Jon Jones Says It’s Personal Now; Daniel Cormier Considers Jones a Punk (Video)

August 4, 2014
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UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones and top contender Daniel Cormier talk about their UFC 178 Media Day brawl with  Jones apologizes, but says it’s now personal with Cormier.  Cormier considers Jones a “punk” and can’t wait to beat him up.

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  • G

    Jones is not only a PUNK, but a LIAR!

  • boom

    its going down. I can see a knock out or tko. Cormier better hope his wrestling up to scratch. If its standing he will get picked apart.

    • Lt. Dangle

      Gus took Jon down easily with no wrestling credentials, DC will take him down if he wants to. And Jon won’t be able to keep DC outside his reach for 5 rounds. It won’t be an easy fight for either guy tho, this fight will be tough and go to decision.

  • Darin

    “Karate chop me in the throat” LOL. Jones gets lightly shoved (after pushing Cormier via his giant head), then drops his belt and charges forward throwing a left punch. Strip the belt, Dana.

    Speaking of Dana……has he even commented on this?

    Jones is one of the phoniest people I’ve ever seen. He tries to create this image of an intelligent, serene, and moral warrior. He’s an idiot kid.

  • Scoobykater

    It’s pathetic how people use forums for free publicity. That say’s a lot about what they’re offering.

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    Jon’s desperation is obvious. He knows he’s in trouble. His behavior in the interview confirms it.

    • solo

      I had the same feeling yesterday when i saw the interview. I think Jon is really upset with the confidence of DC saying how he will crush him, and its diferent level of confidence. You can see the diference in his face and his eyes, he 100% believe’s he will beat his a$$. Alot of fighters say stuff just to be said, and some fighters say stuff cause they have all the belief in their words.

  • mmalive

    Jones go in there and knock some sense into DC’s head.

    DC started that shove. Jones did not like it.

    Jones will crush DC with those oblique knee kicks, razor sharp elbows via ground and pound.

    Jones is a not a like able guy.

    But his credentials speak wonders.

    DC was cool until he got cocky over the last couple of fights.

    Mop the floor with DC Mt. Jones.

    Jones wins via ground n pound, choke out, TKO or KO.

  • The two best

    Yea u guys have a pionts but what I take away is who ever win or loose there no excuse so if jones gets his kicked or DC no excuse IMO. The two best light heavy on the planet with beef this dont happen. Often can’t wait for this fight I do have DC tho his wrestling will be to much for the lanky jones…. Where his hight will work. Against him

  • TKDGuy

    foreheads touch during these photo ops all the time, so from where I sit it was DC that overreacted and caused the whole stupid thing.
    Regardless, from the interviews, they both seem like fairly gracious guys. I don’t care for the hyped up personal animosity. (All the hating on one or the other in the comments is just as stupid, imo). I just want to see two skilled fighters do their thing.

  • Lucas Freire

    I’ve seen guys getting fired for much much much less in the UFC. But guess what? Dana gives some vague reply on twitter and that’s it.

  • Dragon Kid

    Cormier talks too much. He ain’t gonna get into Jones’ reach come fight night. If anybody says that Gus did, that’s because he had a similar reach distance as Jones so he was able to get his good shots in.

    • FritzVonLoeffel

      there will be a gap

      • Dragon Kid

        Cormier won’t be able to touch Jones unless he pulls an Anderson Silva.

  • smedrano0206

    If Gus can take Jones down, DC will have no problem

  • julian moran

    Heads touching, shoving.. that’s routine. Going after someone trying to take him down and punch him out, that is grounds to be fired.

  • jmh966

    I knew Jones was gonna pull an injury…he’s scared..
    Look at body language in interview… He’s afraid of D.C.hesvsecond guessing his self. wondering is this the time I loose my belt ? Vitor almost took his arm home..Machida got some wood punches in…and Gus did already in (Jones mind) he know GUS BEAT HIM!!!

  • jmh966

    Jones is scared over thinking his career ..afraid of losing the kingdom..which in my book he already lost to GUS !