Jon Jones Sentenced in New York DWI Case

July 31, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 145UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones‘ DWI case has finally come to a close with his sentencing being handed down on Tuesday.

Jones was present in front of a New York judge Tuesday morning where he faced charges stemming from a May 19 charge of driving while intoxicated after an early morning car crash ended with the UFC champion being arrested.

The arduous situation came to a close as Jones was fined $1,000 by the judge, while also having his driver’s license suspended for the next six months.

Jones also has to complete a “victim impact panel” within the next 90 days, and he has to install ignition interlocks on all of his vehicles.

The interlocks serve essentially as a “breathalyzer” test so the driver is forced to blow air into a tube, and as long as they are not intoxicated as indicated by the pre-set levels in the mechanism, then they can start their car.

Jones must also pay $6,500 in restitution for the telephone pole damaged in the accident.

The sentencing brings to a close a long ongoing situation for the UFC’s light heavyweight king, and now he can move his focus back onto his primary job as he gets ready for his next title defense against Dan Henderson at UFC 151 in September.

Jones took to Twitter to close the book on the DWI case saying, “Blessed to still have the full support of Broom County, my fans, and my DWI case officially behind me. Moving forward.”

The news of the sentencing was first reported by Binghamton news source

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  • pooby

    I looked at this story earlier and there were a bunch of comments. Now..none. WTF?

  • dgs

    $7,500, a victim impact panel, and the revocation of his license for six months, seems fair since no one was injured.

    The ignition interlocks on his cars is a smart move on the judges part. I think all cars should be sold with such devices already installed from the factory. Drunk drivers ruin too many innocent lives every year. It would be one thing if they only injured or killed themselves, but unfortunately they usually injure or kill innocent people too. All the safety equipment in the world on new cars (traction and stability control, ABS, various airbags, lane departure warnings etc.) do nothing to prevent a drunks from ruining innocent lives

    • macgrubber

      lucky i didnt sentence him or else it would have been jail or maybe the guillotine. People to soft these days.