about TRT then hey I’d listen to your arguement.

        • 8boll

          Dude if u took the time to actually READ what I wrote was “Chael called out Armstrong” not ME! I simply applied Chael’s comments onto Chael. He’s the one that used this logic, not me! And yes, we all know who takes TRT and who doesn’t it has been disclosed by the UFC because it is “LEGAL” even though I dont agree with it. Anderson has come out PUBLICLY on MANY occasions on the matter specifically calling Chael a “cheat” and “doper”! Where have u been all this time? Under a rock?

        • 8boll

          And P.S. I also never said anything about TRT giving anyone cancer. U sir, have some serious issues, maybe dislexia or something! Stick to the point, dont invent them! It’s a known FACT that PEDs have a base ingridient of testosterone, and this in turn messes with your hormonal production which affects genetalia. Do some research before u talk rubbish “DOCTOR” this is not myths, look it up! If Peds where safe, they would be used by EVERYONE.

          • john t

            well, actually peds ARE safe. and they CAN be used by EVERYONE. anyone that has a valid medical prescription is permitted to use them. maybe you should educate yourself just a bit further before you try to come off as educated on a topic?? fyi, taking them in college would have resulted in SHORT TERM HYPOGONADISM. It is not a lifelong affliction genious. the side effects of usage do not last forever and ever. go actually read some of the real research reports. not the news section of yahoo or the wikipedia index. look up real actual medical journals and you will find out that PEDS and TRT have little to NO NEGATIVE SIDE EFFECTS when used as prescribed. they are not linked now nor have they ever ben before to things like cancer or gonadism or any of that crap.

          • 8boll

            Arrrgh another one lol so ur telling me it causes hypoganadism yet it is safe?! U troll!!!! U said it urself dumbo! And which athlete that has got used to using PEDs uses it fairly or as prescribed? None, they all use it for an edge. Perfect example again is Chael, he gave himself permant agressive hypogonadism by continuing to abuse PEDs throughout his pro career hence why he now needs TRT to compensate. Simplez really. Don’t butthurt by the truth Dr. John T PHD in PEDs lol

        • 8boll

          Check out the video of your hero not only slagging off Lance but then lying about it afterwards! Pathetic! The fact of the matter on TRT and Chael is, HE gave HIMSELF hypogonadism by shooting up whatever in his college wrestling days, and now needs TRT to compensate for the abuse he di to himself so, yeah TRT is BS!

  • So TRT is bad but Drunk Driving and being a coward is ok?

    • dathump

      Jones’s comment is directly related to the sport, and drug use among athletes. I really dont think you want to bring up actions outside the UFC if you want to make Sonnen look better.

      • Mark McDowall

        Its funny how no one brings up Sonnen being charged with mortgage fraud or being kicked out of his political position for being shady. But everyone knows that Bones got a DUI. I think the comments Jones made were great. He didn’t get personal, he made solid points…which Sonnen had no reply to. I think its great.

        My opinion is that if you can’t compete at a top level with out the use of a specific medication/treatment etc then you shouldn’t compete. I disagree with anyone being granted the use of TRT.

        • macgrubber

          mortage fraud and losing a political position doesnt put peoples life at risk. how can you compare the two. hey bro you slow or something?

        • john t

          so then if they also suffer from migraines they should not be permitted to have that medication either eh? what about asthmatics? no more inhalers on your watch huh buddy? because as im sure you know the medication in the inhaler is steroidal in nature. lets see, what else can we ban since you are so willing to make sweeping judgements on medical usage without having actual facts about anyone??? ahhh yes, let’s attack those with bipolar. if they cant control their bipolar disorder without medication then they shouldnt be allowed to compete.
          dude, if a licensed Dr has prescribed it for someone then your opinion isnt worth ****. it is obviously just as needed as any of the other prescribed medications

  • rockroyal

    Its a shame sonnen has convince people like you guys that performance enhancers are ok in the world of professional sports.

  • Peter

    Sonnen saying “i have no comment”?
    I never thought i would see the day….

    I agree with Jones btw. Although it will be interesting to see if his opinion changes in a couple of years.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    As a baseball player I thought steroids were for soft ass punks but in the fight game it’s even more weak

  • I guess being a drunk driver is ok. This guy is fucking annoying.

    • MuayThaiFood

      TRT is cheating no matter who is saying it. These guys get their Testosterone up to levels beyond what they had in their 20’s and as long as they are within limits by fight time they are just treating a medical condition….yeah right. There just needs to be a zero tolerance policy.

    • Darin

      Drinking and driving is dumb and dangerous but it isn’t cheating at the sport of fighting.
      Sonnen has actually claimed that he would die without the TRT. Really? It seems to me if your body is producing so little testosterone that you could die, a doctor would give you enough to be healthy, not enough to throw dudes around in the most physical sport in the world.
      He isn’t treating a medical condition. He’s using drugs that will give him an unfair advantage. Do you pro-TRT idiots really believe it’s ok that Sonnen and others get away with using TRT, while Nick Diaz gets suspended for hitting a joint?

      • Mark McDowall

        Great point!!! And according to a doctor at the Mayo clinic…the 2 most common reasons for TRT usage are a tumor, I think the article said pituitary but I could be wrong. Or extended steroid abuse….

      • macgrubber

        sonnen needs trt. Diaz doesnt need weed. nuff said.

        • MuayThaiFood

          Sonnen doesn’t NEED to compete in MMA, nor should he if he NEEDS TRT. It’s too easy to abuse and he has already shown that he will. Same goes for the other fighters that use it. No favoritism here.

  • DamianCross

    The moment I read the headline I thought “Well this blanket statement certainly won’t come back to haunt him later.”

  • sadowolf

    Who cares what a 25 year old super athlete has to say about TRT? It’s irrelevant. Let’s talk to him in 10 years and see what he has to say.

  • rob combs

    Shut up and fight Jones!!

  • disqus_1vlWNfdPOM

    LOL, the ‘Man, the Myth, the Mouth’ Chael Sonnen finally has nothing to say. Good on you, Jones, Sonnen has got away with his shit talk for far too long. The Cult of Sonnen won’t like what they hear, but its the truth, and its about time someone says something.

    All the HGH and Testosterone ‘supplementing’ is also a big part of the current MMA injury crisis, believe it or not.

  • roughneck

    No, Jon, people hate you for completely different reasons. $50 says that Jones is on TRT in 10 years.

    • Thermal deal

      4 years ago you were right