Jon Jones Says Daniel Cormier is “Probably A Little Better” At Wrestling But MMA Isn’t Wrestling

October 31, 2012
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Jon Jones UFC 87On the surface it may seem like UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has virtually wiped out the top contenders at 205lbs, but there are a few challengers still waiting in the wings.

Beyond his April 2013 fight against Chael Sonnen, the reigning and defending light heavyweight king still has a potential fight against Dan Henderson looming, and maybe the most intriguing fight of all – a showdown with Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix champion Daniel Cormier.

Cormier has mentioned on more than a couple of occasions that he would like to get a shot against Jones at some point in the future, and revealed that the two even chatted about it earlier this year.

For his part, Jones has since played off Cormier’s challenges to coach against him on the Ultimate Fighter and said he was “relatively unknown”.

On Tuesday, Jones was again asked about Cormier but this time it related to his wrestling skills. Cormier is a former Olympian and NCAA champion wrestler, but Jones didn’t seem to their skill sets were all that far apart nowadays.

Where Jones knows he’s better however is at fighting, and that’s where he’d beat Cormier if they ever come face to face in the cage.

“Cormier’s probably a little bit better than me (at wrestling), but it’s not a wrestling match at all. When you talk about knees and submissions and punching and kicking him in the face, and upkicks, it’s just not a wrestling match,” Jones said.

Jones has no problem saying that Cormier’s collegiate and amateur wrestling career was more impressive than his, but he wouldn’t be the first fighter he’s faced with more awards in that category.

“When it comes to credentials he definitely had a better wrestling career than me, but half the guys I fought have had better wrestling careers,” Jones stated.

The only credentials Jones is worried about when facing Cormier is his standing as the best 205lb fighter on the planet.

  • stevemcz11

    Apart from Bonnar Jones has never fought a UFC opponent anywhere near his size. He usually has between a 2 and 4 inch height advantage and an 8 to 10 inch reach advantage. Even Cormier is too small for Jones he just has a weight advantage. But it would still be more even than the MW’s Jones has been fighting

    • Logic

      He needs to start fighting at HW

    • p3ezy

      i know jones has a massive reach advantage over all opponents he faces, often a height advantage too, but the argument that he is “too big” for lhw is getting old. he has a completely different frame to the big heavyweights. even the smaller ones are of a more solid build than he is. and anyway, if he can comfortably cut down to 205 and not have it affect his performance, why not stay there? if you look at overeem, he was having to make huge cuts to get down to 205 and it was affecting his performance. so he moved up. everything is all good. jones, however, is not in this predicament, therefore lhw is a good class for him. if his size too much for the other fighters, why dont they move down? simple, because that weight class suits their build. same as it suits him. bit silly really that people are so set on hating on jones (dont get me wrong he definitely has some douchebag attributes about him) that they will create invalid excuses as to why he is beating everyone. just accept the fact that he is an elite fighter with talents far above those in his weight class.

      • stevemcz11

        But he is not fighting HW or LHW he if Fighting MW fighters rite now.

        • p3ezy

          that is a ridiculous argument. sonnen has previously fought at lhw. belfot has even fought at heavyweight so where is your logic? rashad was previously heavyweight. lyoto has fought at heavyweight. he was going to fight dan henderson who has previously fought at heavyweight. once again where is your logic?

          • stevemcz11

            are you serious? You just named a group of fighters who fought at HW who are much smaller than Jones and Jones hasnt fought at Hw and you wonder what my point is? Also when Machida was at HW he fought BJ Penn so I dont understand why you mentioned him. BJ fought at HW should he fight Jones too??

          • stevemcz11

            Also you say he Often has a height advantage. Often is an unfair word to use. He always has a height advantage apart from when he fought Bonnar which I already stated above. Not that it makes a difference to the overall arguement but often was an inaccurate word on your part. And its fair that he can make the weight that is not my arguement but he said he does not want to rematch Machida and if he is making those kinds of demands about LHW fighters then he should be fighting HW fighters as an alternative not MW fighters.

      • TheTruth

        Jon Jones is nothing but a big oversized coward who is fighting weaker and smaller opponents. Once he moves to HW he will get his ass kicked by Cain,JDS, Overeem… All he does mostly works because of his size and power but would NOT work at HW thats why Jon Jones fanboys and some payed of pricks are defending him.

      • TheTruth

        Jon Jones “It’s not about size it’s about skills”.
        RIGHT JOHNY !! It’s not about size it’s about YOUR POWER AND ATHLETICISM. There are big and weak guys(Freakshow) and there big and strong guys(Jon Jones).
        Gustafson is even taller than Jon Jones but is he as strong as Jon Jones ? NO.
        Not ANY tall guy is strong. THATS THE POINT.
        AND it’s NOT about the WEIGHT EITHER !!! They can weigh the same or even more BUT STILL be LOT WEAKER !!!
        But in Jon Jones case , he is simply big and strong . Thats why Jon jone is to big and to strong for LHW !!!!

  • lkj

    Cormier is not fast enough to close the distance on Jones, he’ll get picked apart from the outside

  • Milosc

    I don’t think Jones would have defeated Barnett

  • julian moran

    Cormier also has more punching power, and is very fast, at HW Cormier would win the fight easy.

  • RobB

    “Probably A Little Better” At Wrestling. Oh really! Sounds like Jon is getting a little full of himself.

  • rick

    if cormier hits jon jones hard in the first round he will get knock out just like what happened to big foot.

  • Steven Armbrose

    Cormier is a douchebag. Hope he gets his lights put out.